Thursday, August 9, 2012

My summer vacation

So...the other day I was riding and I started thinking about all the adventures I've had this summer, and how so very, very, very few of them have been recorded here.

So here's what I did this past month.
Wore a cowboy hat and flip flops in two airports (BTW... people look at you funny when you do this, no matter where you are)
Celebrated with Betty and her sis after they successfully jumped out of a plane. I am forever indebted to Betty's sis for doing this with her, so now I don't have to!
Went to the Salinas Rodeo (with Betty), thus the need for cowboy hats 
Learned that at said ROE-DE-OH, parents will put their children on sheep and let them hang on for their dear lives in an event called "mutton-busting." (see that small bump on the side of the sheep? That is a small child!)
Reconnected with my wonderful cousins Mary and Barbara 
Drank wine with my Aunt Rosa and Uncle Emilio
Took pictures of Elsie's Dad and his roping partner and their BIG BELT BUCKLES! 
Celebrated Elsie's Dad's last rodeo with her and her family
Took a 7 day road-trip with Betty...and laughed the whole time
Learned that oxygen is essential to running well...and that at 5000 ft, there is decidedly less oxygen (Along the Truckee River, between Alpine Meadows and Tahoe City)
Hiked a mountain with Clarence, her hubby Jeff, and Betty.
Rafted down the Truckee River with Betty and Jeff (I love this picture because Betty and Jeff were working so hard, paddling to get us to the job was to take pictures)
Went to the Del Mar Racetrack and got to sit in the chi-chi Turf club... 
...where Walter picked three I think we should go back the last month I've logged
  • 40 miles: Running
  • 150 miles: Cycling
  • 10 hours: Worked out with my trainer
I go back to school on Monday (a week's worth of meetings...then classes start the following Monday). It has been a glorious summer, and it's not quite over yet, but whenever school starts, it's certainly a time for transitioning. Both Turbo and DramaGirl started school yesterday (yes, I know it's early). I have two high schoolers now. YIKES!

Hope ya'all are having a fine summer too!