Monday, September 27, 2010


Like every other blogger in SoCal, I'm going to bitch about the heat for a bit.

It was 113 in La Mesa today.

It is no longer (officially) summer.

It's supposed to "cool off" to 93 tomorrow.

After an unusually cool summer, I guess we finally have our heat.

But really, 113 is sorta ridiculous.

Actually, the heat started this weekend. Lucky us, this is the weekend, we decided to do our 10 mile run, so to avoid the heat, heat, we decided to run early. By 6:30, Walter and I met up with Mik and Kat. Betty decided to start even earlier than we did.
At 6:30, San Diego Bay was beautiful...but you can almost see the heat over the city, can't you?
I don't have a lot to report about the run other than to say that running on the harbor is not painful. There are plenty of visual distractions. There are opportunities to run on asphalt along the way, which seem to make my knees happy.

I do have some concerns about the effect that my current "run two times a week" plan reality will have, but for right now, it doesn't seem to be having a HUGE effect. I maintained a pretty good pace for the first 9 miles. I won't lie, the last mile was pretty ugly, but by then it was 8:30 and the sun was already starting to beat.

It doesn't take much sun to suck the life right outta me.

Anyway, I did 10 miles in 1:50 (10:57 pace). If I can hold onto something close to that in Long Beach, I'll knock almost 10 minutes off my PR, but I can't get too concerned about that. The big effect may come this weekend, when we attempt a 2 hour run (11 miles). It'll be our longest run before Long Beach.

After the run, we went to a breakfast fundraiser for Sports for Exceptional Athletes. It was kinda cute. The athletes served breakfast (even if the breakfast itself was pretty iffy). We didn't stay long because it seemed like EVERYONE had stuff to do, including Walter and me. Our plan for the day was to go to Temecula for some wine tasting and then that night we had tickets to see Kathy Griffin at Pechanga on Saturday night.

Now, I know that Kathy Griffin isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I think she is very funny.

Walter and I met up with Daisy and Machu Picchu (I swear, I am not the one who makes up these names. That's Betty's doing) and as funny as KG was, Daisy may be funnier. Our dorkiest moment probably came when we were trying to do cool FB/Blog pix. I don't know how "the kids" do it. I cannot, for the life of me, take a "cool picture." Every time I attempt that cool pouty look, I end up looking like Donald Duck...definitely, not cool. Daisy and MP tried to coach me suggesting that I do a pout, and not a duck face with wrinkles.


I pray that Daisy has deleted the photo-evidence. I haven't seen them posted on FB yet, so I may be safe. They really were hideous. However, the women in front of us were completely entertained by our attempts to photograph me looking sultry, which is really a really difficult look to pull off when you're laughing so hard, you're almost crying.
Waiting for KG to start (me, MP, and Daisy). Yes we are HAWT!
It's not the pouty look...and at least I have MOST of Walter's face in the viewfinder
The crowd at Cathy...the guys in black were some of her "gays."
Hope everyone is having a fabulous week. I'm going to try to make it around to your blogs, but it's a crazy-busy week for me, so I'll do my best.

Oh, and it's still hot!


  1. Wine tasting. At least you have your priorities straight.

  2. wow, 113?? that's is getting cool here now, high of maybe 65 on Sunday...nice cool fall running weather....nice job on your long run...

  3. I think Kathy G. is hilarious! And my sympathy on the HOT temps there... it's starting to get better here, but not fast enough to suit me!

  4. Teh 'Bride lurrves her some Kathy Griffin! I do, too, to a lesser extent, but not much less. We watch D List and any live show Bravo! telecasts.

    Man, sister, I don't blame you for being bummed by your Padres! Lost to Chicago last night? 1-0? We Phillies fans take our luck for granted because not EVERY contending team goes like 26-6 in the last month and a half of the season! Phils should have clinched against the fucking Mets over the weekend, but I'll take Doc's 8-zip win last night!

    The Nats helped us by beating the Braves and now, even more obligingly, lost to us to give us the division.

    Actually, we took it!

    Look at me, sounding all arrogant, like a New York fan!

    Good luck to your Padres, sister!

  5. I KNOW, SO hot, right?! It wasn't quite 113 here but very close.
    I *heart* Kathy G. She is so funny and pretty honest, I liked your pictures. Way to go and have some fun, Alice!
    I'm sure the running is going to be fine, we can only do what we can is busy right now!!

  6. i can't imagine that level of heat, we're hearing it on the news. 10 minutes off PR is pretty significant - i hope it works out for you!! best wishes on the race.

  7. Sooooo jealous! I LOVE Kathy Griffin! I would love to see her live. Hope you are hanging in there and keeping cool. School is kicking my ass too.

    my word verification: ephin

    That. Is. Awesome.

  8. It was SO hot yesterday! My 6 a.m. run was really unpleasant--it was already over 80.

    I have a feeling that you are going to do really well at Long Beach. Let's just hope that we get back to the 60 degree mornings!

  9. You've had some really good training days lately and I think a PR for your next HM is within reach!

    It was something like 110 in Point Loma Yesterday. Don't tell anyone, but I kind of like that it got hot for a few days, only because we didn't have much of a summer. Now it can go back to the cooler mornings so we can get in our runs.

    Hubs and I love KG! KG says what everyone else is thinking! That had to be a really fun show!

  10. KG, huh? I know I am not a huge fan, but maybe I just don't appreciate her kind of humor, or I just haven't really given her a chance. :)

    I heard about record highs in CA yesterday on the news... crazy! It was a perfect 72 degrees here! AAAAHHHHH.

  11. Hopefully the freaky hot weather will cool off for LB! It's been unseasonably hot here in Colorado, too and we're setting record highs daily. This is so crazy! And I think Kathy G. is really funny :).

  12. Sorry, I can't make a lengthy comment, it's 10:36 p.m. and I have to get up at 5:00 a.m. to get in my 75 minute run cuz it's so darn HOTTTTTTTTT :-)

  13. It was 107 here at the beach on Monday. Yikes!

    Unfortunately, I spend way too much time at Pechanga. I should've tried to get the KG tickets comp'ed for you...

  14. It's been as hot as the surface of the sun in Santee too. We had 113 the other day too. WTF? Where was this weather during the summer?

    I like Kathy Griffin. I don't think she is an acquired taste, I think most people like her or don't.

    Looks like a fun trip. I like the picture of you and Walter. Very cute!

  15. Oh, I'm glad your picture didn't come out. I hate Duck Face pics!