Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Another Random Bullet Point Post

I think at least 36 hours went by at the beginning of this week without a single update from me on either this blog, or FB, or twitter...I must be busy, so busy that I started this entry yesterday morning (Tuesday) and now it's I'll just add on a bullet or two before I get to work on planning for my class tonight. ((sigh))'s the week in bullet points...
  • Had a nice 4th. Went to at a couple of barbecues - ate my body weight in crappy, not good for me, fatty, yummy foods. (I'll just say that the artichoke-jallepeno dip from Costco should be illegal!)
  • Text messages to Clarence, Betty, and Mik began at about 7pm...morning ride needed to compensate for aforementioned overindulgence STAT!
  • Rode about 18 miles on Sunday at 6:30 am! (Did I mention this was on July 5...and did I mention the overindulgence included wine?)
  • I'm gonna call Sunday's 18 miler the three cities tour - La Mesa, El Cajon, San Diego with one trip around Lake BP - 17.9 miles - 1:28 - Ave 12 mph
It's a new game...find the boy part!
  • Mik is getting a new rack.
  • Had to teach Monday night so I didn't get to meet Elsie's new RB, but I did get text messages while I was teaching from Betty which said that the RB seems to be a nice guy and that she (Betty) was on her best behavior.
  • Went to the PT Monday and Wednesday mornings. This PT is a freekin' WORK-OUT. The kind where I must ask for a towel or I drip and spray sweat all over the place.
  • PT said to hold off on the running for awhile longer...I cannot begin to articulate the depth of my disappointment. I need to continue working on strengthening my hip and loosening my calf muscles so that my foot moves how it should when I'm running. Apparently, the completely inflexible calf muscle doesn't allow my foot to flex properly, which is what is creating the PF issue.
  • Did the 18 mile Three Cities tour again yesterday with Clarence and Betty. At about mile 7.5, the Garmin stopped tracking mileage. It just stopped. I was at Lake BP when I finally noticed that the Garmin was asking me if I'd gone inside (Answer = no), so I suspect it somehow lost the satelite link. Has this ever happened to anyone else? I could understand if I were in a secluded area, but this was pretty much out in the open, in the middle of town, no trees...and on Sunday I did the same route with no problem.
  • I haven't run in 18 days (not that I'm counting). The AFC 1/2 is 39 days away (again...not that I'm counting!). I'm getting worried. AFC has that nasty HILL on 6th Avenue which I have done absolutely no training for (I mean, how could I without running and all?).'re gonna see lots of this again...those three downhill miles from 2 to 5, lots of flat around the airport and downtown, then that nasty uphill at Mile 11.5...brutal.
  • I will say, I am going to have kick-ass glutes and quads when this PT stuff is done. I've done more squats and lunges in the last few weeks than I've done in maybe my whole life! I'm hoping that extra strength will come in handy in running both up 6th Avenue...I hope.
  • I know this not-running-thing is the right thing to do, but the not-running-thing is sooooooooooo hard. I wanna run, just a mile, even on the 'mill, just to make sure I remember how.
Not much else to report - no running, more biking, no new bike yet. Got lots of blog reading to catch up on, but that'll probably have to wait until tomorrow...gotta prep for class now!

And since today is Wordless Wednesday, and I have way too many words, I'll leave you with this...

What a good uncle...


  1. Comment on the bike... it is a good one. A friend of mine has that Trek and likes it alot. Triple ring is good for those hills!

  2. I believe the official rule is that if Garmin stops functioning you can end your work out right there. The two are not mutually exclusive. ;)

  3. pt that makes you sweat - sounds good to me! like time with a personal trainer

  4. guest = lisa slow&steady - not logged in

  5. I am sorry that you can't run yet. I know how completely frustrating that is. I hope you are able to get some training runs in before AFC. 6th street is brutal because it is at the end, but it is relatively short. You could walk most of it if you wanted to.

    I can't believe you live so close to me. I know we are going to run into each other at Trader Joe's so something one of these days. I haven't run yet today, but if it hurts more than I want, I might just take you up on going for a bike ride. I'm not sure I could keep up with you though. You've been riding a LOT lately and I have a big, heavy downhill mt. bike of Kenny's with big knobby tires. I am a very slow poke. One of these days, I'll hit the lottery (or get a job) and buy myself a real bike.

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  6. Wow! Did that pink dinosaur (or whatever it is) at least buy that guy dinner first? I hope that wasn't the first date because THAT's how a boy gets a reputation as "easy". :-P

    Good job on the bike rides, sister!

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  7. Man, I am really sorry to hear you are still not able to run, but your biking is doing so great! You rode 18 whole miles and no flats. That is a record, no? ;o)

    So I have planned out your first Half-Iron triathlon in August 2010, so you are going to have to get some others under your belt before next summer. hee hee

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  8. Oh, and teaching in the summer?! That is a sacrilege!

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  9. After reading this post, I think I am going to go take a nap. LOL. Dayamn girl. You've been busy! Keep up with your PT and listen to your doc... you will be thankful in the long run. No pun intended.

  10. I take it to mean that Mik is getting a new bike rack. Just checking... ;)

    Yes, those squats and lunges WILL help with hills. You will feel mighty and powerful passing up all those people huffing and puffing up 6th Ave at the AFC half. Those exercises will be so etched in your brain that you'll be doing them in your sleep. At your next session give a "woohoo" when the PT says "squats." Let me know if they ever have you do Burpees. Those kill me.

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  11. I cracked up at Mik is getting a new rack....LOL.

    Once you really get into cycling, you'll find it helps with the running once you get back at it. Plus is far less stressful on your body. I'm loving it this summer.

  12. I found the "boy" spot!!
    Keep up with the's fun and before you know it, you'll be running again! ;)

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  13. I'm discovering that cycling is a great substitute to keep up the aerobics part of running when you can't run. You might be pleasantly surprised at how well you do at the AFC with minimal mileage because of all those rides and PT.

  14. Al's CL ReviewsJuly 9, 2009 at 5:44 AM

    D loves his Trek.
    Keep up with the bike, and I'll keep up with the running!

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  15. I've had that artichoke jalapeno dip from Costco. It is evil.
    Todd went to PT today too, and said it was quite a workout! His therapist says he can run some, so he'll be doing it this Sat.
    I didn't sign up for AFC Half and now it's full. Fine with me though. I'm still set on doing "goal-less running".

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  16. So - if you've been over to Irene's blog this week you win! I'm just now getting started. Speaking of which - artichoke jalapeno dip? How did I miss it?

    I'm happy to hear that you are getting fixed! I cannot imagine what I would do if I couldn't run. I am pretty fortunate that I've not had to go down for the count yet. I'm knocking on my particle board desk to keep it that way. At least you have your bike. After hitting the pavement (literally) last summer, I'm still a bit hesitant.

    Let's hope that we are all healthy in the fall. I'm looking forward to finally meeting you and the herd in Long Beach in October!

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