Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Blogging from the Road-- Pre-Turkey Day Edition

Mobile Blogging from here.

Nothing like being on the road, So Cal to Vegas, the day before a major holiday...not that this would be my preferred day to travel to the 'rents for turkey day. Unfortunately, the community college system got the better of me this year and insisted that I teach my classes today! Can you imagine? The nerve! Who has classes the day before Thanksgiving? Gah!

So, we packed up the car. Walter dropped me off at campus. I taught my class at noon. (I'd already made up an "online class" for my two night classes, otherwise I'd be teaching until 9:00 tonight). Walter picked me up and off we went/are.

Not an eventful drive. We did see a pretty rainbow.

And lots of traffic in San Bernardino.

DramaGirl & Turbo have their electronic entertainment.

It's 4:30 and were not to Barstow yet.

I'm glad I ran this morning (4.5 miles with Dread) since I'm spending these 6 or 7 hours sitting on my ass! I may do a Turkey Trot in Vegas tomorrow morning with my Bro-in-law. I did this one a few years ago, back when I could run only a mile or so without stopping. It might be fun to do again.


  1. Have save trip!

    Hey, very impressive that you got in your run today. I never got off my ass...

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Enjoy your trip and have a good holiday!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you got to run the turkey trot! I ran one this morning!!!

    The Traffic was AWFUL and RIDICULOUS yesterday! I hope you didn't sit on your ass for too long!


  4. Brutal, seriously brutal. Both of my professors canceled their classes so I was off on Wednesday, Very cool, but I am sorry you did not have the same luxury!

    I hope you had a great Turkey trot and even greater holiday with your family!

  5. Hope you had a great holiday chica!

  6. Look at you Miss iPhone blogger :-)
    I hope you all had a safe trip and a great Thanksgiving!