Sunday, August 31, 2008

Weekend Running - Sunday Version

For the first, oh I don't know, 40 years of my life or so, I ran chronically late to EVERYTHING (yes, I know that some of you are young, and I just used the word "chronic" which has a totally different meaning than my intended meaning of "constant," and if you're old, like me, and you don't hang around teenagers, like I do, you totally don't know why the young people are laughing right now, to which I say, find a teenager and ask them what "chronic" is; they'll tell you...but then they'll laugh at you because it's probably not even a hip and current word for MAR-I-JU-ANA anymore...) YES, BUT I DIGRESS!!!

Anyway, this morning I was late picking up Betty, which almost NEVER happens any more, especially where running is concerned, but this was one of those morning where I woke up late, and then wandered aimlessly around the house for 30 minutes, and not really accomplishing anything...really, truly, just spinning my wheels.

Despite my house-wandering, I still forgot my water AND I forgot my flip-flops (for after running) AND I forgot the receiver part of my Nike+. This occurred even though I spent several minutes making sure the sensor was attached to my shoe. However, without the receiver, as far as I can tell, the Nike+ sensor is useless shoe-attachment...GAH!

The worst thing, is that by the time I picked up Betty and got to Balboa Park, it was close to 9:00, so even though there was some morning haze still hanging on, it was getting a little warm AND it was really humid (72º, 80% humidity).

An aside about the weather...I know I write about the weather A LOT, which in San Diego is really rather silly. We have no "weather" to speak of here. About 90% of the time, the weather here is almost perfect. Sometimes it gets a little hot, cool, humid, whatever, and San Diegans get all hysterical about the less-than-perfect weather. You should see people here absolutely FREAK if it rains for more than 20 minutes. It's the lead news story on the local news if it rains for 5 minutes even! Local San Diegan's certainly don't know how to drive in the rain (hint: SLOW THE "F" DOWN PEOPLE!) It's crazy. I grew up in Reno, NV...and there we had SOME weather, meaning that in the winter it would snow and it would get pretty cold (like sub 10º cold...) and EVEN STILL I know that was not extreme weather. But I've lived here in San Diego for more than 20 years now, and so I consider myself something close to, but not quite, a local (I do drive more slowly than the average San Diegan when it rains). Still, like a local, I do complain about the weather whenever it is less-than-perfect...for this I apologize, especially to all of you who live and deal with actual, real, weather... I know that there may be some of you in the gulf-coast area who are about to deal with some really serious weather due to Gustav...I hope that you all are safe and sound and taking care of yourselves. Feel free to throw things at your computer screen as I finish up my rant about the relative humidity Betty and I endured this morning.

So, we get to Balboa Park, agree that it's too late to run 8 to 10 miles due to the expected heat and relative humidity and agree to run for about 45 minutes. Here's the route we took.

It's pointy...isn't it?

Here are my stats:
4.14 miles/10:48 pace

I have no idea how that happened. All I know is that I felt pretty strong the whole way. The thing about this route is that parts of it are included in several local runs that go through Balboa Park. The AFC 5K, which I ran a few years ago, is one. The Komen Race for the Cure 5K, which I've run a couple of times, is another. The end of the second mile as you turn that last curve onto 8th street, is a gradual incline. I used to think of it as a big hill and I remember the first Komen Race, when I just walked almost all of it.

I was thinking today as I ran, about how it wasn't such a big hill...not a big deal at all. Nice...

The other thing that occupied my thoughts as I ran today, was my new arm-band for my iPod Nano that I was wearing. Most of the time, I slip my nano into a pocket and I string the headphones up my shirt and through the neck because I just HAAAAAATE the feeling of the earbud cord whipping against the back of my arm or neck. I always end up thinking some nasty bug has landed on me and I no-doubt look like a total spaz, slapping at some invisible gnat, when it was, in fact, the cord. I have some serious issues with this.

So, I've been stringing the cord up my shirt and out the neck-hole. The cord does get sorta-sweaty, but it stays put and it doesn't bug me (hahahaha..bug me...get it?)

But here's the problem. I go through earphones like toilet paper. About every other month or so, I've been having to replace my headphones because one of them goes out and I can hear through only one side (which isn't such a big deal since most of the time I use only one side, so that I can hear if an oncoming car is about to squish me), or the cord begins to fray, and I can see the wires underneath, or they get damaged in some other way, and I started to wonder if this was happening as a result of the cord rubbing between my sweaty back and sweaty shirt. hmmmmmm.

So, I decided to try to look hip and cool while I'm running, which is no mean feat by the way, and I purchased an arm-band carrier for my Nano and thought that I'd let the cords be FREEEEEE. It looks like this:

The horror of my upper arm ...and yes, that is a beach towel on the floor behind me. We use a beach towel as a floor-mat because the shower door leaks water onto the floor so badly. You don't want to know what other horrors I cropped out of this photo...

So, I ran with the cords aflutter this morning, and they didn't bother me too much, so maybe I can look all cool and hip running with my tunes, and also save some money on earbud replacements.

In any event, here are my questions for you all.
  1. If you run with an iPod or other music player, where do you carry it? (I know that lots of people don't run with music. I used to run withit all the time. Now it's about 1/2, unless I'm on the which case tunes are mandatory)
  2. Where are the earbud cords? and to they bother you? (Inside or outside your shirt, or somewhere else?)
I'd be so grateful for your feedback on the great music-listening device dilemma that I'm having.

Again, if you're in the gulf-coast area. Take care of yourself...that is, of course, the most important thing!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Thoughts from Another Lake BP Run

This morning, after dropping off the carpool kids at school, I headed over to Lake Boy Part for a quick run (headed over...hee, hee), because today is Friday and I DON'T TEACH ON FRIDAYS!!!!

In case you've just joined me here, or if you need a refresher, this is Lake BP.

