Friday, November 21, 2008

Just CaTching uP

Ack! Another posts...what is up with me?

You know, the usual, life, work, kids, life, work, did I say work (with some wine and whine mixed in)

It is the time of the semester that teachers look forward to with both dread and anticipation....the holidays. As a teacher, I dread the holiday breaks because it usually means that a class is wrapping up, and I've got a slew of semester end papers and projects coming in. At the same time, I'm distracted because I'm starting to think about planning for the beginning of NEXT semester. So, as much as the students want this one to be over, I want it more. And as this was my first semester at the community college, I've made my fair share of miss-steps, so I'm looking forward to starting over again....sorta like a do-over, only with new students.

Of course, there's also the anticipation of having a few days off to regroup...I'll be needing that.

So, here's the gist of the week and last weekend...

This week
I barely ran this week--twice with Dread...which is different than dread...did you notice the capital letter? Unlike some of my students who Just ranDomly caPitaliZe letters in the middle of Sentences and someTimes Words, I capitalized Dread on purpose because Dread, the dreadmill, is my running partner right now, and as such, garners all the respect that a proper noun deserves. Without Dread, I wouldn't have run at ALL this week.

Last weekend
Ran with Walter last Saturday...I ran about five miles. I really shouldn't complain about the heat, but dayum it was HOT by 9am, and since it's mid-November, I didn't really go running prepared for heat.

Sunday afternoon I went to Elsie's housewarming gala to celebrate the remodel of her little house...which is beautiful. It was quite the event. Who knew that you could smush so many people into a 1200 square-foot (adorable) craftsman? But she did. Her contractor also invited some of his friends, and some of them apparently were having a fabulous time. At one point Betty came running into the house to let me know that I was MISSING OUT on some primo blogging material. Seems that someone had a little too much Sangria and was flashing the crowd....sadly, I missed the photo-op. In fact, I took the MOST BORING PHOTOS...really, look...

There's Elsie, in the center, trying to look excited that her boss showed up.

Alberta...having difficulty keeping her beverage in the glass.

Flasher girl apre' flash

After Elsie's housewarming, it seemed like a good idea to go out on the town. Walter has a client who leads a double-life as a accountant by day, lead singer in a blues band at night, so we went to listen to him at a fine establishment in Little Italy called The Waterfront...several cocktails later, I took some more really uninteresting shots photos. Clearly, running was not going to be in my Sunday morning future. But I did take a picture of a guy wearing really cool running gear.

A group of REALLY YOUNG 'UNS were having an 80's themed birthday bar-crawl. For some reason, I decided to take a picture of this guy's shirt. I have no idea why.

Then, as Walter and I were walking to the car, I decided to take a picture of an office building that already had THREE CHRISTMAS TREES IN THE WINDOW....a little early? Ya think?

So, while I meant to run on Sunday, I sent Betty a text at 7am, cancelling due to a bit of a hangover...surprised? Seriously? I was taking pictures of Christmas trees and random people's shirts...

Finally, since this is the most BORING BLOG EVAH...I'll pick up on Viv's and Irene's virus...who were tagging anyone who wanted to be tagged ("pick me! pick me!" she says, her hand waving furiously in the air...) Here are the rules:
  1. Pick the 4th folder on your computer
  2. Pick the 4th Picture
  3. Explain the picture
  4. Tag 4 more peeps (consider yourself tagged if you'd like too are waving your hand frantically and hoping to be picked)
DramaGirl and Turbo...roughly about 2 and 4. We're at my parents house in Vegas, April 2000. They appear to have gotten into Nana's band-aid supply...and decided to try them all on.

So...The plan for this weekend?
3 mile run Saturday morning with Betty at Lake Boy Part.

6-7 mile run on Sunday with whoever else shows up at the bay. I have no plans to bar-hop this weekend, so I'll be there.

I'll also be a much better blogger this week...Now I'm going to go find out what you all have been up to.



  1. Glad you got away to post something this week!! And very poignant about Dread and not dread... Hang in there! Good luck with the runs this weekend, btw. :-)

  2. That's a great 4th pic! Good luck on your runs this weekend!

  3. I guess the trees in the office window aren't so wrong, but the trees set up at Costco in September were!

    I like your 4/4 picture, which is way cuter and more interesting than mine. ;)

  4. Yes, we are starting to see Christmas lights popping up everywhere!

    Love the "Band Aid" picture, how cute is that!!!

    Enjoy Thanksgiving!...

  5. I can't run on Dread. That kills me!!

  6. I think my pictures beat yours for boring. And people around here have had Christmas lights up since the day after Halloween. Lit up too.

  7. Love the 4th pic! LOL Alberta and me can't seem to find our mouths.