Wednesday, September 22, 2010

You parent some, you run some, you laugh some...

You parent some...
  • The other night, DramaGirl emphatically told me that I "JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW HARD IT IS TO BALANCE ALL MY RESPONSIBILITIES!!!!!" 
  • To which I calmly replied, "really? I mean REALLY?"
You run some...
  • On Saturday, Mik, Kat, Walter, Betty and I ran. Walter and I ran 9 miles (each, not combined). Then for the first time in AGES, we went to World Famous for breakfast and mimosas!!!
It would have been a much better photo if taken from the OTHER direction, which would have shown the OCEAN behind us and not the parking lot...GAH!
Oh...there's the ocean! Another foggy, cool, perfect running weather morning
  •  All in all, it was a great run. Walter and I took it easy, my goal was to maintain/average about an 11 minute pace. Garmin said...11:02.
  • Tuesday night I ran on the 'mill...not so pretty. I guess I shouldn't run after a Carne Asada Torta and Sangria. The numbers are still to the right on my Daily Mile entry. Not terrible, but it was painful.
You laugh some
  • After the run we returned to the car and we were parked next to THIS
Betty was impressed!
We are pretty sure this guy was a Laker's fan...It was the cell phone cover that really convinced us.
  • OK...maybe we shouldn't have been so entertained, but this car was REALLY over the top in decals, purple and gold, purple tail lights, KOBE license plate cover, (KOBE license plate!), Lakers or Die vibe. It was an impressive display. Don't ANY of you say anything about it being DramaGirls first date... DON'T YOU DARE...


  1. Hi Alice, I'm stoked read another S.D. runner blog. Meg is my hero too. I am Follower 101 here. Very appropriate in that I run along the 101 so much. Sorry, I don't blog about Mimosas - I would lose my man card.

  2. The picture of the alleged Lakers Fan's truck and your comment literally made me laugh out loud!!!

  3. Life is soooo hard at 15. Brutal even. oh, wait, the sarcasm tags don't show. Oh well.

    When you take your iphone with you on runs, how do you keep it dry, and secure? I'm assuming in a sandwich baggie, in a pocket.

  4. Drama Girl is in for a rude awakening... It's just beginning.

    Every time I run or walk past World Famous I think of the Heffers.

    Last week my BIL "raced" Kobe Bryant on the freeway... He's still a Laker, right? I know nothing about basketball players...

    I'm glad Chris found you. :)

  5. Lakers?! BLECH! Actually, I have nothign against the Lakers... it's KOBE that I DESPISE!