This morning I ran about 5 and a half miles, 1:01:21, an 11:04 minute mile pace. Not bad...

So, lest you think that all I do in my life is run, blog, and drink mimosas with the heffers, you should know that I spent the bulk of my run this morning thinking about other MAJOR THINGS that really take up the majority of my time in my life, which is raising my two kids (Drama Girl and Turbo).

Well really, as I ran, I thought about my kids and also that I was running up the shaft of Lake BP...but we won't talk about that.

Anyway, this morning, I found myself thinking about the amazing and interesting people my children are becoming. They are at such an age right now that every day, I am struck by how they are not really my babies any more, but are becoming independent, creative, intelligent surprises me every single time.

For example, last year Turbo, who is a quite sensitive (sometimes momma's boy) kid had continual problems with the other boys on at school. I grew up with sisters, so boy-worlds are frequently a mystery to me. But my best guess at what was going on is that he would do something wrong, or would make a mistake (as we all do), and the other boys would make fun of him and he'd get upset and would all too freqently cry, which made him more of a target for being made fun of... Walter and I tried to suggest many times that if he'd laugh at his own mistakes first, then others would be less inclined to laugh at him (although they would certainly, and hopefully, laugh with him... I guess I base this whole blog on that premise, that you all are NEVER laughing at me, but are laughing with me).

He would tell us in no uncertain terms that our strategy just would NEVER work.

He told me many times that I just didn't understand what it was like to be a boy. (He was right, I don't)

Then just yesterday, he told me that he was using our strategy of laughing at himself if he goofed up, and things were going really well at school because of it.

A miracle...momma and daddy were right...

Reliving that thought kept me going for a mile or so...

Drama Girl is turning 13 on Tuesday. In other words, I am going to be living with a teenager! Oh my lord help me, but yes, it's true. I have to wonder how THAT happened. I swear just yesterday she was sleeping in a bassinet beside my bed.

DramaGirl is too much like me. She forgets things constantly, loses items regularly, gets distracted by her own thoughts and the projects she is most engaged in frequently. I'm like that too. I barely get through a day without losing my keys at least once.

Like me she is so much more interested in her own projects than the drugery of the chores I insist whe do. (For example, there are at least three loads of laundry that need folding, and have needed folding for several days now, but here I sit, blogging away because it is what I would rather be doing). Because she is becoming verbal enough to articulate how she sees the hypocracy of my adult rules (e.g. I don't make my bed every day, so why should she have to put her clothes away?) we have regular loud and animated disagreements about "my rules."

Yes my relative level of immaturity, and her maturity should serve up some entertaining moments in the next few years. Let me tell you I can hardly wait.

And yes, I've said "because I say so" and "I'm the one who pays for those clothes you wear!" Lines I swore I would never say, on multiple ocassions.

Yet she regularly impresses me with how much she cares for all of us. She is loving and even though she is spending the night at a friends house, she will call me later, just to say goodnight (she always does). Sometimes she sends me a text message from school, to tell me that she is having a good (or bad) day. She has far more academic drive than I had when I was her age (I was fine with just earning B's for little to no effort). She strives for A's, not because she want's the A, but because she wants to do good work. She's a great kid. She's brilliant (IMHO) and funny, and creative, and absolutely adorable.

She actually has been watching the Democratic Convention, just because she wants to know what's going on in the world...what 13 year old does that?

So, they're growing up and I have no idea how it all went by so fast...

April 2000. Turbo is 20 months. DramaGirl (can you see the drama already?) is 4 1/2

A vacation moment this summer for momma...with no bickering.
Drama Girl - Almost 13, Turbo 10 1/2

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Belt

Blog stuff take your 8 ball & shake it alberta gets yelled at again mowing the lawn see Jim who did it in his speedo & 8 cases of playboy accupuncturd getting by stuck has it's advantages momma got the belt! B only 38 seconds for the snach not to mention the clean & jerk. Lots of wood here tonight.

What would you do with this?

This is the email I received from Elsie earlier this evening. Ya see, some of the herd went to dinner and a Padre's game to celebrate Momma's (our fearless heffer-leader's) birthday.

I didn't go with them because this is my first week at my new job and I'm completely overwhelmed with random stuff to do...I haven't even run since Sunday. Despite thinking I'd have tons of time to run and write and live the fabu-fabu life, I find that I've had very little time to do anything except for plan and get ready for the next class. I'm sure it'll all settle down at some point, but right now...not so much.

I'm determined to run in the morning. It'll be on the dread, and it'll be early...but I'll do it.

One observation about teaching at the CC.

Question: What's the difference between a high school senior and a community college student?

Answer: About three months...

Anyway...I get the email and a challenge...Betty tells me: "We're sending you blog stuff and we want you to make up a funny story for the blog."

A CHALLENGE? SERIOUSLY? I never back away from a challenge (I'm just a little bit competitive...although you'd never know it from my race times.)

But...I haven't run this week, so I don't really have anything to write about, AND I could use a nice, here's my best shot...thank goodness there are photos to assist.
Looks like Betty has a good view doesn't it? I wonder if was in Trevor's leg lift where Betty saw saw lots of wood. I don't know what she was expecting. I have no doubt that as she was smiling for the camera, she was also thinking about her future as an Olympic athlete and whether or not she could beat the world record of 38 seconds in the snatch, not to mention the clean and jerk. She'd be good at both... (now where did you THINK I was going with and your dirty minds).

Unfortunately, the Magic 8 Ball, with which she confers with on all major decisions replied "Outlook, not so good..." very sad...

