Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's Not Always About Me

It's been one of those weeks, and as you might guess...I've been in a funk about this no-running thing...

I do have to report that Mik and Betty rode almost 70 miles this morning. They took the train from downtown San Diego to San Juan Capistrano and rode's really freekin' far! I'm so proud of them both. I got texts from them along the way. They are gonna rock Tahoe next month! I'm going out with Betty later tonight, so I'm sure I'll get some good stories...the best one I've heard thus far is that they stopped along the way and had a Guinness...

I guess that's sorta like carb loading.

So...the remainder of my week went sorta like this...

I went to a really nice wine and cheese event at my brother-in-law's house for a local organization called Sports for Exceptional Athletes (S4EA). It's an organization that organizes sporting events for the mentally and physically disabled, kinda like Special Olympics...and to be honest, most of the people who run the organization used to organize locally for Special Olympics, but for various reasons which I won't go into here, S4EA run their own events now. If you really want to know more about why, you can go here for the whole story.

At the event, I got to meet Monique Henderson, who is the S4EA's goodwill ambassador, and who has won two gold olympic gold medals, and she had her gold medals with her, AND I got to actually hold one (which is the closest I'll ever come to one of those babies). She was really nice and let me take her picture...and of course all I had was my iPhone camera, so the picture looks like this...

I's Monique and her gold medal...GAH!!!!

Anyway, it was a nice event....actually it was pre-event event (since my bro-in-law is on the board of directors for the organization, I got to go...especially since it was at his house). The actual fundraising event, called "A Taste for Sports" is in a couple of weeks. If you're local and would like to go, you can still get tickets's a good cause. Also, Monique will be there...and from what I hear, so will Steve Scott. At last year's event, Coach Paul (from SDTC) was there. 

Friday morning, I went back to PT again and the PT told me that (are you ready for this)...I CAN START RUNNING AGAIN. (cue celebratory music...)

He said I could run 2 miles, rather I should run one mile, then walk a 1/2 mile, then run the last 1/2 mile. He told me that if my foot started to hurt, I should stop running and just walk.

He also told me to wait until Wednesday.

So of course, I ran today. I'm doing my post-run frozen-water-bottle-ice-massage as I type.

And...I went three miles...Actually, I walked a 1/2 mile (uphill 6-8% incline on the mill), stretched, did my strength exercises...lots of lunges and squats), got back on the mill, walked a 1/2 mile, ran a mile, walked a 1/2 mile, ran a 1/2 mile.

So...I didn't run any more than he said I should...I just walked more. That's OK, right? was probably more than I was supposed to do...but I won't lie.

It felt GREAT!

I almost cried when I was running because a) it didn't hurt and b) I was running!

So, now I'm gonna wait until Wednesday, and I'll try it again. 

I'll be in fabulous Oakland all week at a conference. I'm dearly hoping that there'll be wireless Internet access in the meeting room, but I'm not holding my breath. I do know that there will be wireless access in the hotel room, so I'll be catching up with everyone then...and of course, there's always Twitter.

Hope everyone's having a wonderful weekend, and woot woot woot to everyone who is racing. I know Teacherwoman is doing her first outdoor go girl!


  1. I've just commented on Facebook, but that's amazing about Mik & Betty! Tell them I said congratulations!
    I'm also really happy for you finally getting the OK to run! I *know* what that's like... Now all is right with the world.

    Enjoy girl's night out! :)

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  2. Have fun in Oakland! (Don't run after dark.)

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  3. Yay!! You're running again!!

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  4. I love that there are other stubborn people in this world besides me!!
    Congrats on getting the "A-OK"

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  5. Running Through LifeJuly 11, 2009 at 10:26 PM

    First of all, YAY!! about your pain-free run! I'm so looking forward to that day.

    Secondly, how cool about being able attend the S4EA party and being able to see/hold an Olympic Gold Medal in person!

    Lastly, riding from San Juan Capistrano to SD??? Sounds crazy. But fun! Why didn't you join them? ;)

  6. Glad you got your run on girl. Great pic. LOL!

  7. Glad you could run again and it didn't hurt!

  8. Yippee for the Doc's okay to run! Take it slow and easy - I don't want yougetting hurt again before the AFC. Thanks for the support on the ride yesterday - I know you'll be with us on these in awhile. See you soon!

  9. Of course it's always about *you, us* why else would we blog...LOL>

    So glad you're back at it, that is awesome, take it easy and do what the Dr. said (if you're like me it's a kinda sorta ya thing).

    Have a great time and yes, cue the rocky music!!

  10. This is wonderful news, but take my advice and LISTEN to what your PT tells you. Do too much too soon and you go back to Square 1. (And, yes, I thought of you and a few other PF sufferers in my last post).

  11. So excited for you that you ran without pain! Woot!

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  12. Ooohhh, you bad girl! I'm telling your PT!!!

    Kidding - I don't blame you for enjoying your run :) Congrats!

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  13. A pain free run is always a good thing! Congrats!

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  14. yay on running with no pain! be careful now.

    cool tattoos on Monique.

  15. YAY for running, and pain-free! No more surfing for a while though k? LOL Hope the next run is as good, and I totally 'get' the tears of happiness thing too. That rocks.

  16. Congrats for getting your run back on.

    Nice picture, there, too. looks like a nightmare I had once ...

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  17. This is all GREAT stuff! My son participates with Youth Challenge here which is a local sports org for developmentally challenged kids. He is more higher functioning than a lot of the kids, but it is so heartwarming to see kids in wheelchairs playing soccer, basketball - sailing, doing a 5K etc. I love that my son is a part of something that he can't necessarily do with his other peers!

    Good job on the running - BE CAREFUL. :-E Better to run conservatively than do too much!

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  18. Glad you are able to get back out there! Hooray for the PT!

  19. I was supposed to stop for a Guinness during my ride? Now I know!