Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Goals...Currently Thwarted by the Littlest Piggy

My goals for the summer were to get as fit as I possibly could get, drop a few pounds (or at least a couple of sizes), rest, relax, go to Italy...

oh yeah, and turn 50. am I doing on these goals? To date, I'm not going to Italy (lots of reasons..."next summer for sure!" she said), and now the fitness/weight loss thing just got a bit more interesting. 

I was on track to follow through on the fitness goals though. Saturday started with a perfect June-Gloom morning, which meant it was perfect for a run through Balboa Park with The Herd, first time we had gotten together, all four of us, for a run for months. I logged a sweet and easy 7 miles.
Elsie, stopping to smell the roses.
Yes, my hat is in Elsie's face. She needs to let me know about these things
We also managed to get a little off-road, trail run much better than running up Upas.
Impressive, over-the-shoulder-action-photo skillz Alice!! Betty, Elsie, and Mik in action! Yes, I know this isn't a trail, but it becomes one, trust me.
Then on Monday, Betty and I did a 43 mile ride on the coast in more typical June-Gloom weather.
Stopping at Buckaneer Beach for coffee and a breakfast sandwich after 20 miles of riding...YUM!
On the Oceanside Pier
As many times as I've run in, to, and around Oceanside, I've never been on the was quite lovely. We saw the starting point of a coast to coast ride.

On Tuesday afternoon, I went to work out with my trainer (can we talk about how incredibly week my left arm is?), then I did a spin class.

The fitness plan was going so well, and I've been so proud of myself. I haven't been injured in a couple of years. I started working with a trainer to get stronger. 

Of course this meant that I was about to do something really stupid, right?

Later Tuesday night, I was walking to the kitchen from the bedroom to get a bed-side glass of water for the evening. I've done this walk about a gagillion times in the dark, only on Tuesday night, I decided to multitask and check my very, very, super, important Twitter updates as I was went and....



I internally screeched as I slammed my little toe onto the cursed chair....It was a dead on hit from what I can gather (it was dark, so I didn't see the chair, the impact, or anything else for that matter). Yeah, we've all hit our toes on random furniture about a bazillion times, only I knew pretty quickly that this particular toe-stub was different because the pain didn't subside....I ended up taking Motrin just to get to sleep and by morning, the area around my little toe had started to turn a subtle shade of greenish.
And this little (greenish) piggy cried "wee, wee, wee" all the way home.
Now it is two days later and I still can't wear a shoe...flip-flops only, which isn't a bad thing in SoCal in the summer, unless of course, one wants to go for a run or a ride, or something that requires shoe-wear of some sort.

I'm hoping it's just a pretty bad bruise and not a fracture or something and that if I'm a very, very, very, good girl, it'll heal. Please send me and my littlest toe all your good-karma-thoughts. We need it. 

But I'm still pissed. If and when I injure myself, I sorta want it to happen because I was actually exercising or doing something interesting, not because I was walking to my own G.D. kitchen...
...Day 2 of "this little piggy" watch. Less green, more purplish, and a new pedicure... I figured, why the heck not?
In case you're wondering, I'm still on track to turn 50 this summer (GAH!).

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Reflections on training, bike clubing, and running

Here's what I learned last week.
  1. Working out with a personal trainer is harder than it looks.
  2. You probably won't know how hard you worked until the next day.
  3. I cannot run 4 miles on Thursday, workout with a trainer on Friday, run 7 miles on Saturday and expect to walk (let alone ride) on Sunday.
So, I started working out with a trainer last week. Turbo gave me three sessions for Mother's Day, so I finally went. I wasn't sure I was going to like it at first. To begin, my trainer Kelly is a too adorable 24 years old, which makes me initially want to hate her a little, but she's won me over, mostly because she seems to be genuinely surprised by what I can do.

I won't lie, my core strength and balance are for shizzz. In our first session, she had me balancing on a BOSU (legs up) and she tossed an 8# medicine ball for me to catch... can you say TIMBURRRRRRRR! (BTW...why is it called a medicine ball?)