Later on in the evening, I have no doubt that Alberta was doing a bang-up job recruiting these two fine men, both of whom are named Jim, to join her in her new lawn mowing business. A lawn mowing business? This one is bound to be a success because the labor has to mow the lawn wearing a Speedo. She's promising them that the pay would be good. I hear that she offered them 8 cases of Playboy! Unfortunately, before she could close the deal, the game was starting and the rest of the herd wanted to get to their seats and started yelling at her to get her moooooooove on. Too bad, the Jims look really very enthusiastic about it.

Gosh, I need one more photo...Something to explain getting acupuncturd and how getting stuck has it advantages...

Hmmmmm...maybe I don't need to say anything about that...

Soooo... Happy Birthday Momma! Sorry I had to miss dinner and the game and I do have a belt for you too.

BTW Momma's current favorite math joke is "What did the zero say to the eight?"

Nice Belt

How'd I do?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fire Run - Race Report

A race report on race day...WOOT, WOOT, WOOT!!!

The End of Summer Fire Run used to be known as Moondoggies to Moondoggies. It was named after two beach-type restaurants, one in La Jolla, the other in PB. I think the PB Moondoggies is still at the end of the pier. I suspect the owners were no longer interested in paying Prospect Avenue - La Jolla rents, and thus moved or closed or decided that one restaurant was enough...

In any event, this is the second year we've run this point-to-point 4 mile run which occurs the week after the AFC. It's a nice fun, flat, little race that ends on a slight downhill slope. I LOOOOVE that you can see the finish line for the last 1/2 mile or so.

Mik, Betty, Elsie and yours truly, before the run

Betty, Elise, Edith, Mik and I ran this year. I discovered later that Clarence, and Madge also walked the course... a full heffer field! Afterward, we went over to Mona's for an awesome breakfast feast! (Mona wouldn't run with us...but agreed to feed us complaints here!). Yes, Edith is not in the before race photo (as usual). It's an ongoing game we play...Where's Edith (sorta like Where's Waldo, but without the red and white striped shirt)

My goal was to get a PR. Last year's time was 42:51 (10:42 pace). I thought I could finish in close to 4o minutes.

Some race notes and observations
  • Hard to say who has the most random way of setting her watch and clock in order to ensure an on-time arrival. My car-radio clock runs about 22 minutes ahead, which sorta freaks people out on a regular basis when they get in my car and figure that we're going to be REALLY LATE for something (until I assure them that the clock is 20 minutes ahead). Mik, on the other hand, wears a watch that is set 5 hours and 5 minutes ahead...but since she's the only one who sees her watch, she probably isn't freaking people out with it...
Mik's watch, at about 7:42 this morning. Time is so relative...
  • Although it isn't sunny in La Jolla this morning, unlike last week's AFC, it is still PLENTY by race time, I am already sweating.
  • Edith, who was THIS CLOSE to placing in last week's AFC 5K, leaves us to start at the head of the pack. She wonders why I sometimes forget that she's with us...but that's mostly because she's NEVER with us (Although, we may have to start calling her "THE RABBIT").
  • Nike+ sensor, still not calibrated. I am still at least .10 to .20 miles behind it. Grrrrr. It isn't as off as last week, but it's still not right.
  • I love that people want their children to be interested in running and health and all, but I almost trip over three different ankle-biters who sprint ahead of me (cuz that's what little kids do) THEN STOP, RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, AND TURN AROUND TO SEE WHERE MOM AND DAD ARE...(again, cuz that's what kids do). Teach your kids to pace themselves people...or start at the back of the pack with walkers.
  • Mile 1 split is 10:15! This is despite a pretty slow start due partially to the aforementioned children and also the crowded start on a somewhat narrow street. I'm surprised, to say the least, but since I'm feeling strong, I am hopeful the 40 minute finish is within reach.
  • Mile 2 - where is the eff-ing the mile 2 marker? I have no idea! Gah!!!
  • About 21 minutes in, sweat is dripping off my nose (literally). Since I'm sweating a TON, it's Gu time (I know, I know, it's only a four mile race...I'm addicted to the crap). I'm wondering where the eff-ing, cooling ocean breezes are. I try to take mind off the humidity and begin mantra of "I feel good! I feel strong."
  • Mile 3 - 31 minutes - I'm a little bummed cuz I know I won't break 40 (there's no way on God's green earth I'm gonna run a 9 minute mile), but still feeling good and am passing people right and left.
  • Turn the corner onto Mission Blvd and I can see the finish line, so I pick up my pace...pass a few more people, then realize that I probably started the pick-up too early because I can feel my heart in my ears (is that bad?) but I'm determined to not let any of the people, who I've just passed, get by me.
  • Finish Line - 40:30. Last mile is a 9:30 mile...WOOT, WOOT, WOOT! aannnnnnd I COLLAPSE.... (not really)
  • After the race, I find Edith, who KICKED SOME SERIOUS ASS. She wants to get her picture taken with the firefighters (homage to the end of the Nike Women's Marathon in October...).
Edith with the firefighters...they are behind her on the fire-truck...really, they are!
  • I start getting text messages from Clarence saying "where r u?" I think she's just messing with me. Betty did this once in the airport...she kept sending me text messages which said things like "I'm right over here waving at you" and "keep walking, don't you see me?" even though she was still DRIVING TO THE AIRPORT, so now I trust no-one when they say "I see u" if I cannot do a visual confirmation!
  • Sorry Clarence :-))
  • Race organizers PROMISED better shuttle-bus service back to La Jolla than last year. We wait for a bus for a few minutes...when one of the race volunteers tells us that it'll be about 10 minutes before the next bus arrives (not good). Personally, I don't believe him. We immediately start looking for a cab.
  • We flag Taxi No. 1, who refuses to pack all five of us in the cab. Apparently there's a law about that...who knew?
  • We flag Taxi N0. 2, who agrees to take us back to LJ, but only if we load the cab from around the corner where no-one can see us. We, of course, agree.
  • Nothing is better than a cozy, sweaty, taxi ride with four of us in the back seat. We're small peeps...really! Edith ducks to make it appear that there are only three of us in the back seat. So clever...
  • Driver drops us off a few blocks from our car, mostly because we cannot really remember the name of the street we parked on...but what a difference marathon training makes. We get out of the cab (no muscle pain), and we actually JOG to the car...well...not the whole way, but still, no immediate muscle soreness...a miracle!
  • Along the way, Betty tells me that my breasts are "tinier" which is why I don't get chub-rub from them. Don't know if I like the words "tinier" and "my breasts" in the same sentence, even if it's true.
  • We end the morning with an awesome champagne breakfast at Mona's. More laughs, including some revisitng about the effect of the deadly lemon drops we consumed on Friday at a after school happy hour at my house.
  • Recipe for some kick-ass lemon drops...1 can of frozen lemonaide concentrate, 3 cans of water, 2 cans of vodka...we like the Kirkland/Costco brand that is supposed to be Grey Goose, only less those sound too strong?
  • I wish I had taken some photos of the excellent blueberry pancakes (with chocolate chips...a miracle) and frittata Mona made for us. YUM YUM YUM...thanks so much Mona!
  • Wish I had taken a photo of Mona cooking for heck. I have lots of photos of Mona. Here's one from Friday.
Mona and Theresa...with empty Lemon Drop glasses...hmmmmm.
  • Oh yeah...and the mimosas...LOOOOOVE an after-run mimosa or two.
Fine morning, fine running...which begs the question...why do we run 13 miles when 4 is so much easier (answer, 4 is easy because we run 13...duhhhhh).

