Saturday, February 23, 2008

Reports From the Field

A weekend filled with individual efforts and runs, Lake Murray at 5am (still waiting for that photo of BBJ in Underarmor tights) and Mission Bay at 1pm on Saturday for Betty, yours truly, and Elise (although she didn’t run with us). Where were the rest of you this weekend?

So Betty and I ran this afternoon with my bro-in-law Dave, which is when we all learned that despite “Dear Jesus”’s efforts, Betty still has pain leeway from her fupah!

We ran from the roller coaster, south to South Mission, then back around on the bay side, to crown point, and back. Here’s the run. (Thanks to Clarence who showed me the value of embedding objects in webpages)

My brother in law, Dave (who I gave two minutes to get ready to go with us...but he just had to put his pants on, so it wasn’t a problem), joined us for this run. Lucky him! He got to listen to Betty and I revisit her visit with the aforementioned “Dear Jesus. Then he got to run with us AND then had the pleasure of listening Betty and I sing along to “Cows with Guns” on the way home...not sure he’ll run with us again...

Nice that as we had crossed mission, and were just starting off on Mile 3-ish, here comes Elsie with her “calfs” and “grandcalf” (I think) in tow, RUNNING THE OTHER WAY! I guess she took off without us...ah well.

It was a beautiful afternoon for running...which was nice after the days of rain

So, here are some other highlights from this week’s email exchange as we tried to get together for a run as we were unavailable for the SDTC training run.

I love BBJ’s attempt to get someone to run with him at 5am!

bbj needs to run at 5 am b/c he has an 830 parent meeting. a 6-8 run wouldn't allow him to wash his booty in time for the parent.

5 am on the dreadmill or streets of la mesa in some under armor tights.
Of course I asked for photos, to which BBJ later replied (after his moonlight run):

I think I saw a coroner following me throughout the run, but no photos.
Tragedy about the photos.

We haven’t seen Alberta or Edith for a couple of weeks. I’m not sure where Alberta’s been (maybe she’ll let us know), but Edith has been occupied with visiting family. She promises to have good stories about a visiting four year old, and “hottie,” her mom.

By the way, here’s “Cows with Guns” in case you want to sing along :-)


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Random Running Thoughts

First of all, I’ve got to say, “WAY TO GO Clarence and Elsie!”
Both ran hour & a half this morning w/various aches and pains...and to Betty who did the long run yesterday so that she could go to SF for the weekend and do some active recovery (so long as she could get D1 let D2 spend the night in the dorm room so she and Dave could have the hotel room to themselves).

When she gets, back, we’ll have to ask Betty about her airport experience...I can’t wait to hear about the body search at the airport. Was it fun? Did you leave your ID at home on


Here’s my story for the week that has only a limited relationship to running. Edith was wandering around the campus yesterday. She said she was looking for a nice place to film math teachers (seriously...math teachers? A nice place? On our campus?), with her production assistant (I think that’s what she called him), Rod, who is going to help her film. Anyway, she introduced me as one of the several people that she runs with...a group which includes all of you and which also includes BBJ, who Rod (yes, I’m giggling every time I type his name), had just


The conversation went something something like:

E: There’s a group of us who run together, and it includes, well you know Leslie and also Big Bootie Jim, you just met him. He’s a math teacher.

R: I did?

E: Yeah, he’s really into rap music and hip-hop. You should see him dance

R: (Blank look...he must be thinkin’ “who did I meet who looked like he might be into hip-hop”)

E: You know, Jim C-- ...the guy in the sweater-vest!

R: Seriously? No Way!

To say the least, it took Edith and I awhile to convince Rod (giggle) that BBJ was, in fact, really into rap music, can mix music w/the best of ‘em, and was, indeed the same person as the tall, white, conservatively-dressed, math teacher wearing a sweater-vest, whom he’d just met.

I don’t know if we really convinced him or not.

Other things I learned this week...1) Officer Stoney does not have a vase for HIS nightstick. He suggested that they just do that in Lakeside). 2) None of us know what size shirt we wear.

I have some other random thoughts and comments about running this week and how much I’ve learned about all of the bodily functions and injuries we’ve incurred as a result of running this past month. I thought I’d record some of them here. I’m sure there are more than

I’m about to can fill in the blanks if you so desire. Here is our injury report to date:

Elsie: Knee pain and various digestive issues and this morning she was worried about soreness in her hip.

Clarence: Heel spurs, occasional dizziness and nausea (no, she’s not pregnant).

Betty: Back pain, various chaffing issues (wear a good sports bra for pete’s sake).

Edith: Digestive issues and and an ex w/a bimbo girlfriend w/fake boobs (I think that counts. It is a pain)

Alberta: Digestive issues and a desire to be an American Gladiator

BBJ: Calf strain

Alice: Achilles pain (shin sprints seem to have moved to the back side) and some back pain this week.

I think treadmill running is out for me from now on (unless I’m truly desperate). Seems like whenever I run on the TM, the shin-splints and back pain gets worse.

