Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Tradition - 8 Summers

For my herd - Yes, it's blog post! Don't faint!

We started running in 2006. Wow, almost 9 years ago. It still amazes - that we ever got this crazy idea to start running. 

In 2007, Elsie, Betty and I decided to do the End of Summer Fire Run for the first time. I have no idea why. Do you remember why we did this? Betty and I had run the AFC 1/2 Marathon for the first time the previous weekend. It was our first half. Maybe a four mile run sounded like fun? Maybe we signed up for the race before the half, not really thinking about what we were doing?

We hadn't run a marathon yet, so there was no Hefferblog to record the event. I was pretty surprised that I had a photo. Thank goodness Millie was there, or I probably wouldn't have any photos!
Fire Run 2007 - Elsie, Betty and D2... before she received her Heffername - Millie
Fire Run 2008 - I guess we convinced Mik to run with us this year. It looks like it was cool, but it probably wasn't. 
Fire Run 2009 - The years of the neon, day-glo, glow-in-the-dark, lime green shirts. We ended up on local TV because of them!
Fire Run 2010 - Must have been another cloudy year, thus the sweatshirts. After-run breakfast at The High Dive with Irene and Michael. Apparently no Mik that year, but Walter decided to join us!
Fire Run 2011 - Elsie and I are committed to the neon, day-glo, glow-in-the-dark, lime green shirts.
The only year we missed the Fire Run, was 2012. Actually, we had signed up for it, but the girls decided that I needed to see REO Speedwagon for my 50th birthday, so they kidnapped me for the weekend, and we missed it.
 Fire Run 2012 - DNS - We sent winetasting and REO Speedwagoning instead - An excellent tradeoff!
So, for the last two years, I guess it's really become the end of summer tradition! 
Fire Run 2013 - We were BAAAAACK! Big Crew at the PB Bar and Grill. You have to know that there would be no link to a previous blog where I wrote about the race ...the Hefferblog was clearly in decline by last year. I guess I could note here that there were quite a few PBs last year - myself and Walter included.
Fire Run 2014 - I guess we are kinda over the bright green now.  Beautiful and sunny morning. We have certainly gotten a little lazy about our pre-race prep. Shout out and THANK YOU to Betty for carrying my and Walter's gear since we missed the bag check...GAH! (had to get one GAH! in there!!!)
Here's to 8 more years of Fire Running!
Here's one more - From PB Bar and Grill.
Love you gals!