Sunday, January 30, 2011

Heckling Steve Scott

One of the best things (and there are many, many good things) about SDTC's rock and roll marathon training program is that, even though the herd runs year round, nothing results in good blog-fodder like a SDTC Saturday morning long run.

Notable moments from Saturday morning included:

  • Betty heckling motivational speaker, and renown middle distance runner, Steve Scott, when he told us about hitting the wall at mile 21 and having to slow to a 9:30 to 10:00 pace, and then the moment of silence that followed as people turned to see "who said that?"
  • Realizing that day-glo-neon-lime-green is the incorrect choice if the goal is to blend in with the crowd when heckling Steve Scott (e.g. bummer dude...SLOWING to a 10:00 pace MUST BE JUST AWFUL! which I guess is true if you're used to running a 5:00 pace, but when motivating, you should remember your audience...)
It's a lousy picture, taken into the sun, but can you spot Betty and Mik in the photo? Yeah...we blend....
  • Hearing other runners echo Betty's comments....clearly we were not the only ones thinking this. 
  • Running on the coast out of Carlsbad State Beach. I LOVE this run. It's quite a drive to Carlsbad from La Mesa and every year on the way there, I wonder "why am I driving this far to run?" and every year, when I get there, I remember why.
I never get tired of this...
...or this (taken after the run)
  • Running 6:25 miles in about an 1:03 (10:07 ave pace). Next week is the Super Run 10K. If I can do that next week, it'll be a 10K PR. 
  • Collecting some more rocks for Elsie, who has a new grandbaby (CONGRATS!) and a cold, so she didn't run on'll have to ask her what she and PK do with the rocks, but I hear it involves warming them and a massage.
Mik said, "this one fits in the palm of my hand!" 
Just before this we were lying down on the rocks to see if we could get a good massage in... a surfer walking by was both very confused and quite entertained
  • Putting our legs in the very, very, very, effing cold's just like an ice-bath...right?
Kat and Betty go first 
Betty and Kat may look like they are smiling, but really they were just gritting their teeth 
Accidental shot...but here's the view beach from the ocean.
  • Having breakfast at Honey's in Encinitas...a tradition. I completely don't get how it works, but we always manage to get a table there.
  • Learning that an effective way to remember a password is make it an insult to a person who is bugging you. That way you get to type it in repeatedly, but not actually say it... GENIUS!
Mik, Kat and I registered for the Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon yesterday morning, so that'll be my next 1/2 Mary. My primary goal is to train for this one (really train) and to continue getting faster and stronger, and most importantly, to stay healthy and uninjured (imagine that!) 

Have a super week everyone!


  1. I love Honey's for breakfast. You get a table b/c you are super nice and have lots of Karma.

  2. Oh, we LOVE Honey's!! It sounds like you had fun up our way, I heard the S. Scott talk was great :) . He's incredible.
    I needed some of those rocks this week...I just couldn't make it down there! I hope Elsie puts them to good use!

  3. Looks like it was a wonderful run, even for those who normally don't run 5-minute pace. I am going to have to try out Honey's ... first time I've heard of it.

  4. I'd be heckling someone talking about slowing down to a 10 min mile, too. That's about as fast as I can run right now. That beach looks wonderful. I'd be in the water, it looks so warm. I mean, it's liquid, right, it has to be warm. Water is a mineral here, this time of year. -29 C (-20 F) right now not counting the wind, and it's windy. I'm seriously thinking about doing my run tomorrow and spin today instead. Would that make me a weenie?

  5. Ah - great pictures! So sorry I had to miss this one. Can't wait to get my rocks! Looking to be healthy for the 10K this Superbowl Sunday. Love those tacky race shirts too.

  6. No such thing as subtle heckling I suppose, but at least don't wear day-glo colors that keep one from ducking behind someone & blaming the comment on them ;)

  7. I'd have to heckle too.

    Congrats on signing up!

  8. Betty says

    Great pix Alice

  9. OK. Not to continue on the heckling bandwagon or anything, but you guys realize how old Steve Scott is? I went to UCI with him. And I graduated in 1979...

  10. Fatser, Stronger, Healthy, Uninjured?! Whatever happened to "winning the lottery" as a big goal?