Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Maybe I could do this every morning

OK...In the last post, I got bitch-slapped for living in SoCal and going to the gym instead of being outside. Fair enough. But really, I mean, who wants to be outside when it's like this...

Bird rock at Sunset Cliffs

And you get to ride with friends like this...

Betty, me and Clarence posing on the cliffs

I had two flat tires before we even started (one due to a valve that broke, and the other...maybe I overinflated it? I don't know. One minute it was fine, the next? "pop" and "pffffffffff." But we are getting pretty good at the tire changing thing, so no matter.)

Betty and I dealing with the flat tire. I love that she's wearing my Zenzah compression sleeves as arm warmers.

Anyway, despite this, it was a great day to ride. We even got a primo parking spot at the beach...which NEVER happens in the summer unless you get to the beach at 6am.

Perfect parking spot in front of World Famous! Squeeeeeeeeeee!

It was, however, a little chilly this morning.

Betty doesn't like her ears to get cold.

But by the time we got going, it warmed up so we took off some layers.

Riding the alleys in Ocean Beach.

Eventually, we got to Sunset Cliffs and I won't lie to you. It was a beautiful morning. After we got to the foot of Sunset Cliffs, we headed back toward Mission Beach, then around Seaworld, then around Fiesta Island, then back to Pacific Beach and the car (OB, MB, and PB are the three beach communities in San Diego...they're really not that far from each other. Don't be too impressed). All together...We rode about 23 miles.

Betty and me at the cliffs.

After the ride, we had breakfast at World Famous.

Ahhhhhh the waiting for our favorite table!

Checked our email

and text messages

Of course we had mimosas!

(DUH!...oh and emphasis on "had.")

We watched the surfers.

Betty noted that this one had a "really big board."

And of course we laughed at silly tourists who were in bikini's and in the ocean...

Seriously...yes, it was a beautiful morning, around 65º, but that water is effing COLD, about 55º!

Clarence noted that if we had bodies like the girl in the photo, we'd be in bikini's too (probably...but I still wouldn't be in the ocean right now! On the other hand, I don't usually get into the ocean until August, when it's 90º out at the ocean temp is up near 70º).

We rode about 23 miles this morning. Garmin says: 21:83 miles/1:43:18/12.7 mph, but I forgot to turn on the auto-pause feature, so that includes the times we stopped to take pictures, or that we were at a stoplight...also, I stopped the timer on purpose once and forgot to start it again for about a mile and a half...GAH! I'm calling it 23 miles...maybe a little more!

Overall, a superb morning, but tomorrow, I'll be back in the gym...I mean, I can't do this EVERY morning, can I?


  1. There's a word we use up here for people who post such stuff on their blogs.

    BASTARD!!! (Sigh.)

    65 F is 18 C. That's nearly room temperature. Right now it's -15 C (5 F) outside and that's the HIGH for the day. (Yes I ran outside. So there.)

    So I'm not having any sympathy for you AT ALL! Those tourists are probably Canadian. I'd be there, in shorts, in the water, for a little while at least.

  2. Those beach goers had to be from Canada, or the North Pole...

    If I wasn't dealing with a stupid cold, I'd be somewhere, out there at the beach, too.

    I love San Diego.

  3. On days like today, how can you not love San Diego?! As I was driving home from work this afternoon, I was thinking what a great day to hit the beach (not to swim, though).

    Those pictures are great! I'm glad you got out and had fun. :)

  4. I think between you and I, 10 families have probably moved from the east coast. Great pictures and a great bike trip around San Diego!

  5. Great idea to go down Sunset Cliffs! So little traffic and really a wonderful morning!

    What is more amazing, however, you did note it correctly - the highlights were finding the parking spot and getting to our table really quickly! I also noted that your pix at World Famous had basically no one walking on the boardwalk - so wonderful views of the surf!

  6. It is currently 28 degrees here on LI, NY. Luckily I'm going to Florida tomorrow and the temp on Saturday morning in FL is supposed to be........29! WTF?

    I'm jealous of your ride.

  7. You have no idea how addictive Biggest Loser is. If you cried last night, you just wait until it's the thick of the season and your favorites are getting voted off. I love BL.

  8. So I guess you ladies and flat tires were just not a 2009 thing!!!! haha. Amazing pics, CANNOT wait to be able to ride outdoors again! Happy New Year btw!

  9. Let's not forget the gentlemen that was with "bikini girl". His bounced and hers did not!! :)

  10. What a great day for a ride!

  11. Gorgeous pics and great ride! A bikini when it's 65 out with chilly ocean water is just nutty...altho it does look like she is rocking the bikini!

  12. what an awesome way to spend the morning. you are blessed!

  13. Today I will be shoveling out from under a foot of snow, but NOT before I do an few hours of snow shoeing and playing first!!!
    Keep the beach!

    OK, I'll break down and admit....I'm jealous of 65 degrees! But what's a mid western girl to do?!

  14. I should get tire-changing tips from you since I believe you've advanced to expert level by now.

  15. 65* would have been good here yesterday or today. pubby and i went for a jog this morning at -6. we only went for about a mile so she wouldn't freeze her paws.

  16. I am just so jealous - all my favorites, and now I kinda know how to bike. BTW, PK said my front tire was not locked in when I did the 22 miler with ya'll - so he cleaned and oiled the chains....and fixed the tire thingy. Just wait...I might be able to keep up now : ) Love you guys, great pix Cindi.