The results (yes, I'm posting 'em all...sue me)

Elsie (oops...I mean Edith) - 33:05 (8:16)
Mik - 35:14 (8:48)
Alice - 40:29 (10:07)
Betty - 42:21 (10:35)
Elsie - 45:56 (11:28)

No local races until October-ish, but Betty is all enthusiastic about doing the Urban Dare next month. Anyone ever done this? It's supposed to be like a one-day Amazing Race event.

Also...I will NEVER AGAIN use bean-people clip art from Microsoft since my last post looks like it has a weiner in it. On the other hand...who doesn't want to laugh at a picture that looks like it has a weiner in it?

Also, also...Thanks so much for all your positive comments and encouragement about my new job and for setting me straight about my little rant about my life changing and related concerns. I know I'll find things to write about and the running thing will work out because it's a part of who I am now. Please know that all your positivity is really, really, really appreciated (you like me, you really like me...OK...that WAS lame...)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My New Life

So, I'm four days into my new teaching position (hee, hee, hee, she said "position.") at the community college. It's going to be QUITE different, in many ways, from teaching high school (other than not seeing the heffers every day), but different in other ways as well.

The biggest different will be my work day. On Mondays and Wednesdays, I'll be teaching three classes. My first class starts at noon and my last class ends at about 9pm, and I'll have a rather large block of time between the end of the noon class (1:45) and the beginning of the first evening class (5:00). That time is filled with things like office hours and having to move my car from a satellite-lot off campus (because faculty can't park on campus during the's a long story involving the building of a new parking structure), to a lot on-campus where I can park in the evenings. Then I'm back on campus the next morning at 8am for my only Tuesday/Thursday class. Including office hours those days, I'll be done teaching/working at noon on Tuesday and 9:30 am on Thursday. I don't have any classes on Fridays.

Yep, you got it right, I'll be done teaching/working at 9:30 on Thursday morning (my high school teacher/administrator friends are NOT weeping for me right now...not even my friend who works at the county office of ed.)

When I taught high school, I was on campus daily from 8am until at least 4pm and often later, with barely time during the day to pee, let alone run...unless I was running to the restroom, but that's another story. Now, I'm hoping I'll have time for the rest of my life, including running, my family, writing (not only this blog, but other education-related stuff like articles and maybe a book, as well)...which is a huge reason why I took the teaching position (hee, hee, hee) at the CC. I loved teaching high school dearly; I just didn't like the lifestyle.

It would seem that this new windfall of time would mean that I'd have time to run on Monday and Wednesday mornings before I teach, but I know me...I won't. I'll wake up, deal with the kids, get them off to school, and then I'll need to get ready for my noon class. I wish I was organized enough to have already planned and prepped for classes well in advance, but I've never been like that (and I've been at it for 17 years). The reality is, especially since this is the first time I'll be teaching these classes, I'll be planning and prepping until class starts. So, while in my perfect world, I'd get a run in on one of the mornings, I wouldn't bet the house on it.

I'd like to continuing working out with the track club on Tuesday nights, but since I'll be away from home on Monday and Wednesday evenings, I'm kinda feeling guilty about being away on Tuesdays too. I could always run earlier in the day on Tuesdays, but then I'd miss running with the track club and with (most importantly) Betty, Edith, Alberta, and occasionally Elsie who show up on Tuesday nights (and wouldn't it be a hoot if BBJ showed up once in a while this fall) Tuesday Track Nights have also given me much blog-fodder. I'm torn.

The good news is that I'll have plenty of time to run on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday...but here's the bad part; most of those times, I'll be running alone...which I really don't enjoy...and also, and here's the other tragedy...Again, I end up with not much to blog about. I'm just not that interesting on my own. (Hence, today's post...)

For example...I haven't run since Sunday's 1/2 marathon. Partially, I needed a rest day (or two) but mostly because as this has been the first week at the new job, and students don't start until next, I have been consumed by meetings, or trying to get stuff ready for class on Monday. I haven't been getting home until 7:oo or so...then there's dinner, homework, showers, bed for DramaGirl and Turbo, then me collapsing, exhausted.

I finally got on the dreadmill today for 30 minutes. I managed to calibrate my Nike+ sensor so that it doesn't think I'm running a 8 minute mile. Then I went to the dentist.


