The iPhone Incident

(Alice's Note: This is really the incident that kicked off this blog...I was so upset about the loss of my iPhone, I had to rant and rave about it. I'd been thinking of starting a blog for a couple of years, but didn't ever have enough of a story to start although this post describes the loss of my beloved first iPhone...I did gain a blog)

Saturday run number 2. Morning was cold, cold, cold, but the run warmed us up. Here’s a link to the Map My Run route we( least for what I) ran in 40ish minutes. Geez, I was depressed I thought

I ran farther than three and a half miles...even with a pretty wicked hangover...and for those of you who wondered...

No, I never puked...

OK...So on to my real story for the day. You all know I took lots of pictures that morning, of us stretching after our run (pretty, pretty) and of us at World Famous, and you might be wondering where the rest of the awesome photos I took are...well there’s a sad, sad, sad, SAD story about my beloved (and less than one month old) iPhone that I have to share with you, even though Mike has told me that I really shouldn’t tell anyone the whole story...but I figure I know enough of your stories, so here goes.

Most of you know that when you last saw me as you left the restaurant, I was frantically searching for my iPhone. My search went sort of like this:
  • Me: (Frantically dumps everything out of workout bag and purse because cannot find iPhone, then sees Clarence (because she was at the car by then) if she’d seen iPhone on table in WF).
  • Clarence: No, last I saw it, it was in your back pocket
  • Me: Really? Ah Shit, shit, shit...(runs back up to the restroom, which was the last place visited in WF and searches floor, stall, sink area, iPhone. Then returns to restaurant and speaks to busboy) Did you see a phone on the table?
  • BB: No, I didn’t, but if someone did, it’d be at the hostess stand.
  • Me: (at hostess stand to hostess) Did someone turn in a phone?
  • Hostess: (sad face) No
  • Me: Can you find my waitress? I was with that party of six women sitting over there (and points to now bussed table).
  • Hostess: Sure (but moves ever so SLOWLY, IMHO, in doing so).
  • Me: (waits for what seems like FOREVER, get frustrated and thinking some more about where phone could be decides to check r-room again for a second time...runs into r-room and looks on countertop, on floor, under sink, in trash can...iPhone not seen. Doesn’t check stall because its occupied, but looks under door and doesn’t see it on the floor. Thinks, “maybe I didn’t look through my things closely enough” and runs back down to car and searches again for iPhone (under seats, through sweaty clothes, etc)...thinks F-word, F-word, F-word...where is it? It must be in WF, so runs back up to WF and talks to Hostess again.
  • Hostess: Did you find it yet?
  • Me: No I haven’t (and is somewhat hysterical at this point, but gives hostess Mike’s phone number just in case someone turns iPhone in and asks manager if I can use his cell phone to make a call to Mike to let him know that I’ll be late in picking up Charlie for B-ball game...still thinks that missing iPhone doesn’t make sense. Had the iPhone; Clarence said she saw me with the iPhone; it must be in the restroom! So runs back to Third time. Looks again on sink, on floor under sink. Nobody is in the stall this time, so checks there again...
Then notices that the toilet hasn’t flushed...and heart drops because now KNOWS where the iPhone is. Takes some TP and tries to move as much of the solid stuff (cuz, let me tell you there is solid stuff in the toilet) out of the way, and there it is...

Ah well...iPhone found. Sort of. Washes hands...twice...

It’s ruined of course (because it’s been in a freaking TOILET for about 15 minutes).

The nice Genius at The Apple Store is happy to give me a “replacement phone” today (for $250), so I am again w/iPhone and I’ll never put it in my back pocket again.

Anyway, in my search for info on whether or not anyone else ever resuscitated an iPhone that’s been in the toilet for 15 minutes (nobody really has, but lots of people appear to have tried), I came across this woman’s blog account of her dropping her iPhone in the toilet, that is so freaking funny, I am sharing it with you. In any event, her telling of her story was my inspiration here.

So happy to be going to Tahoe on Friday...
Sorry about the missing photos. I’ll take more.