Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's Grey, or Is it Gray?

Dayum! Is it Thursday already? WTF happened to the week? 120 unread blogs in my RSS Reader...GAH!

Running news? Not much since Sunday. I've run only one time this week--yesterday morning with Dread--41 minutes/4 miles...not bad. I'll run again tomorrow morning, but tonight I just needed a glass of wine after my 11-hour marathon day today (following another 11 hour marathon day yesterday). In any event, I really gotta get the mid-week ACTUAL RUNNING mileage up to get ready for Carlsbad.

That's it for my running news for the week. I do have a NRR rant, only, if you are one of the three dudes who occassionally read this blog, you might want to stop now; I'm just going to ramble on about some non-running related chick-stuff.

Anyway, back to tomorrow--I've got a full day planned including: attending two parent/teacher meetings with the kid's teachers (nothing serious, just that time of year), delivering chairs and a glass pitcher to Elsie's for her housewarming gala on Saturday (I'll have a full event-report), and because I have at least 2 1/2 inches of growth, getting my roots done.

I may have waited a tad too long...YA THINK?

In truth, I hate this task. It's so BORING just sitting there for three hours while my awesome hairdresser (and she is awesome) paints color-gunk and wraps tin-foil on my hairs, AND while getting my hair colored is a great opportunity to catch up on some trash-reading, I was almost at the point where I was thinking, "WTF, maybe I'll stop coloring my hair." (The dudes who continued reading are now understanding the relationship between the photo of the top of my head and "roots" No guys, I'm not talking about gardening). Since I so dislike getting my hair done, I was SERIOUSLY considering the skunk look. Can you see how I'd be almost completely grey down the middle, with really dark brown hair down the sides. So, how cool would that be?

Maybe too cool for words, but I just can't do it. One day, I'll cut my hair off and let it go gray, but I'm just not there yet. Call me tomorrow afternoon, I'll be going back to the salon for a nice long sit and I get to read of all the People/US/Entertainment Weekly trash I can get my hands on.

Clearly it's been awhile. What has Britney been up to anyway?

No races this weekend, but I am planning on a nice long run on Sunday with a few of the herd. Should be interesting after Elsie's bash.

Oh, and thanks to Irene, there's this :-))

You Scored an A

You got 10/10 questions correct.

It's pretty obvious that you don't make basic grammatical errors.

If anything, you're annoyed when people make simple mistakes on their blogs.

As far as people with bad grammar go, you know they're only human.

And it's humanity and its current condition that truly disturb you sometimes.


  1. That test I blew it! Now, I feel all weird typing this like I am a grammar failure, but I knew that already.

    Have a great run this weekend with the gang. Don't ever stopr dying your hair not yet we are too young for the gray/grey bob.

    I gotta look up Carlsbad to see when that is. I want pics from that race I have always heard about that area.

  2. Oh the things us women go through to look beautiful. I am with you, I ain't going gracefully. I'm gonna fight it every step of the way. That also include highlights. I just got mine done last week!! I love 'em!

    Britney seems to be on good behavior these days. What about Paris?? What's she been up to??

  3. I am dealing with the grey already and it's driving me crazy. I joke with my students that they are making me go grey. I just pulled one this morning. I know I know.. you're not supposed to do that.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Not only did I get my gray covered yesterday I had bangs cut to cover my forehead lines. It was either bangs or botox. (Thought I'd start off slow)

  5. At least you have lighter hair so it's not so bad. I'll have to get a good pic of my Mom's hair. Talk about SKUNK! Oy, the things I have to look forward too.

    I guess the biggest dealy these days is the Pregnant Man (which is really a woman since he still has female parts) is pregnant again.

  6. OH! A grammar quiz! What fun!

  7. Loved the quiz. That's a real pet peeve for me... they're their there

    I already have greys, too... fortunately, nobody ever notices. People think my hair is naturally blonde, FPS!

  8. he he...I laughed. I hate sitting in that silly chair too! But i've never had the alien attachments-think i might shoot myself.....

    Haven't taken the test yet since I'm at work. Guess I really shouldn't be reading blogs while I'm supposed to be checking out cameras for NCIS on monday.

    I'm scheduled for a 5K or a 10K tomorrow morning...hmm I've been sleeping in so we'll see how that goes.

    Enjoy your long run.....I'm jealous wish i could join you!!


  9. Ahh if only I had so hair/here/hare to go grey/gray/grai!

    Ok I had to push it!

  10. My theory is that if I go to my stylist every 7 weeks, I NEVER have to know how much grey my hair has. And I always feel great when it's all fresh and pretty. Why do we wait on things like this??? Take a good book (just in case you read ALL the mags) and ENJOY some downtime, girl!

  11. I wish that I had a gang to run with. It makes the time go by faster and the run so much more fun.

    LOL I have the same exact hair issues that you do. At 36 I am just not ready to be grey yet. Darn those stupid ex boyfriends, this is all their fault! I too love going to the salon to catch up on all the celebrity gossip.

    Hope you have a great run and we'll be waiting for pics of the new hair.

  12. Hey, at least you have hair. Some of us are in the receding mode, except on one's back, nostrils, eyebrows, earlobes, and any other socially unacceptable, visible body part for people to abhor.

    BTW, 9/10 on the grammar test for a math dude. The test was biased because their were not any questions about math topics. Its unfair! Can I change my grade too an A+? Literacy in math? Come on, now.

  13. I've often thought about giving in and going grey, but I just can't pull it off. I also have an awesome hair person. I've been to a bad one before -- she made me look like a skunk who needed her roots touched up - ick, so when a good one comes along, hang onto him/her!

    Now, go run, or something...

    Have a great week!

  14. I've included you in an award-if you've already done it-sorry!!! But come by my blog and pick it up... cheers baby!

  15. I just got my hair done this weekend. I too hate all the effort and money that goes into it, but I do like how I look when it's over and that is a big incentive. Plus, I always pick a different color and it's a surprise when I get home. Now, to get my hairdresser to start subscriber to Star magazine instead of Ladies Home Journal....

  16. i've never had my hair colored or highlighted and hope i'm strong enough to accept the gray when it happens.

  17. I am shocked....I passed the grammar quiz!

    I am sure I have gray hair, but I get my hair foiled so often that I hope to never see it.

  18. Oh man, I can relate to your grey hair dilemma, Alice! I keep vowing to get all my colour stripped out and go grey, then chickening out at the last minute -- it's driving my hairdresser crazy.

    I'll be curious to hear what you decide...