So, I'll try to keep it lively and find other random things to rant, I mean write, about in this new life I'm starting (redundant...would one really start an old life...see, the English instructor in me is already ready and poised with her red pen). Life is so full of randomness, that I'm sure I'll find something.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Doing the Hills, But Not the Heat

So...there was some gentle harassment about my lack of a race report on race day...but I've got some REALLLLLLYYYYY GOOOOOOOOOD reasons why I didn't post a race report yesterday... REALLLLLYYYYY I DOOOOOO.
  • I was REALLLLLLLLY tired after the race. It was hot and humid and while we trained for hills, we didn't do much in the way of heat training...AND even though reported it was 69 degrees at 7am and only 72 degrees by 9am, I humbly, but emphatically DISAGREE as I know for certain it was WAAAAAYYYY hotter than that...maybe it was the humidity, or the lack of cooling ocean breezes, but it felt hot, damn hot, too damn hot for me to have anything cleverly to write about later on... lies...lies I tell ya..
  • I got really dehydrated during this race...partially due to the heat and partially due to REALLY POOR PLANNING on the part of AFC ...and the complete lack of water stations in the part of the race which was hottest...the flat parts going into Harbor Island and out of it...both times there are 2.5 miles between the water stations (4 mile - 6.5 mile points...and 2.5 miles between 8 and 10.5 miles). Now in many races, perhaps this isn't such a big deal, but people...this race is in AUGUST...WHEN IT'S HOT and/or HUMID and/or BOTH here in So. Cal! Betty and I counted hearing and/or seeing sirens at least five times because people were colapsing due to the heat. (note to self, if I run this next year, I'm carrying water...I've learned my lesson). I know my walk at mile 9 and then again at mile 10 (uncharacteristic for me) were dehydration related...and this also contributed to my not writing a race report last night.
  • I will say however, that after the race, Walter attained god-like, rock-star, status when he handed Betty and me beers ( before 10am...I can't even remember the last time I had a beer at 10am...), but this WAS medicinal beer and thus, completely appropriate, at the same time, it certainly didn't make writing after the race any more likely to occur.
Betty and her husband...enjoying the beer and the chair...
husbands are rock-star gods for taking care of us post-race!

