Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Good Day

It's been a very good day...
  • Doc told me that I was OK to start running again, but that I needed to come back SLOWLY. Turns out I had not one, but two stress fractures. One is pretty much healed completely, the second one is close. He suggested that I walk/run for a couple of days.
  • All I heard was that I can start running again...YEAH!
  • The annual Tour d'Truckee, the herd's annual "girls weekend" at Momma's place near Alpine Meadows, is this weekend. I just printed my boarding pass. Betty, Mik, Elsie and I are leaving tomorrow. I am giddy with excitement. I get to ski!!!!!!!
  • There will be minimal posting this weekend since what happens in Truckee, stays in Truckee (its a rule!)
  • I just got my roots done, so no more silver strip down the center of my head.
  • I've finished 4 of 5 course syllabi a week ahead of time...and the fifth one is almost finished.
  • I did a kick-ass resume for my sister this morning.
  • The UPS guy just delivered this...
Wine club deliveries are like a little gift on your doorstep...
Yes, it's been a very good day.


  1. Excellent news! Have a kick ass time on your getaway!

  2. ***drooling over the wine***

    congrats on the AOK to start running again!

    Have fun with the girls this weekend.

  3. All you may have heard was that you can start running again, but EASE BACK into it! :) Can't wait to hear about you getting back into running!

  4. I love when the UPS guy shows up with stuff like that.

    Have fun on your trip! I'm so jealous... (Yeah, I know I just had a trip, but I traveled with two guys. There's something to be said about a girl's trip. I'm gonna call my sister and BFF from high school...)

  5. You get to run.
    You get to go to Truckee with friends.
    You get to ski.

    Yippeeeee! ;)

    Oh, wear a helmet, will ya?!

  6. Yay about the running!!!

    In FL, we can't receive alcohol via mail. Crazy, huh?

  7. What time should I be in Truckee???

    LOL, I love those special deliveries...Awesome.

    Have a SUPER FANTABULOUS time with the Herd, I'm sooo jealous!

  8. I'm glad you can run again. Now just remember to take it easy...go slow. dont' want to reinjure!

  9. Wine. Delivered by UPS. Nice. That would cheer up any day.

  10. Jealous!!!! I love skiing Alpine Meadows. Great ski area without the crowds of Heavenly. Have fun!

    Try to remain sane. No embarrassing drunk tweets or twitpics okay?

  11. Wine club shipments are one of life's greatest pleasures. Great news about the running!

  12. YEAH! So glad to hear you are coming up on the other side of running! Enjoy the wine! :D

  13. I am so jealous! I haven't skied in years! I used to go to Alpine Meadows a lot. I loved the fact that they didn't allow snowboards. I'm pretty sure they do now, don't they?

    have a fabulous time!

  14. Yay for being able to run again!

  15. Congrats on being able to run again. 2 stress fractures?! Damn woman!

    Can't wait to hear the tales from Truckee. I hope it is not all sanitized for the internet.!