And finally, for those of you who are really paying attention...yes, many of these photos were taken at the Super Run two weeks ago... These were the last photos taken of us running, and were the only ones which I could download this afternoon from the RnR website when I first uploaded this post. I’ve since added more and I looked for BBJ in last week’s photos from Cardiff, but didn’t see any :-(

Take care of yourselves. I’ll be back to running on Tuesday this week.

Oh yeah, for those who care about mileage, here’s the MapMyRun route :

Here are some fabulous pix from SF, which Elsie sent me (she references them in her post below).



Tuesday, February 12, 2008

One Fine Sunday morning

Beautiful Sunday morning for a 6+ mile run followed by mandatory mimosas
at our favorite world famous. We missed those of you who weren’t able to make it and hope that you’re all healthy soon. We will have to especially harass Edith for getting us all to run on Sunday morning, and then not showing!

I do enjoy running at Mission Bay. The 1/4 mile markers make me happy.

Sorry I missed the Tuesday track run, but I felt like I rested up to get healthy. Feeling a little better today. I will say that seeing Clarence walk around campus in actual SHOES is a shocker!

Here’s the result of our various ailments and random running schedules this past funny stories to share. I hope some of you have fun things to say...I got nada.

Friday, February 8, 2008

How does a blind guy know...

Sometimes I wonder who or what I am becoming as a result of this running thing...I mean, I woke up this morning in San Jose at a Crown Plaza Hotel which, by the way, has the BEST beds and rooms.

Why are the rooms the best you may ask? Well first, they have the best beds, lots of pillows, pillowtops and are really comfortable, and also, (in case the pillows and the comfy bed isn’t enough, they provide a really nice sleep CD, which isn’t good for running, but is pretty good for sleeping. Click on the link here to hear some of it

This is what I fell asleep to last night...but that’s not the reason I’m blogging about being in San Jose for two days...this is the REAL purpose:

I woke up at 5am and was on a Freeking Treadmill by 5:30 IN THE MORNING.

I’M JUST SAYING--I’ve never in my ENTIRE LIFE gotten up in the morning to TRAIN for anything. I’m just not like that. Now I know that some of you have athletic pasts and have, at some point, in your past, gotten up early to practice or train for an event or a sport, but let me make this perfectly clear.


But this morning, I woke up early and thought, “Well, I’m awake, I guess I should run.” Because what the heck else would one do at 5am?

So I was on a treadmill by 5:30 IN THE MORNING and I ran for 50 minutes (which is, as you all know is absolute boredom HELL... and did I mention that the only other person in the “fitness center” was a blind guy with a white cane, who I watched tap himself back and forth between the elliptical machine and the weights for 40 minutes, and who, when I was done running asked me if I needed a towel (how does a blind guy know that you need a towel?) commented that I’d been running a pretty long time...

I feel like such an athlete now...

Saturday, February 2, 2008

It’s all about the TIGHT ASS!

I keep hearing talk about some football game tomorrow?

Nice run ladies (sorry BBJ, you weren’t there with us...hope the slopes were nice). I’m happy with my 1:06:50 (ish) finish. I was even happier with my

mimosa (the mantra for some of us). Thanks to Clarence & Betty for reminding me that we’ve only been training a month!

I love you!

You make a difference in my life!

OK, so I just woke up from a 3 hr nap. Was that the running or the mimosas? Ready for some bloggin’

Nice to know that Leslie’s mantra is “Tight Ass” which she shared with everyone in the Crown Point area at about Mile 3.

The good news is that nobody from WF said anything to me like “did you ever find your phone?”

Here’s my list of other moments from the morning that made me laugh, please add yours.

Sharing morning “digestion” stories w/Cheryl & Jaime

“Dropping the Girls in the Pool”

“I’ll have a Coke”

Pink Shorts

PA & Cheryl in the car (photo above)

The guy who whipped out his penis

The Mile of Men

“I gave him a vase to store his nightstick”

BTW - Here is the final resting place of iPoo (1). I took a picture of the (this time) empty toilet.

Hope you all have a fabulous Super Bowl Sunday. Don’t eat too much bean dip...I know how you all are :-)


PS. Post your running playlists and I’ll put them on the main page...I need some new running songs.

PPS. This new site has a different URL - bookmark this one too :-)

PPPS. Here’s the website for this mornings Super Run if you want to see your results in print.

PPPPS. Here’s a link to the Nike Women’s Marathon in SF in October

Friday, February 1, 2008

Looks like we’re all in!

Just a quick comment on Tuesday night’s workout...what kind of fun was that?

I’m looking forward to the 10K tomorrow am... What time is checkin? These runner’s are NUTS!

It looks like’re all signing up for the RnR on Tuesday night including BBJ who informed us that:

Big Booty has both cheeks in for the RR marathon

Jimmy C aka BBJ

By the way, I think I’ve finally managed to upload Round 2

It may take awhile to load.