  • After the after-race nap, Betty, Mik, and Elsie joined me (and my sister who was visiting from LA) by the pool for more beer, and wine, and pizza, and ChexMix (otherwise known as crack), and some completely satisfying baklava to celebrate the race and to retell race stories. Additionally we further identified several other words we would NEVER say at a staff meeting (e.g: deep, penetrate, organism, service the student, damp, four minute effort, abreast...yes, we're all very mature...and judging by your comments to my last post, so are all of you!). Unfortunately the afternoon also made a quick, post-race report being written wayyyyy less likely to occur.
  • BTW - Here's a math equation for math teacher Edith, who kicked some serious ass and placed 6th in her age division in the AFC 5K that morning with her blistering 8.17 go girl, that describes my day in mathematical terms...4am wakeup + 13.1 miles + 1 beer = after-race nappy - after-race bloggy.
  • Also, in my mom-life, the next day (today) was DramaGirl's and Turbo's return to school (Hooray...a parent's favorite day of the year!), which meant that last night was all about making sure that school supplies were distributed and then fought over--this despite purchase of said supplies was made at Costco, which meant that there were MORE FREAKIN' G.D. MECHANICAL PENCILS than anyone could possibly ever lose in a school year available for each pre-teen who lives in this house. But mandatory bickering session took place nonetheless (did I mention that I was tired and therefore not particularly willing or able to endure bickering session)...And which also made writing post-race report was impossible to imagine.
  • Oh yeah, I also started a new job teaching at a local community college today (moving after 17 years as a high school teacher), and none of my syllabuses are finished yet (students don't start for another week, so I figure I still have time) so I was a little distracted by that.
  • Finally, the AFC website didn't post official results until late last night (although late, in my book, could have been any time after 8:30, because that's when I went to bed), so I couldn't verify my race time...and I wanted to be I had, yet another excuse, to not write.
So, my race report is a little late, but I've included a few some photos, and it is G.D. accurate...and I'm completely enthusiastic about it. So here goes...
  • Woke up at 4am...caught bus to start at 5:15 (AFC is a point to point run, so we take shuttle buses to the point and run back to Balboa Park)...Cabrillo monument is beautiful in the AM. Betty and I are sad to note that we can see morning haze covering the city, but the sky above us is clear...much like it was last Saturday. Only this time it's clear, we'll have no choice but to run in the sun.
Betty and I pre-race. Cabrillo Point Light House is behind my head
  • Had lovely conversation with fellow runner. Somehow Betty ended up talking about D1 who is young for her grade. Fellow runner asks if D1 is "exceptionally bright," which I am now sure was somehow her subconsciously noticing the "exceptionally bright" running shirts we wear, but which elicited numerous comments from Betty about the flashy clothing D1 wears from time to time.
  • We look for Alberta and guess that she is no-doubt on the last bus (she was), but we sadly are unable to locate her...silly heffer, didn't wear the lime-green racing shirt!
  • Race starts on time. Lots of runners. Since we've been at the race start for almost an hour, right about race time, we do our final porta-potty business. We'd been told that the PP lines toward the start are shorter, so we head that way...which works, but also puts us more toward the start line than we typically start...which is mostly a bad thing.
The crowd at the start of the race. Three minutes of solid people in front...about another 10 minutes worth of runners behind us.
  • Since we started at the mid-front part of the pack, we start the race WAYYYY TOOOOO FAST. I realize this when we pass the 1 mile marker in 10:15 and think..."oh...this is going to be bad" and try to slow down, but Betty and I are still keeping up with the crowd and pass mile 2 in about 21 minutes (still too fast).
  • Even though we are wearing our florescent neon-lime green race shirts, I lose Betty in the crowd around mile 2.
  • Gu at mile 3.
  • Also...around mile 3 a paramedic-truck tries to make it's way up the still really crowded street...honking and siren's blaring. No doubt to assist the fallen runner (what I assume is the first heat-dehydration casualty I've seen, but may have also been a person who just fell down...the descent from Cabrillo is STEEP!). Still, a little worry in my subconscious is no-doubt planted about the possible effects of the heat and humidity.
  • Betty passes me around the water station at mile 4. She always runs faster than me downhill. We comment about the fallen runner, note that we went out probably too fast, figure we'll pay for it at some point, but are both feeling pretty good. It certainly doesn't seem as hot as last year, but I'm feeling some interesting pains in my back from running downhill. Have the first of several conversations with my various body parts to keep running even though they're not happy (first conversation is with my back, which seems to be spasming around mile four. I tell it to calm the heck down...we've got a way to go)
  • 10K split is 1:07...about 5 minutes faster than last year. Betty and I give thumbs up to the photographer as we pass. Feeling pretty good because I realize I'm doing better than last year, but I'm a little worried about my fast (for me) start, and the downhill run pounding, and as we pass another down-runner, my sense of anxiety about the heat rises. She is just passed out cold and those assisting her are just pouring water over her. She's lifeless. It freaks me out a little.
  • Getting to the water station at 6.5 feels like an exercise in endurance, sun is in our faces, and I'm pretty much swearing the whole way at the AFC planners. People all around me are saying things like: "where the hell is it." I know it's around a curve on Harbor Island and I feel like I just stumble into it blindly. Down a cup of water. The energy drink they offer is vile, but I drink part of it anyway...I down a second Gu.
  • Am mometarily distracted by a girl running barefoot! Did I mention it was HOT. We're running on ASPHALT. I comment to a random person running next to me that I'd just need more arch support than THAT. She agrees. Barefoot girl get's lots of attention as she passes people (she is running fast).
  • Water station at mile 8 includes a "rain forest" and is heaven. Not facing sun, but a sudden cramp in my hammy causes me to stop and stretch a bit.
  • Run through RENTAL CAR RETURN LOT is once again HELL due to the fact that we are once again running into the sun, the sun is reflecting off of all those car windshields, and the pavement is sort of like running over cobblestone, only less even...and I just HIT THE warning...sort of similar to the marathon wall when my legs just STOPPED. Even though I hadn't planned on taking another GU until about the 10.5 mile water station, I need to do something...I THOUGHT I still had one more...then discovered I didn't...ah shit, I must have dropped it... Once again, I am thirsty (they say if you're thirsty, you're already dehydrated...) and dizzy. I start to wonder how much of my dehydration is just in my head and how much of it is real. I don't want to end up like those who I've seen passed out on the side of the road.
  • Gu seems to work (it is a miracle, isn't it?) and I start running again with Betty. She was doing great and passed me right up as we headed into downtown San Diego...only the sight of her neon green shirt keeps me going...but I stop to walk one more time around mile 10. I get passed by a woman wearing a full length jilbab. Am amazed.
  • Finally...downtown San Diego. The last water station and another rain forest. What I forgot is that, now I'm going to be running between tall buildings in the shade...soaking wet...but at least now I'm cool, so I start to feel much better.
  • The final hill starts on Ash street and then continues as we turning onto 6th. My goal all along has been to run the hill. I realize that if I walk, I will be in danger of not making a PR and of being slower than I was last year...which I would hate. So I put my head down...and RUN the G.D. F-ing Hill.
  • Wait...there's an extra water station at mile 12...if they can put an extra water station at 12 miles, why can't they have one at 5 and 9? Geez.
  • Make it to the top of the hill...and barely have anything left for the last 1/2 mile. Luckily, the last 1/4 mile is again downhill. I do my version of a sprint (Drama Girl said it didn't look like sprinting to her!) and finish strong. I was completely happy to have my family there to greet me at the end of the race. DramaGirl and Turbo even (seemingly happily) gave their hot, sweaty mama an after-race hug (DramaGirl would offered Betty a tentative high-five). She even took this fabu after race close-up...

Here are the stats
2:38:57 (4 minutes faster than last year)
1:07:48 (10K split - 5 minutes faster than last year)
12:08 min mile (yuk)

Here's what I learned
I continue to learn that whatever I train for is what I can do. I trained for hills; I ran the hills strongly. I did not train for heat and humidity (as a matter of fact, Betty and I avoided running in the heat at all costs, including my very, very, very valuable sleep time), thus it was the heat and humidity that did me in...sigh...

But all is not lost. There's a 4K race this weekend on used to be called the Moondoggies run, but now it's called the "End of Summer Fire Run." SouthbayGirl says she might come down! Let me know. We'll figure out a place to meet up. It's a pretty small'll be no trouble finding each other. We'll be the ones wearing neon-lime green.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Out with the old, in with the...HEY!!!!

I turned 46 on Tuesday. Yep... 46...

It was a pretty low-key birthday this year. Walter and I went out to a new wine-bar in town. He and the kids gave me some fabu gifts including two beautiful necklaces and Dance, Dance, Revolution for the Wii, which I stink at, but which also may count as cross training, so I'll keep on dancin'. It's been a pretty low key birthday for this girl who used to celebrate not only birthday WEEK, but birthday MONTH. But we have lots of other family, and work-related things going on in our over-booked, way-too-busy, lives right now to do anything more. And I'm OK with that. Perhaps I'm growing up...

But today, I'm thinking about being 46...geez...I know it's not REALLY old...I mean look at Dara Torres. She's a rock and such an inspiration. And in fact, when I tell people my age (or they guess), most say they'd guess me to be about a decade younger. I don't THINK they're just trying to be nice.

