Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Newest Heffer

You may have noticed that Clarence has been conspicuously absent from this blog of late.

On Friday, she did the toughest workout of all. She had a baby.
Welcome to the world Gennie*...isn't she beautiful?
Maybe Clarence will post a comment about the birth, but in listening to her birth story, I'd say the highlights were:

  • Tracking the length of time of and in between contractions using an iPhone Ap designed expressly for that purpose (yes, there is an Ap for that)
  • Puking in a planter in the hospital as she waited to be admitted. (yes, she was admitted shortly thereafter).
  • Being absolutely stellar and giving birth to a 9 lb, 1 oz beautiful baby girl (no C-Section...she pushed her out. I for one am beyond impressed at that effort!)
So, welcome to the world Gennie*...our newest hefferette!
Auntie Alice doesn't hold too many babies...but I rather enjoyed this...can you tell?

* Edited :-)...


  1. Betty says...

    I can't believe how beautiful she is! Auntie Effin is also a happy aunt! Clarence is now a Momma - what a blessed event. P.S. - Momma already gave her a Heffer name, "Gennie".

    My calves and your calf don't even have Heffer names yet. But Gennie is perfect in more than one way!

  2. Get those running shoes on the kid! Send congrats to Clarence!

  3. Awwww... A new calf! Teehee. Send Mama my congratulations. ;)

    I know she's kinda big for newborn standards, but she looks so sweet and tiny. They grow WAY too fast.