I caught the ball and tipped over on my back, rolling like a turtle--that's how you should picture it. I could tell she was trying not to laugh (I was laughing at me though), then she said, "maybe we should just start with balancing for 30 second intervals... OMFG even THAT was hard. I was shaking all over the place. I hate doing things I suck at. I know it'll get better but for now, complete suckage.

Pretend this is me, and imagine that I'm trying to catch a medicine you see the turtle-effect now?
On the other hand, leg strength? CHECK! This morning she had me "sprinting" on the mill, only the 'mill was turned off. I just needed to run as hard as I could and push the belt for 10 30-second intervals with 10 second rests in between. No problem. I mean it was a challenge, but completely doable.

When I was done she remarked, "you know, not too many of my clients finish all 10 the first time!"

I told her about my inability to quit...even when, perhaps, I should. I shared my experience running the Carlsbad 1/2 with a bruised IT band in 2009. That may have scared her a bit.

In any event, I bought 10 more sessions this morning. That should get me through the next month or so, and at least gives me something to focus on in the absence of a race plan. My goal is to lose some weight (of course), but mostly to be more toned, especially in my upper body. I mean I have bathing suits to wear and all.

Speaking of an absence of a race plan...

The San Diego RnR Marathon and Half-Marathon was last weekend. I saw loads of pictures on Sunday (when I could barely walk, which is why I didn't go down to the finish to cheer on friends like all the track club peeps, but especially Irene and Jill who was in from Colorado to run, which makes me a completely awful, terrible, blog-friend or even actual friend), instead, I pathetically stalked a few of my friends who ran and finished as they posted their accomplishments on FB or on Twitter.

I LOVE this picture of both of you! (is the epitome of stalking when you go to a race website and downloading pix of runners other than yourself?) 
I really missed not running it this year. I actually almost registered for it a couple of weeks out and in a moment of rare-maturity didn't because I really am not trained to run even a 1/2 marathon right now. I mean, we all know that I could finish it, but it would have been painful, and who needs to spend $100+ bucks just to be in pain. In retrospect, I wish I had.

It was a funky spring. I started off the year mostly running with the track club as I have been for the last five years. I knew I wouldn't be running the RnR this year because we'd decided instead to train for a century instead, but in training for that, I started missing a lot of the track club runs and instead rode with a San Diego Century training group run through our local Trek bike store.

I'll be honest, I never fully connected with the bike club group. I'm not sure why. The ride leaders were really supportive and even noticed when Mik and I weren't there and told us that he missed us! Both Mik and I were surprised that anyone even noticed (it is a pretty big riding group after all).

Still, we never really connected with too many of the other riders. But I think the biggest issue occurred in around April when there was an error that made with a discount code for registering with the Grand Fondo. Some people were able to register for $25 instead of a 25% discount. One day before the ride, the race organizer sent out emails telling riders about the mistake. The email apologized for the error, but informed us that in order to ride, we'd have to pay the difference. In and of itself, this wouldn't be a problem, but it angered many of the riders (myself included) that the race organizer waited until the day before the event to inform anyone of the error.

In any event, the error led to an email exchange by some members of the Trek bike club group about what was the "right" thing to do (pay the extra fee? get money back? protest to the organizer?) Some of the emails were downright mean and nasty and accused other members of the group of taking advantage of the situation (knowing that it was supposed to be 25% and not a $25 fee) and of being unethical.

Regardless, the tenor of the emails gave me a yukky feeling. I couldn't have imagined the same kind of thing happening with the track club people (first of all, I think that Coach Paul would have made the error known to the race organizer immediately and gotten the situation fixed early on).

After that, I sort of lost my eagerness to ride with the Trek group. I wondered who it was who thought other members of the group were unethical. It's a problem with sending out scathing comments online.

So, the spring was a bit schitzo with respect to training. I'm glad I got to do two metric centuries, and I do really like riding. It's certainly a lot easier on my body than running, but I miss the camaraderie of the track club.

My next goal? To come up with a goal!
Look Ma! No watermark across my body. SDCBC arranged for all of the SD Century riders to get one free photo. This was taken at the top of Three Witches.