Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Heat Training & What'shisname?

This summer hasn't really turned out like I thought it would. In June, I had visions of me running, biking, surfing, nearly every day. You know lots of fun, active, outdoor stuff.

Then I got hurt.

So now, three mornings a week, I go to physical therapy, which I'll admit, is a workout of sorts and while I do like it there, but it's not really what I envisioned I'd be doing with my summer mornings.


That being said, the PT is working on the PF. I can actually walk barefoot or in flipflops without limping or screeching in pain. (Now I ask ya...if I can't wear flipflops in the summer, WTF am I supposed to wear for shoes? I had NO FLIPPIN' IDEA that PF would cause me such footwear issues...GAH!)

And yesterday, I RAN*...yep 35 minutes on the 'mill...I decided to run on the 'mill instead of with the track club because it was hot, and muggy, and the track club was doing a pretty difficult trail/hill run and I just wanted to do an easy run...and the 'mill is in my air-conditioned home, so I thought it would be cooler.

Until the AC went off, and neither DramaGirl or Turbo noticed because they were really heavily involved in some super-important Wii Lego Starwars Video Game, and when I got off the 'mill, I thought, "darn, it's a little warm in the house," and so I checked the thermostat and the house was about 85 effing degrees--indoors...

At least there would have been a breeze at Balboa Park with the track club!

So we'll call that run my heat training effort (which I need to to do for AFC anyway). So, other than the heat, and the fact that I was on the dreadmill, it was a wonderful run. Hardly noticed the PF at all.

Then I stopped running...

And my knee started doing this strange clicking sound, like with every step, and I'm thinkin' OH SHIT...WHAT NOW?!!?


So, the (sorta) good news is that at PT this morning, Brett, (My PT's name is Brett, not Bryan as I previously awful is it that I don't ever know people's names...I suck as a teacher, you should see me... I'm always calling students things like "sweetie" or "Jethro" because I just SUCK at learning people's's not a good thing).

Anyway, the sorta good news is that Brett did NOT tell me to stop running. He did tell me to take it easy on the home strength training and that we'd limit that to three days a week (all those lunges and squats seem to be taking their toll on my knees...a part my body BTW that I've NEVER had trouble with before the EVIL PF) and that I should stretch my quads and hammies LOTS.

So, when I teach tonight, we'll take a 10 minute stretch break, and I really will be stretching!

I'll try running again tomorrow...after all, Jethro Brett said it was OK.
*In other workout news this week. I rode 22.5 miles on Sunday...all by my lonesome and this morning, I swam with the pool/torture devise about 25 minutes of mind-numbing boringness before I stopped.


  1. happy you're getting the go ahead to start on some running again!! gah! Hope the knee thing isn't going to develop into anything... just make sure you keep Jethro errr, Brett informed. :D

  2. Hmmm. Trouble remembering people's names? Including your own perhaps? ;-)

    Happy running!!

  3. No flip's SUMMER! Didn't anyone tell these people. Sheesh.

    Yay for running again.

  4. No wonder Bryan looked at me funny when I mentioned that you saw him, since you didn't see him. LMAO!
    My husband is also renaming people all the time -- you are not alone. I wonder if there's a support group or something...

    So, how did your class like the stretch break?

  5. Surfing? Seriously? You're ambitious! LOL
    The only flip flops I can wear are "Chacos". They're between $55 and $95 a pair. :(

    P.S. Thanks for letting me post comments again. ;)

  6. At least you get a summer! It's been frickin' cold here in WI all summer.
    All these body aches and pains seem to really be common among us all this year-let's just hope we are all having one of those "slumps" and next year will be a banner year for us all! Geez, after all, things can't get worse...right??!!! LOL!

  7. I'm really bad too at remembering people's names. I think the 10-minute stretch break is a great idea!

  8. I'm so sorry your body hasn't kept up its end of the deal for your summer holidays - that is truly suckalicious!

    Good that you're notjust sitting around eating chocolate like I did when I was injured - you're a champ!

  9. I'm really good at learning student's names, but then once the semester ends, I promptly forget them. So, I'll see a student a few months later and be like, "Hey is everything?" It's embarassing.

    I can't believe you ran indoors in 85 degree heat! I can't believe your kids didn't notice the A/C was off! I notice if it's like 2 degrees wamer in the house.

  10. I totally suck with names. I'm talking the names of foax I've worked with (or lived next door to) for like YEARS. And they say, "Hi, Glaven!" to which I respond "Hi" WITHOUT a name because I might get it wrong. And I do this even with foax whose names I DO know just so no one will suspect what an idiot I am, name-remembering-wise. It's like my signature greeting - No Names.

    My physical therapy was WAY more of a workout than I expected. I went home stinking of sweat each time. PT workouts TOTALLY count, sister!

  11. I always thought PT counted as a workout.

    Have fun on your run!

  12. Heat training indoors? I htink you are doing it wrong.

    I call all my students sweetie, hon, or darlin'. Because I can not for the life of me remember names on the fly anymore. Getting old sucks ass.

  13. Sounds to me like you're still staying pretty active for being sidelined for so long. It hit 85 degrees in our house last weekend before someone caved in and said "Air! Air! We need it NOW!!" and I was just yelling, not running. You must have lost five pounds on that treadmill that day.