Sunday, November 30, 2008

How it Rolls With the Family

Hello Internet...I'm back after feasting and driving...Had a wonderful T-day feast with the family, and now am trying to get things under control for the week ahead.

I managed to get some running in while in Vegas...all of in on the dreadmill in the Red Rock fitness room. I'd hoped to run a 5K in Vegas on Thanksgiving morning, but we didn't get in until late, and then on Thursday morning it was rainy, which I guess it did all over the south-west, but I was in Vegas, and I couldn't convince either Walter or my brother in law to run with me, so I went to the fitness room, which is a pretty nice room. I actually ended up running there two mornings (five miles on Thursday and three more on Friday).

So...since I have no race report or even a vaguely interesting run in a far-away (for me) spot to write about, I'll share some family holiday shots with you.

Dressed, ready to run, and headed toward my date with dread on Thanksgiving morning.

Sister and mom sampling the food.

My sister showing her daughter how to use the cell phone.

These people seriously want pie...and don't YOU all drink wine with your desserts?

Amazingly I have no photos of the dinner feast...but I do have lots of pix of us eating pie.
Oh yeah, we are upscale and are eating off paper plates...

My niece...yummy pie

Turbo, sampling every dessert on the table
(and ice cream...there's always room for ice cream, right?)

On Friday, we went bowling. Here is evidence of what a dreadful bowler I am. In the first frame, by some miracle, I bowled a strike. I took this picture because 1) I was in the lead and 2) I was about to surpass my previous game's total score in the fourth frame (actually, it took me until the 5th since I proceeded to bowl two gutter balls in a row...not a rare occurrence).

Friday night, back at the parents house, and since we are in Vegas,
Walter decides to teach the kids how to shoot craps.

With real dollars

My nephew sees his future vocation... He did roll 6 7's in a row...hmmm

My sister also learns how to roll the dice...and she's ready for the real tables now...

OH NOOOOOO...we've run out of Bacardi Limon...

Luckily, there's still vodka...our search for a mixer leads us to my parent's supply of Joint Juice...!

My sister looks seriously concerned about where this is going to lead...
On the other hand, Bro-in-law is convinced he's discovered the Red-Bull and Vodka cocktail for the senior set...

My friend Dee drops by for a visit. Here she is with mom... Short Italian chicas unite...

Back to the Red Rock for some gaming and additional partying.
My sis poses with the valet sign she ran into earlier in the day.

The family mantra. My dad printed up copies of these for everyone.

So, it was a fun weekend...but exhausting. I never did get a long run in...thought I would today, but I was just too darn tired...and I needed to unpack...and do laundry...and some grocery shopping...blah blah blah...

I'll get a run in in the morning...hopefully about five miles, but I've gotta start getting some long weekend runs in if I'm ever going to be ready for Carlsbad! (I keep saying that, don't I?)

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well. 


  1. I bowl just like you do.

    Hey, there's nothing wrong with a zillion pie pictures. Isn't it all about the pie, any way? Haha.

    Glad you had a nice trip.

  2. Drinking, gambling, bowling, pie?! Can I be a part of your family?

  3. I keep saying I have to get a long run in or I wont be ready for Carlsbad but do I?? Hell no...I just can't motivate by myself to do a long run! I'll have to come down and run with you!!!

    Awesome family mantra!!! I should print one out as well...can I steal your families mantra???

    I've always wanted to stay at the Red Rock-is it awesome??? It sounds awesome. And you are my hero for running 5 miles on a treadmill-I'd want to shoot myself!!

  4. It sounds like you had so much fun. I was cracking up at the Joint Juice mixer idea! And I ONLY bowl when the bumpers are up, otherwise it's no fun at all!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my site! The Red Rock is a pretty nice place, huh? I'm glad you were able to get in a run in their fitness room, even if you did miss out on the fun of "Chasing the Gobbler"! ;-)

  6. What a fun-loving and "spirited" family you have! Your Thanksgiving sounded like loads of fun, and the captions on the pictures made this post even more fun to follow. Vodka and Joint Juice? I gotta try that one of these days!

  7. My parents have a craps table in their kitchen. We started playing when I was five. This is my kinda family.

  8. Love the pictures!!

    Sadly, there was no wine at my Thanksgiving. The parents don't drink...

    Love your family mantra! Must. Drink. More. Wine.

  9. If you keep saying it often enough, maybe you will end up getting ready for Carlsbad!

    Although, unfortunately I have found there can be a rift the size of the Great Canyon between saying something and actually doing it.

    For example, I keep saying I'm gonna clean up our garden. And I even mean it! And yet I do not do it.

    Somewhere along the line, the message gets lost.

    So yes, I am all talk and no action.
    Luckily I'm also all talk and running!

  10.! Your family looks like a BLAST to hang with. Dayum adopt me already LOL

    PS. Your Mom is SUPER cute! I have a thing for short Moms. Maybe because mine is short too?! LOL

  11. Welcome back. That looks like a super fun family holiday.

  12. Glad you had a great time and got in some runs!

  13. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Pie is big in my family, too!

    *runs to check and see if, legally, she is too old to adopted*

  15. Looks like you had a blast...and yes, it is mandatory to drink wine with pie....

  16. I am with Jess...When is another family get together call me I am so there :-) my son played poker and blackjack here after Thanksgiving, but he wanted to have apptizers and cranberry juice on the table. I have no idea where he gets this behavior.

    Loved the pictures!
    You look fab in that first pic.
    Long runs, what are those?!

  17. disposable dishes are good, someone brought paper ware with Dora the Explorer for our dinner soup.
    Thanks for sharing your holiday photos, looks like you had much fun!

  18. Looks like you had a blast! Great photos.

  19. Love the pics! We had 6 pies...but only 10 adults at our T-day feast. I know your pain!

    Love teaching the kiddos to shoot craps! I still don't get that game!

  20. I love your family photos! The look like a fun bunch. :-)

    I loooove your family mantra, too. So cute that your dad made copies for everyone!