Friday, January 7, 2011

6 days, 3 runs, 2 rides

Ooooohhhhh...look at me! Look at ME!

Two posts in less than one week. I freekin' ROCK at this blogging-thing.

You'd think that since I am still on Winter Break that I'd have PLENTY of friggen time for bloggin' and FBn' and Twitter'n and such, but you'd be wrong. I've been one busy girl. For example, today I
  • Took down the Christmas decorations (yes, I know it is January 7...whatever)
  • Typed up 85 cast bios for the program for the Jr. Theater play that Turbo's will be a part of in March. 
  • Finished up one syllabus and started another
  • Called the cable company and got them to replace the DVR box that is NOT working
  • Called the treadmill store and got them to send over a technician to repair my broken treadmill (only three years old and luckily, still under warranty).
  • Delivered overnight gear to DramaGirl, who is spending the night in the school gym for some ASB thing-y.
Sounds like quite a vay-kay, right? I swear, it never ends around here. Also, I discovered today that we probably have mice in our walls AND the dishwasher soap dispenser isn't working correctly, so that also needs to be fixed.

Did I mention that I think we have a cat or a possum in our attic AND the termites are back.

In short, I am exhausted, and I want to blame my (air quote) vacation (air quote).

Luckily, the weather has been WONDERFUL and in the last week I've gotten some really fabulous runs/rides in this week.

If you'll remember back to my last post, I ran on about 3.5 miles on Saturday and rode 22 on Sunday. Then...

Monday - Lake SMP - 5 miles/10:16 pace
Monday at Lake BP...which was so full of water that it was OVERFLOWING...Shall we even say it was swollen, thus we renamed it Lake SMP (I'll let you figure out what the M stands for...I'll bet you can. I know my readers...).
I ran with Mik, Betty, and Elsie. This is Mik's backside, which is what I usually see when I run with her. The good news is that I was running fast enough to even get this shot after three miles...
Mik laughed at me because it is January here, and we were running at dusk, and I was still warm enough to run in a tank top.
Tuesday - 22 mile ride/14.5 mph pace
Mik and I rode the next morning...from Fiesta Island (two laps), then out to the tip of Hospitality Point, which is where I took this picture.
We love San Diego
The road to the tip (of Hospitality Point...for pete's sake)...we saw wild cats and lots of birds...and then some bird feathers next to the wild cats...hey, cat's gotta eat...
Some pix of Ocean Beach
At the end of Sunset Cliffs...say, is there cold weather elsewhere in the world right now? I can't remember
A word about the bike ride...we were getting ready to ride around Fiesta Island and ran into Coach Paul, who I just KNOW never knows who I am, but when I say "Hi Paul," he fakes it really well. Anyway, we were THRILLED on our first loop of Fiesta Island when we passed Paul and his two riding buddies since Coach Paul is a local running HERO and in college ran a sub 4 minute mile or something crazy like any event passing him was unique.

On the second loop he and his pack passed us...only by this time I think there were about seven of them. Apparently, one of the pack came pretty close to me (or I to him, which is quite likely as I was expecting only three guys to pass me up, and there were seven), anyway, right before the pass, I felt a hand on my ass...

Let's just say, I've never yet felt someone's hand on my butt while riding.

Apparently, in the world of cycling, this is OK?

In any event, I didn't hit him, so I guess it is...who knew?

Wednesday (let's just say after four days of running/riding, I figured I needed a rest day...and I did rest. I think I woke up at 11:30)

Thursday - 3.6 miles/11:09 pace
My excuse is that there are a LOT of hills around here...

So...that's been my week. First SDTC run is tomorrow morning, so I took another "rest" day (so to speak, see above) today...and since I just accidentally hit "publish post" so I guess I'll stop writing now.


  1. Busy indeed!!! Freeking awesome! LOL...Thanks for the pictures, I need to see the ocean right about now. Any stinky washed up whales?

  2. Nice week - I am SO jealous of you living in SD. How gorgeous is it there? My kids FINALLY went back to school this week (after a month off) and I have to say I am only just recovering from this "airquote" vacation "end airquote". Sheesh!

  3. That run on Monday looks sorta phallic. Was it as satisfying as it looks? ;)

    Good for you for getting the runs in amidst all the busyness.

  4. Looks like seferal of us are back on track. Nice week of running/biking. Of course a nice week to do it in too!

  5. Betty says,

    I can't believe you run in your neighborhood! Way too many hills. However, your biking pictures are excellent! What a great ride and the butt smack was a nice touch!

  6. We have mice in our walls all the time! We have so much corn and bird feed in our garage that it's like a regular restaurant for any other small critters that make it in there for the winter! The noise in the walls drives my cats crazy!!!
    Great pics-the sun looks nice!

  7. Woohoo on a butt smack!

    Sorry the house is falling apart. I had that last year.

  8. I think I would have fallen off the bike if I got a butt smack.

    Great week!

  9. WOW, way to come back after the holidays. You poop me out.

    Regarding your comment about DG; SEE!!! These little teenies STILL need you!! Geesh, skinny jeans and Holister t-shirts? DUH!(with an eye roll...)

  10. I guess the butt smack means you've got "it?" I never knew that! Woohoo!