Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Gym Rat

Yeah...that's me...if you take a look at my "Daily Mile" entries, you'll see seven consecutive days of working out, five of them (the last five) at the gym.

So, now I'm a Gym Rat I guess. I haven't belonged to a gym in about five years, but last week I decided to rejoin. It's not my favorite thing, but it'll have to do until I can run again (hopefully next week!). On New Year's Day, Betty came to pick me up in Bombita. Bombita is a really sweet ride. It was cool to ride in a car with NOTHING automatic. I had to roll down the windows with a hand-crank.

Betty in the front seat...sweeeeeeeet ride.

So...working out at the gym is....well it's boring. I can crank out about 45 minutes (max) on the elliptical and I'm ready to blow my brains out. I can do about 30 minutes (one day I did 45) on a stationary bike, but then I'm so bored that I can't stand it. It's way better when Betty is there because we keep each other entertained. She's much more into the weight lifting than I am, so she has been showing me which weights to do and more often how to do them.

Yesterday we did a class that was some combination of step aerobics and weightlifting, which was an interesting diversion. I was pleased that the workout, although new wasn't anywhere near impossible. I'd do it again, next time with more weights (I was using 4 lb hand weights and maybe 10 to 20 lbs on a bar...before you think I'm a complete wuss, we did LOTS of reps...squats, lunges, presses, curls...I am feeling it a bit today).

Surf City 1/2 Marathon is almost a month away. Sara has a counter on her blog and every time I see it I try not to wig out. I'm determined to keep working on my cardio and endurance so that when I start running again in a couple weeks I'm have some hope of being ready for Surf City in about a month. If I weren't already registered (and if I hadn't convinced Betty, Elsie, and Mik to do this), I'd seriously consider DNSing it, but I know it'll be a fun day with the herd, even if I'm walking most of it.

Well, gotta go now. I have an appointment with a trainer...it was included when I rejoined the guy.


  1. I hear you on the bored in the gym thing. I'll swim laps till the cows come home, or be on the trainer till I've got numb bum, but a few minutes pushing weights and I'm ready to let them drop on my head just to see something interesting happen.

    And that is a classy sweet ride all right.

  2. I agree that the gym can be boring.

    I love the elliptical machine, but my feet fall asleep on it.

    Do yours?

  3. i've only used the elliptical a few times but still have not figured out what it's for.
    i'm waiting for a class to start that combines spinning with a touch of pilates.

  4. When your options are the gym or falling on your ass on the ice or worse - getting trapped in a snowbank, you choose the gym. It's the only sane option!

    Nice job on the workouts!

  5. It saddens me to read how people have a hard time with their workouts. AKA: the gym. I love my workouts. I would never want to blow my brains out because of how boring my workout is, BUT....try to take my kettlebell away and I will blow your brains out!
    Hang in there! You live in CA, you should be outside NO matter what! Come on, if I can run in 14 degree weather while it's snowing.......
    if you feel you're worth the effort, then you will do it every time! No go get 'em!

  6. My mom and I used to call all the new gals at the gym "January Girls"... because they would show up and take all the equipment, fill up the classes for about a month and then stop coming!

    But I think it's a smart plan you've got, to keep your fitness up and make Surf City a fun event!

  7. Boring-ness is mostly why I quit the gym -- about 3 years ago. Have not found a good reason yet to go back.

    Have fun with your trainer!

  8. Sometimes I think the only thing worse than being a gym rat is being a slug. Now, see, don't you feel better?

  9. gym workouts are much easier with a buddy and the people watching is far superior to running and biking!

  10. Gym Rat! woo hoo!! You're exercising!!! That's the most important thing!!!

    I'm doing Surf City too! Woot!

  11. Since I go to a predominantly gay gym, the only thing that entertains me is all the guys who come in to meet other guys. And the ones they are trying to attract are too busy chiseling themselves.

    But if I go in the morning, the gym is boring. No music and no pretty boys to look at.

    No classes at my gym (which is why I joined).

  12. I go to gym class twice a week, when I can. It's a cardio mixed with hand weights class too. I like it. I run better when I do other stuff too. Happy New Year Cindi!

  13. Depending on what time you go to the gym, it can be amusing just to people watch, other than that, an Ipod is a must at the gym. It keeps me going. I just get into the tunes, get going about my workout, and tune everyone else out.

  14. Sweet car! You need to have Betty bring it to Surf City. We can spend the day riding at the beach!

    I think he drum thing was planned. I say that because more guys were showing up as I was taking off. Would have been interesting to be back there 30 minutes later.

    And now that you're a gymrat - that rowing machine has your name on it. I'll be posting the place to go to get some good workouts tomorrow morning...