Saturday, November 8, 2008

Meet the Stalkers!

Irene and Southbay Girl...I love how Southbay Girl is cradling that cup-o-Joe like it's a beer...I knew we had a lot in common!

This morning, Betty and I met and ran with fellow blogger-runners Irene and Southbay Girl (and of course, her adorable dog Velcro) at San Diego Bay. It was a beautiful morning. If Penny's son, who if you've read her blog, you know that he's out here from Tennessee visiting colleges, doesn't decide to go to school here, he's crazy...I mean how can you a beat 78ยบ, clear-sunny, picture-perfect, morning run in November? ( weather whining for me today).

It's fun to meet's sorta like you know each other, but not really. Irene and Penny were my I'm no longer a meet-your-friends-via-the-Internet-virgin...and not a stalker between them!

Irene is my hero. She had a pretty bad running injury about 9 months ago, and this morning, she was running three miles. She sorta shook it off like it was no big deal, but I think she's inspirational. I've been reading her blog all along, and it never ceases to amaze me how optimistic and positive she's been through the whole ordeal. I'd have been whining and bitching like a sullen-teenager...I mean seriously, look at how I whine about the weather...can you imagine me with a hip injury (I'd rather not).

Betty and I behaved ourselves throughout the morning, although this photo made me laugh because the guy sitting behind us has the funniest look on his face...scroll down and look.


I figure Betty just dropped the F-Bomb, or he's checking out my ass. I'm going with F-Bomb.

Tomorrow morning I get to run with Betty and Irene (and a few more of the herd) at the Shelter Island 5K, which ends with a champagne brunch (yay! mimosas included in the price of the race...LOVE IT!).

Finally...I have to come clean about the iPhone blog so that you don't get too impressed with my tech-skills. I wrote the post on my iPhone, then uploaded it to Blogger. Then, I imported the photos, added the captions, and published it from my laptop...much less impressive.


  1. LOL @ the iPhone confession! The blogger meet up looked like a blast. When I have met a different couple of bloggers we were quiet like 2 minutes then like ol' buds! Keep enjoying your weekend!!

  2. Your weekend sounds like it is starting off a blast. Always fun to meet invisifriends, isn't it!

    mmm mimosas...with my luck, they would have run out of them at the end.

  3. I'm so majorly bummed I couldn't run with you all. Good luck tomorrow. Have a mimosa for me!

  4. The blogger meet up looked fun.
    Have fun @ the 5k and enjoy the mimosas...

  5. I came justthisclose to doing the same thing on my blog -- you know, highlighting the guy behind us. I think he was checking out your ass because they stayed there the entire time we were there...

    Thanks for the props. Everyone else thinks I'm insane to get back into running.

    It was fun! See you at the 5k. I hope the Naked Juice people are there, that way we can mix THAT juice with the champagne. Yummy!

  6. I totally know what you mean about meeting blogger friends. It's like, you feel like you know SO much about them but you're meeting them for the first time! Kinda awkward but awesome!

  7. It was so wonderful meeting ALL of you! I really do feel like I know everyone...just a little!!! I wish I could be running in the 5K with you because I'd be pounding the mimosas with you!!!! And yes I do look like I'm cradling my hot drink like a beer....hmm is that bad? NO! For I came home and drank a two beers and took a nap!!

    It was a wonderful trip. I had a great time in San Diego and loved meeting all of you!! It made me kinda jealous that you all have such a close knot running community of strong women!! I don't have that in LA! maybe I'll drive down to San Diego once a week and run a long run with you guys!!!

  8. That picture of the guy is too funny!

    I saw you commented on my blog about coming to Fargo for the ACDC concert in January. Are you from the area? January is going to be cold! LOL! That's the meat of our winter!

  9. Blogger meet ups are always fun -- glad you enjoyed your first one!

    Hope the 5K went well.

  10. HAHAHHAHAAAAAA OMG dude is TOTALLY giving you ladies the stank eye. What is that about?

    YAY for Blogger meetups. They're the coolest ;-)

  11. great to meet some of the blog friends of yours Cindi. I'm always amazed at how well you network with others as well as you writing. I'm sure I dropped a few too many F-bombs - I was thinking of that later in the day - hoping to not make too bad of a first impression. You can't take me anywhere!

  12. Oh, I'll have to do that race next year. Mimosas at the end? And they're included in the race price?

    I'm there!