I DO think they're misled due to my relative immaturity...and my hairdresser who does just a kick-ass job on my roots...and heredity of course.

Examples of my immaturity?
  • Whenever someone says, "I'll put a message in your box." I giggle. (hee, hee, hee, she said, "box")
  • Actually, whenever I hear anybody say anything that could have a double-meaning, I giggle.
  • On Monday, even though I was one of three presenters at a workshop, my notes include this gem spoken by one of the other presenters: "It doesn't go very far or very deep" (hee, hee, hee).
Seriously...I'm going to faculty meetings all next week. I can hardly wait.

On the other hand, there is some evidence of me getting old and cranky and having less and less patience with things that don't go my way.

An example of my crankiness?

Every single time, I've fallen in love with a running shoe, they get discontinued and I have to go on a search for a new shoe to fit my fat foot (hey, two pregnancies in which I gave birth to 10 pound babies...and then this running thing has taken its toll on my feet...I didn't always wear a D- width). I mean just look at this thing.
You try to find a shoe wide enough to accommodate THAT! I've tried several. Some of my favorites have been

Asics Gel Kayanos were my first running shoe. It was like running in butter, and was great until I started running longer distances...but since I over-pronate all over the place, I needed a shoe with more stability. Plus it's been DISCONTINUED so I went to...

Saucony Hurricane 9 - LOVED this shoe. Stability, but cushion-y...almost a perfect shoe for me. Then about a two months before the Rock and Roll Marathon, I wanted to get another pair...DISCONTINUED AGAIN...I try the newer version, the Saucony Hurricane 10. It doesn't have quite the same wide-toe box as it's predecessor, even in the D width. I almost break my foot running in them...which led me to...

New Balance 1223 - The widest shoe there is (for women, unless I go into a men's shoe...but then there'll be other issues). It's not quite as cushy as the Saucony, but it has an enormously wide toe box... This pair has probably close to 500 miles on them (including all the long training runs before the marathon). And I can tell that they're not giving me the support they once did. (I've had some tenderness in my Achilles for the last month, which I suspect is a result of this). So last month, I go to purchase a new pair as I'm training for the AFC 1/2 marathon and again THEY'RE DISCONTINUED and worse, the new version WON'T BE AVAILABLE UNTIL SEPTEMBER and even worse, because I wear a size 9-D, my local running shoe SUPERSTORE is SOLD OUT (and won't re-order)...ARRRGGGHHHHHH!

So, I'm stuck. Do I continue to train and even run Sunday's AFC 1/2 marathon in these old things? Do I search for a new shoe? Do I do an Internet search to look for these online and have them shipped to me, paying a fortune in shipping and handling? GAH!

Luckily, there's a smaller, family owned shoe store that was willing to call the New Balance rep and special order a pair for me. (HOORAY...Note to self: Shoulda been going there all along instead of the running-superstore!) Today they arrived...


Aren't they purdy (new color, same shoe)?

So, I'm out with the old New Balance (at least for now) and in with the new least for the next few months until the NEW VERSION, THE 1224'S come out. Hopefully they won't be that different and will still accommodate my fat foot.

Old and new...some old things have gotta go, that's for sure. Some, you keep around cuz they keep on getting better with age.

Here's to hoping that I fit into the latter...

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Virtual 8 Mile Olympic Race Report

Or...Three Reasons Why I Love Running With Betty

Betty and I once again woke up REALLY EARLY to get our Virtual 8-Mile Olympic Race in before the heat, humidity, and other professional obligations (I was on an agenda to give a presentation at a teacher workshop at 10:00) overtook us. We didn't wear any Olympic regalia, but we did talk about the opening ceremonies for a few minutes as we ran...does that count? The drummers at the beginning were completely amazing!

I am completely lucky that I have a running partner. Betty is the one who talked me into running my first 1/2 marathon, my first marathon... We're both pretty competitive, but the way it manifests itself, since neither of us runs very fast, is that we keep each other running. Inevitably, there will be days (weeks) when one of us doesn't feel like running so much, but then the other one will call, and we'd both rather die of shame than think that one of us is running and the other is not. Really, it's an ego thing...but in a good way.

So as Betty and I head toward the one year anniversary of our first 1/2 marathon (next weekend's America's Finest City 1/2), I thought I'd share in this race report as three of my reasons why I love running with her.

Reason No 1.
Betty doesn't care too much when I'm late to pick her most cases it works to her advantage.

To begin with, I overslept. Woke up at 5:45 and was supposed to be at Betty's house by 6:00...well, THAT wasn't going to happen. So, I sent her a text that I'd be there by 6:10. Luckily, I'd laid out most of my running gear the night before (how my watch ended up next to my flip-flops underneath the dining room table, I'll never know). I slammed down a 1/2 cup of coffee (just to stave off the I'm-addicted-to-caffeine headache and I just LOVE Walter, who got up to make me a pot of coffee, as I stumbled and ran around trying to get ready quickly) and hoped that the pizza I ate the night before would give me enough of a carbo-load to make my tummy feel not-so-empty (my pre-race nutrition leaves much to be desired doesn't it). I'd use a Gu before I started running and one time during for some calories to burn...and I was OUT THE DOOR!

Yes, I was at Betty's front door by 6:10. Her comment to me? "So glad you were late. I wasn't ready at 6:00 either..."

Reason No. 2
She is really flexible about where we run and pretends to let me decide.

I think I've mentioned before that I'm a control freak. That's why I drive. The night before the Virtual Race, I mapped out several routes we could take from Harbor Island. I wanted to make sure we ran 8 miles after all. All of the routes I mapped out had us going west. The advantage of all of those loops is that they would have taken us by the water station set up by the Track Club.

