Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Things I Did and Did NOT do last Weekend

Yes, I know that you've all been waiting with bated (baited?) breath for the weekend heffer-tour-de-Tahoe report and WHERE THE HECK IS IT ALICE?

Lots of excuses, including (this is gonna require bullets):
  • the Charger loss to the J E T S, Jets, Jets, Jets that was occurring as I arrived home on Sunday, in which NOBODY at my house seemed happy to see me (except for DramaGirl...props to her for meeting me on the driveway, although I expect she was just trying to get away from the herd of boys in the house)
  • having to spends some time with said family on Monday,
  • having to get syllabi ready for classes (next Monday),
  • having to get materials ready for a presentation I'm doing on Thursday (oh yeah...that's today...tells you when I started writing this epic)
  • Then on Tuesday night the power went out oh about 11 hours, thus limited Internet (and I have just too much to write about to do it all on the iPhone, which doesn't have photos on it anyway).
  • It rained CATS and FREEKIN' DOGS here yesterday too. GAH! (I know, I know, it's only three days, get over it!)
So...The herd had a great time at Tahoe last weekend and there's no way on God's Green Earth that I can retell it all, so here's the trip in photos.

To start, here are some things that we did:

Elsie, Betty, Mik and I drank Limoncello to toast our trip

We got to the airport on time

We partied at a fine bar in Reno and the herd got to meet one of my high school BFs (not pictured)

We took photos in a photo booth

Friday, we went skiing (me in foreground, Mik and Betty behind me, Elise's foot is behind them). Mik took me down a double-black diamond run where I skied like a novice. And no JoLynn, I did not wear a helmet this time.

Double-diamond run led to beers in the lodge (which I needed for recovery)

After beers, we skied some more (lake Tahoe in the background...BEE-U-TI-FUL).

Back to the cabin. Drank much wine while waiting for the rest of the herd to arrive

Drank all the wine. Texted the herd to inform them of our situation.

Took silly pictures in all the rooms of the house (yes, this one is in the shower)

Took more silly pix (Mik on the washing machine)

Then went outside where it was cold

Momma (and the rest of the herd arrived)

We went skiing again on Saturday (Mik, Wilma and I)

We ate an awesome dinner of Mac and Cheese (fixed by Mona...our chef)

Then there were some things I did NOT do

I did not plunge a toilet (but Mik did...and later Clarence). Trust me. This is VERY important

I did not bail out a sink (I was skiing) when the water backed up.

Momma and Daisy are smiling...but that's NOT what they're thinking at this moment

I did not do dishes outside, but Elsie did

By now, some of you have guessed that the plumbing went out...It's a very long and tragic story, but lets just say that there was no running water for the rest of the weekend)

Daisy also did dishes outside

So, to make a long story short...some of us decided to go to Reno, where there were flushing toilets and showers. Others decided to be real women and tough it out for an extra night. You can probably guess which group I was in...

So, Mik, Elsie, Wilma and I went to Reno where (in addition to showering and flushing) we:

Ran the next morning through the Reno hills (it was cold, although NOT as cold as Vegas), but I inconveniently forgot that Reno mud is not wet dirt, like it is in SoCal. It's more like sticky clay which SERIOUSLY weighs down the shoes and has to be scraped off with a stick

And of course, we had mimosas afterward

Then Mik, Elsie and I flew back to San Diego (while the Chargers all honesty, I'm glad I didn't have to see it)

While we were in Reno, the Tahoe-Heffers (BTW...I am making this part up. After all I was in Reno) had fun while they:

Enjoyed an awesome and beautiful snowfall

Took pictures of ceramic cows in the snow

Obtained glasses of snow (I assume for beverages?)

Marked their territory?

Had a snowball fight - probably to let off some steam after a tragic Charger loss to the Jets. GRRRRRRR - By the looks of this one, Daisy lost.

Were, overall, the epitome of real women -Mona, Momma, Betty, Daisy, and Clarence

Were led out of the mountains by Mona and went to Reno

Stayed at the Grand Sierra Hotel and watched planes land

Drew a diagram of what really happened and where in Momma's cabin. I love that the dishes are outside. Someone will have to fill us in on the rest...

And flew home. From what I understand it was a bumpy ride and there were no working toilets on the plane either

So there you have it, almost like two heffer trips to Tahoe.

Thanks again to Momma for letting us use and break her cabin.

As for running this week? I've done none of that, but I'm off to 'mill it this morning. Then presenst some shiz to the faculty. Now that I'm back in school, I'll probably be back to my twice a week posting schedule.

I'm woefully behind in blog reading this week, but I'll catch up with you all soon!


  1. So as near as I can tell, you all drank your faces off and are hard on toilets. I wonder if the two are connected? Great photos, sounds like you had a fun time.

  2. Snow, skiing, wine and plunges...sounds like an ideal weekend to me.

  3. Nothing beats Tahoe! I like the fact that we were wasted by 7:35pm!!!! The clock in the background proves the point - or the drunken text to the rest of the herd!

    A trip to remember - that's for sure!
    P.S. - the map shows where all of us "staked" out as our outdoor "potty" areas - I think we had the cabin surrounded with our "marks"! Good Times!

  4. Tsk, tsk on not wearing a helmet young lady! Especially when you went down a double black diamond. Someone could have come flying down that hill and smack you to the ground!
    Where did you ski anyway? ;)

  5. You girls look like you had a blast!

  6. What a fun time!!
    Loved the last picture out the airplane window-awesome shot.
    Just there a day that goes by that you don't have a mimosa? lol

  7. Nice pics! Thanks for sharing. Isn't Reno the bomb? Of course, I didn't have to grow up there.

  8. That's one big-ass clock in the cabin.

    I'm looking at that airport in SD pic... So that's what a blue sky looks like. I've forgotten.

    Looks like you had a great time!

  9. Sounds like fun...drinking and breaking toilets! HAHA!