Friday, November 21, 2008

I Swear, I'd Lose My Head...

Several of the herd like to tease me about the number of gadgets I own, and they'd be correct; I do likes me my running toys...(iPods, sensors, sunglasses, running belts, hats, hair-ties, headbands, watches, iPod carriers, key carriers, etc. etc...btw, you should see my gadget fetish extends there as well.) The herd is typically very patient as I dig through my backpack, searching for and/or organizing my various running accoutrement.

The unfortunate side-effect of having all this gear is that I have a tendency to misplace things. In truth, the whole iPhone in the toilet episode was really the result of me having a new toy (the iPhone) and wearing new running tights AND a new lightweight jacket and not being able to decide which pocket to put the iPhone in...BTW...the back pocket is a VERY BAD IDEA.

So it shouldn't be that surprising that yesterday, I ALMOST LOST MY FREEKIN' SHOES.

You read it right. My shoes.

How does one lose shoes you ask? Let me explain.

Betty and I ran at Lake Boy Part yesterday morning. (4 miles, 45:51, 11:24 pace...lovely run, beautiful morning) After the run, we walked down to some benches by the lake to stretch. I had my flip-flops in my backpack, so I decided to change into 'em. I mean, really, is there any better feeling than changing out of running shoes after a long run?

You see where this is going, don't you?

By this morning, when I was to meet up with Betty, Mik, and Elsie for another run, I could not, for the life of me, find my running shoes. Not in the bedroom. Not in the laundry room (where I usually dump my clothes after running). Not in the entry way. Not in the car.


The last place I could remember for certain having my shoes was at Lake BP, so I came to the sad conclusion that I must have left them there. I was heartbroken because I *h e a r t* my New Balance 1223's. They're still relatively new. I just got my Nike+ sensor to work relatively well, and it was attached to the cutest-little-sensor-pouch. Not to mention the extra insoles in the shoes...GAH!

So I dug up my OLD 1223's. Slipped them on and went to pick up Mik and Betty, who agreed that we should go back to Lake BP to see if they're still there.

Fat Chance, right?
(I love Lake BP!)

Yep. There they were. Sitting on the barbecue, just waiting for me, with my sweaty socks still stuffed in them. Walter said later that he didn't see how my sweaty shoes held much value for people...shows what he knows. They're freekin' awesome shoes. Actually, I had a pretty high level of confidence that my shoes would still be there. I'm always seeing random stuff left behind at Lake BP. On Saturday, Betty and I noticed a baby shoe that someone had left on one of the mile-marker posts. The previous week, I noticed that someone had pinned a glove to the bulletin board.

Apparently, active people are not thieves...and HOORAY...I had my running shoes back!

So, from there we happily ventured to Mission Bay for our real run (yes, we left one running path, to go to another, but we were meeting Elsie at Mission Bay...) My shoes were a little damp from the overnight on the lake, but I was sooooooooo happy to have them back

Highlights from the Mission Bay run

Maybe the Nike+ sensor doesn't work so well...

Mile 1 - 10:57 pace (just warming up. This seems about right)
Mile 2 - 9:16 pace (I really had to pee, so I sprinted for about a mile to the restroom. This seems about right as well. I did pause my workout when I used the restroom).
Mile 3 - 11:51 pace (I think this included a turnaround when I had to go back and search for the nose piece to my new Nike Sunglasses, which had fallen off...GAH! Why do I have such issues with my sunglasses???
Mile 4 - 15:52 (HUH? I stopped at a drinking fountain for about 10 seconds...tops, so I'm not sure what happened there. I certainly didn't walk a mile)
Mile 5 - 10:48 (Seems about right again)
Mile .22 - 14:54 (This absolutely cannot be right because Mik and I practically raced each other for the last 1/4 mile...and she runs waaaaaayyyyy faster than I do)

According to Nike 5:22 miles, 58:32, 11:12 pace

Map my Run says it's 5:48 miles (changes to a 10:39 pace...which I find more believable).

