Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Trifecta

This weekend, I did a sports trifecta, most of which involved sports OBSERVATION, and precious little actual sports PARTICIPATION (unless betting on horse races counts as participation....but I bet not).

The one solid sports participation event took place on Friday when I briefly ran on the 'mill. Last time I ran on the 'mill, I became dizzy and nauseous when I stepped off. I chalked it up to the heat (my termostat in the house read about 80º that day). So, yesterday, I cranked on the airconditioner and started running on the mill. For the most part, I took it easy for the first mile (about 11 minute pace), sped up for the second mile (10:45 pace), then because after 20 minutes on the mill, I am bored out of my skull, I sped up for the next mile even more (10:20ish pace), then backed off for the last minute or so (11:00 pace).

I thought I'd get off for a minute and get a drink of water, and once again, when I stepped off the mill, dizziness and nausea returned, so much so that I had to sit down.

So, I'm left to wondering why... I've run on the 'mill for a few years. Is it the heat? Is it a lack of circulation in the house? Is it my speed?

I am far too old to be don't EVEN GO THERE!

All I know is that after 3 miles, I was DONE... I was also in a hurry because I was going to meet Betty and Mik because we were going to the Del Mar Racetrack to watch the ponies run. On Friday's the first post is at 4pm and the last race is followed by a concert. On Friday we saw the English Beat (one of my favorites...I am SUCH an 80's girl!).

First stage of the Trifecta - The Racetrack
Betty drove, which is significant because, as regular readers will know, I usually drive (my control issues) and also because Betty drives a very fine Swagga-Wagon.

I convinced Betty we should valet park the Swagga-Wagon. Best moment? The driver's side window is broken and won't go down, so Betty had to open the door to give the parking guy money and get the valet ticket.


But before the concert, there were the races and margaritas...BTW, Del Mar Racetrack does serve the best margaritas. They're prices (about $15 a piece), but well worth it.

 "Mirror in the bathroom...." (which is sorta life foreshadowing) .... I guess it was sorta like drinking $20 bills...
We made some bets, watched horses in the Paddock, learned that perky tails are supposed to be a sign of a fast horse.

Then Betty and I made a Trifecta bet in the 5th race, and boxed it (at least I think that's what we did). All I know is that two of our horses came in first and second, so we won $62.00.

Cha-Ching...that paid for four margaritas!!!!
Don't we look like winners?
Soon the rest of the herd arrived...more margaritas, more bets, more laughs...
From the left: Cindy, Mik, Mona, Betty, Me, Daisy, Elsie, and Alberta sad
And then The English Beat...
Mik, Betty, and I managed to get toward the front

"I confess, I confess, I confessssssssss...."
Second sad moment...Betty's sunglasses got stepped on
Does dancing count as training for a 1/2 Marathon in less than five weeks?
Apparently we found the ladies room that nobody else knew about...
Second Stage of the Trifecta - The Padres (dem bums)
At the track, Elsie gave me a birthday gift... some books (heffer-themed) and some Padre tickets.

Go ahead and note the date and time...
So, on Saturday, we went to the Padres game.

It's remarkable that the Pads are still holding onto 1st place in the NL west seeing as they'd lost 7 in a row, but mostly I think that says something about the division.

We hoped that Saturday would bring an end to the losing streak

We were wrong. They lost again. 

Despite that it was a fabulous day for a baseball game. Betty and her husband joined us. I didn't take any more pictures of me and Betty, I figure I did enough of that the night before.

Nice seats (and I'm not talking about the players)
Third Stage of the Trifecta - The Aztecs (S. D. S. U. Aztecs FIGHT!)
Walter and left in the 8th inning (just as the Padres were going to make sure they lost) because we have season tickets to SDSU football games this season. We've wanted to do this for awhile, so this year we finally did.

I like going to college football games. They're pretty casual (in San Diego they are anyway) and relatively inexpensive as compared to professional football and The Chargers. I soured on going to Charger games a few years ago. I got tired of the crowds, the profanity, and the drunks. All those things may exists in college ball, but  it's probably mostly in the student section and we don't sit there.

Funny aside. The student section is called the "Student Sec "Scion." It made me laugh.

The view from our endzone seats.
At least the Aztecs won - 50-0 against Nichols State? 

Nice way to finish out the trifecta-sports-weekend.

Today, I'm posting this with one ear to the pool. DramaGirl is hosting a birthday pool-party bash for a few friends...including a few BOYS!!!! (Three of 'em who were smart or brave enough to show up).

Hope you're all having a fabulous last weekend of summer. Shout outs to those of you who ran races or are running this weekend. 

I plan to get in one good, long, run tomorrow morning. 7-8 miles. I can see by the counter that I have 41 days to get ready for Long Beach. Time to start upping the mileage!


  1. Oooooh I love English Beat! I'm envious!

  2. Gosh, I've missed your busy and fun life!! The EB, ah, reminds me of high school, so fun!
    So, you went to the track without me? Actually, when I saw you, it was the first time I've ever been, not sure I'll do it again but your pictures made it look like a ton of fun.
    OK, buckle down, only 41 days???

  3. Sounds like a ton of fun!
    I'm wondering if maybe you're treadmill is giving off any kind of fume or something while it runs. Do you notice any kind of smell? Maybe let someone else try it and see what happens to them. If someone else gets queasy, it's got to be the treadmill.

  4. I love the fact that U mentioned swagga-wagon, dem bums, and I'm such an 80s girl in one blog...THAT is a trifecta!

  5. You know, I've been kinda dizzy on the treadmill lately too and been wondering the same thing. I think it might be because of a new medication I've been taking. Also, it seems like once I get freaked out about falling off the treadmill, it snowballs and I just continually freak myself out. I lose my confidence and I'm done!

    Sounds like you sure had a lot of fun. I need some friends like yours! :)

  6. Sigh. Luckily for you, the Padres got to get better against my Dodgers this past weekend. I unerstand that with last night's wi, it was a sweep. Double sigh. My college football team can't go to any bowl games this year. I guess it will be a pretty boring sports fall/winter!