Friday, January 8, 2010

How the heck did I do that?

I've triple booked a weekend.

Not double booked... triple.


This morning, I was getting ready to make some flight reservations to go to a reading conference where I'm presenting some research I've been doing (yeah...the OTHER part of my life). The conference is in San Francisco on Friday and Saturday, February 5 & 6. I was looking at return flights from San Francisco and the only flight I could take leaves at 7:30ish and gets into San Diego at about other words, it ruins a Saturday night. I'm not playing for the flight (the conference is), so I could fly out of Oakland, but I'd only get back a little earlier...and getting over to Oakland from San Francisco is kinda a hassle (BART, then a bus to the airport), and I'm traveling alone...anyway, not great choices for getting back on Saturday.

So, I thought...I could stay the night in San Francisco (paid for by the conference organizers BTW), AND I have an unused Southwest flight voucher, so maybe Walter could fly up and meet me in San Francisco, we could have a nice night out in The City, and we'd only have to pay for his one-way plane ticket up there.

Sweet idea, huh?

So when I told Walter about my brilliance, he was at first, interested, then he said...

Isn't that the same weekend as your race?

D' OH!

"And" he said, "that's the same weekend as the fundraiser I told you about on Saturday night."

Double D' OH!

So, now I have three commitments in three cities on that weekend.
  1. San Diego - A fundraiser for a charitable organization that Walter is involved in (important because it's also business related for him, but is also a real gala that I'd get to get dressed up for). The fundraiser is on Saturday night.
  2. Huntington Beach - The Surf City Half is on Sunday, but race bibs and packets need to be picked up from the expo on Saturday, and while HB is not THAT far away, driving to and from San Diego to HB is NOT something I'd like to do twice in one weekend.
  3. San Francisco - Reading which I'm presenting, although I'm not sure when. Hopefully, it's on Friday. (just got an, I'm presenting on Saturday at 1:00). Anyway the conference is on Friday and Saturday.
Some might say that this is one more sign that I shouldn't run that weekend, but that doesn't really take care of the fundraiser/San Francisco conflict.

I'm such an idiot...I don't know why I never noticed that the reading conference and the race were on the same weekend.



  1. NOOOOOOO! I hate when I do that. I am notorious for double/triple booking things.

    If it is anyone that can pull this off, it is you.

  2. Bummer dude! LOL
    I can honestly say I have never done that.
    I can't believe we are missing each other in Tahoe by ONE WEEK! Another bummer! Wear a helmet and have a good time. ;)

  3. Wow! That's going to be a busy weekend... because you know you can't pass up a Surf Board Finisher's Medal!

    Are other people allowed to pick up your packet? I'm going up on Saturday and staying overnight. If I'm allowed, I'll gladly pick it up for you.

  4. Wow, that is so something I would do. Being a teacher, I am such a planner, but at the same time, forget things I have planned when other plans come to mind. LOL

  5. So put on your aluminum foil hat and time travel!

    Wait a minute. This is a trick question right? You have a bum foot and you're considering doing a half marathon? Has this heffer theme gone to your head? Like a cow's brain?

    If you ask me, with a sfx, it would be SFO for a nice weekend (they're paying for your Friday dinner right?) and then SD for what's important to Walter. Surf City will always be there next year!

  6. I'd love for you to come to Surf City with us - but I really don't think you should run yet. It's too far of a run and you've really been trying to heal yourself.

    I think it is a sign - drop Surf City and figure out which one of the other two will make you happiest! (In other words, ditch reading (you've already got a Doctorate in reading, and hang out with Walter!)

  7. I like Betty's reasoning.
    Although I don't know what to do about Walter's gala.

  8. I think the first question you need to ask is can you run 13.1 miles in 4 weeks? If you think you can-and that is a decision that only you can make-I can pick up your race packet-no biggy!

    Whatever you decide, you will have a great weekend!

  9. If you do run Surf City, I can always pick up your bib. oh... I just saw Penny's comment, so either of us can pick it up.

    Hopefully, you can find a way to get back for Walter's event.

    These kinds of things always have a way of working out. Good luck!

  10. This is fate telling you you're not ready to run a half marathon yet. I'd stick with the two commitments that matter most - to other people.