Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The (Lost) Plan

The Long Beach 1/2 Marathon is in one month. In a runner's world, that's four long runs away. My goal is always to do one 10+ mile run before a 1/2 marathon. There's something about getting over that 10 mile mark that helps me to get beyond that mental-wall that tells my body after 10 miles to stop running.

When training for the last several 1/2 marathons, I really haven't been able to get a good 11 or 12 mile long run in before race day, and overall, I know that the lack of a good long run really hurt my performance in the last 1/3 of the race, but this time I am determined. Last weekend, Walter and I ran 8 miles, We've got 9 planned for this weekend, 10 for the weekend after, and then we'll back off to 8 miles the week before the race.

A very good plan. No?

The bigger problem are the mid-week runs. Let's just say that mid-week runs have occurred sporadically this fall. My teaching schedule (yeah...I'll use that old lame excuse) has really interfered with my training. M-Th I have 8am classes, and while I know that many of you are dedicated to the early, early, early morning run, it's just not in me to run at 5am, and that's when I'd have to get up in order to be on campus by 7. Most days, I do not get home until after 5pm, and then the whole fix dinner, kid's homework, attend to mid-week laundry and housekeeping needs begins, and thus an afternoon run gets pushed to the back burner. And lets be honest. I'd MUCH rather watch DVR'd episodes of Mad Men, or True Blood, or Top Chef than run on the 'mill at 9pm.

Most weeks I've managed to get in at least one and sometimes two midweek runs, but last week it was only one other 4 mile run on the 'mill.

In other words, NOT a stellar training regimen.

And worse yet, last night, even though I could have run after work (Walter was willing to start dinner. It was still light out, I was home early enough), I opted out. I didn't even have a good reason. I just wanted to sit on the sofa and watch a movie with Turbo.

I don't feel like it's a completely lost mojo issue but my attitude about running yesterday has me somewhat unnerved today. Except for when I was injured last summer, I've run pretty consistently for the last four years. When I was injured, not running just KILLED me. Yet yesterday, I pretty cavalierly chose to just not run for no good reason. I just didn't want to.


I'm thinking this was just a one day thing and that I'll get a midweek run in tomorrow and Friday before our next long run on Sunday.

That's the plan.

PS...Java Joggers is doing a fabulous Ryder Sunglass giveaway (am I one of the only bloggers who never gets cool free gear and and offer to do a giveaway?)

Anyway, check it out here


  1. I like the idea of doing 8, 9, 10, and back down to 8 the week before the race. I have heard/read in many places that you don't need to do much more than 10 to get in a good half marathon!

  2. Don't beat yourself up too much over occasionally not wanting to run. If you stay consistent most of the time, you can take a break every once in a while without your running suffering.

  3. I have the same issue with 10 miles. Mental breakdown at that point. It helped me last timeto get in a couple at 10+, for the mental aspect moreso than the physical aspect

  4. Right now I'm having a mental block with just 3 miles, but that's another story.

    You've had a good summer of running, and maybe you just need a little physical break? I can understand not wanting to run after a busy day.

  5. I hate the way those stupid jobs eat into our training time!! Your plans sound great, I can't wait to cheer for you all! Are you driving up the day before?
    Have a fun weekend!

  6. It sounds great! Hope you could achieve all that. More power to you!

  7. I know your pain. You know what's worse? You can be like me and add 15 pounds while inconsistently training. Yikes!

  8. I tell everyone who I train to get to a half that 10 miles is the magic number. I think that you can physically finish your race with a 9 miler, but 10 gives that double digit confidence. You will do GREAT. You sound like you have been in a good place this summer with your running and I'm pretty sure you have the endurance to run a strong race.

    I hope I see you there!!