Sooooo...maybe the Nike+ sensor isn't all that accurate.

Ah was a really beautiful morning on the bay, coolish and foggy, but not cold--perfect running weather.

I keep reading all my bloggy-peeps tirades, complaints, and resignations about the running conditions you're dealing with and my heart goes out to you. You are all running gods and goddesses as far as I'm concerned. I grew up in a cold weather place (Reno) and I know what it's like to put on lots of layers, extra shoes, hats, just to go outside. In fact, maybe that's where my running gear obsession comes from. I just think I need to have lots of stuff to compensate for not having to pile on the cold weather stuff of my childhood.

It's a theory.

Anyway, I moved to Southern Cal about 20 years ago where the November weather is in the 70's. Not sure what you all are waiting for...

In any event, I'd promise to not bitch about the weather for the next several months so that you don't all throw virtual things at me through your computer screens (or worse, stop visiting me...noooooo), but it is supposed to start raining this week, so I'm sure I'll have that to whine about.

Anyway, after the morning run, we went to Elsie's Casita for the BEST PANCAKES EVAH and (of course) Mimosas...

Betty, making pancakes

Elsie, setting the table (view of mimosas)

Happy running herd

Hope everyone has a fabulous Turkey Day. I have to teach until Wednesday, so I'll no doubt be scarce until then. I'm sure I'll have plenty of time to visit blogs and do some further catching up over the long weekend.


  1. Yay for finding your New Balances at Lake BP!!! Oh you are so lucky they were still there!! :-)

    I have a Nike+ too and it doesn't always work so well... Sometimes, when you slow down at a certain point, it seems to capture a very SLOW point during the run. The 10 secs you stopped to get water is probably what the sensor captured! I have had similiar issues with my sensor, too! When's the last time you calibrated your sensor?

    Dude, your running herd sounds awesome btw!

  2. Looks like fun.

    I have a gadget problem too, and I agree, that Nike sensor just doesn't cut it.

  3. I'm a gadget person, too. I don't know how I ever ran before my Garmin.

    I'm glad your shoes were still there, and it didn't rain on them! That would have been devastating!

  4. I'm so glad you found your shoes...this is something that would so happen to me!

    I have a love/hate relationship with my Garmin, that I've only had for two months and I still have no clue how fast(slow) I really run! Because I never get a 'believable' number from it. Now the foot pod just went out on me altogether, so I'm taking it back!

    It will be replaced with another gadget for sure though...

  5. I miss that sense of community over out at lake boy part. I've seen car keys pinned to the bulletin board, too. Glad to see your shoes were still there!

  6. I'm kinda disappointed you didn't make up cool a name for this route...
    it's great that your shoes did not become finder's keepers. we have people posting found items on our runners' listserv such as "right hand glove-black".

  7. I am a gadget freak too. My Mom says if it takes all that to run forget about it. You and the gang have so much fun! I love it!! That is sooooo crazy the shoes were still there.

  8. I can't believe you lost your shoes and they were still there. Woot! Woot!

  9. I think gadgets and pancakes RULE!!

  10. OMG...I can't believe you left your shoes and that you found them the next day! WOW there are really honest people out there!! How cool is that!!

    Sounds like a wonderful run-I really must make the trek down south fr a sunday run-and I wont throw anything at you virtual or real since I have the same weather...but it is raining right now and I LOVE IT!!!

    I think I'm having holiday blues....why have I been crying so much today? Exhaustion?? Depression?? who knows. My son flies in tomorrow and I can't wait...but I'm a liitle down because I feel like I spend most of my days alone....since the asshole ex left over a year ago...I'm turning into that crazy pet lady! I guess that's why I'm so thrilled to have met a group of women who have such joy of life and running!!! I wish I lived closer!!!



  11. I CAN'T believe your shoes were still there! That is awesome!

    Just catching up with you, looks like the "herd" has as much fun as the Wooo Hooo's!!