Here's the Harbor Island to Shelter Island route

Here's the Harbor Island to Canon (big hill) route
Here's the Harbor Island to Rosecrans route (smaller, rolling hills)

But, when Betty and I got to Harbor Island, we took one look at the sun starting to shine on Point Loma (for those unfamiliar with San Diego, Point Loma is to the south-west-ish of where we were. All my pre-mapped routes would have taken us toward Point Loma), so we decided immediately to head east, toward Seaport Village and downtown San Diego, where it was still overcast and foggy. By then it was getting close to 6:30am and we were both already sweating due to the 78% relative humidity... a little moist, dontcha think?
Anyway, here is the route we ended up taking (click on the "Markers" button to see the miles. It'll help with the rest of the race report, which I swear I'm getting to):

Reason No 3
Betty makes me laugh

I wish I could remember all of the random things that Betty and I talked and joked about during our race. I know that when I'm running, I think "I gotta remember this" for the blog, but most of the time, I forget. Here's my best recollection, although I emailed Betty this morning to remind me of the rest:
  • Before running - Into the parking lot our view is blocked by some city-worker who is taking a picture of his truck with the city in the background. We ponder why he would be doing such a thing? Is he taking a picture of his rig w/the city in the background to impress the girls? Because the rig is his true love? Of course I take a picture of it, but because I'm trying to drive and take a picture with my iPhone at the same time, it doesn't turn out so great...
  • Mile 1 - Betty reminded me that on Tuesday, she entertained me with noticing Flag Poles and that I didn't write about it. She wonders: why do people have them in their yard? Do they also act as a lightening rods? Why don't they have flags on them? I kept wondering why she was pointing them out to me. Apparently these are the things she notices as she's running. She's going to need to do a "guest blog" one day. I know her well enough to know that her random ideas will be truly random and hysterically funny.
  • Mile 2 - We noticed an increase in the number of homeless people sleeping underneath benches than we have in the past. Is this sign of the economy, or is it that I'm usually not on the bayfront this early in the am? I wonder, at what point do the homeless start to look homeless?
  • Mile 2.5 - An old-guy passes us as we run (I'm used to this). Turns out he belongs to another track club that has a water station set up, so he stops to drink. When he starts running again, he passes us a SECOND TIME, and as he runs by we remind him that he only gets to count us once!
  • Miles 3-4. We start to notice the new really cool art-sculptures on the waterfront. Betty tells me she wants two benches with tiles as a memorial when she dies, so for her funeral, we'll have a tile painting party. Note to self: Momma will have to organize as I know nothing about painting tiles.

  • Mile 4 - As we pass the cruise ship terminal, we have a rather lengthy discussion about when a floating vehicle is a ship and when it is a boat. Betty tells me that if it carrying other boats, it is a ship.
  • Mile 4.5 - We get to experience the smell of a garbage heap in Embarcadero Park. It was difficult to hold my breath, but I had to because even "mouth breathing" made me taste it...ewwwwwww!
  • Mile 5 - Betty lets me run ahead of her. This is one of the problems I have running long distances. After running about an hour or so, I start to get restless and want to run faster. This is often a bad idea because if I'm going to be running for two hours (the 1/2 marathon), then it's really too early to speed up, but I do it anyway. I'll pay the price later.
  • Mile 5.5 - We again enjoy view of "my boat" (or is it a ship? or yacht?) from the Cayman Islands. You know the one that comes with an auxiliary boat tied to it and a helicopter up top. I ask some random guy who is standing there looking at it if likes my boat! He says he does...I am secure in knowing that he's looking at the floating device on the bay and not "my boat" as I run past.
  • Mile 6 - Dead Rats - We pass two, almost step on one. EEEEEWWWWWW. I've run on the harbor plenty of times, why so many dead rats today? I'm starting to feel the effects of having only Gu and coffee for breakfast.
  • Mile 7 -Nice looking Coast Guard personnel emerge from their base and then run past us (don't mind that so much...nice view...makes us happy and distracts from any running pain we might be feeling). I'm starting to really pay the price for my earlier speed up. My legs feel like lead. Betty reminds me at a stop light that we really only have about a mile to go. I keep thinking...I can run a mile in 11 minutes...that's only 11 minutes more. Since I didn't map this run, I'm not too sure how far we've run. By my clock I figure we're close to 8 miles, but my legs feel like I've run 10. (Note to self: Next weekend, don't speed up at 6 miles, and eat breakfast for pete's sake!)
  • Mile 8 - Thank gosh, we're finished! Where's the SDTC water station? GAH...since we started earlier than the track club (which started the run at 7am), the water station must still be on the course (but in the sun). That was the trade-off in 1) starting our running earlier than the track club start, and 2) running the opposite direction of the track club water station support in exchange for an overcast, cooler run...Not a bad trade-off. Unfortunately, we have to drink from the water fountain, which is now a problem for me because on Tuesday night at Balboa Park (Betty reminded me) we watched some guy let his dog drink out a water fountain (WTF is up with THAT?). It certainly helps to explain this water fountain Drama Girl and I saw at Coit Tower in San Francisco last month...

So, it was a great run. I thought I was completely dogging it (ha ha) in the last mile or so, but our stats don't seem to show it.

8.1 Miles
11:05 Pace
5.41 Ave Speed

Thanks to Non-Runner Nancy for putting the Virtual 8-Mile race out there. This is the first time I've done a virtual race and I'm looking forward to reading everyone's race reports (I've already read a few from those of you who were able to run your race on 8/8/08. I had to wait until 8/9 to do ours).

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Getting All Political On Ya...

Yeah...yesterday Betty and I ran more hills...6 loops of a hill run at Balboa Park. 3.62 miles in 43 minutes (not bad) blah, blah, blah...

Then last night, I'm reading all my blogs and getting all caught up on what ya'all are doing and I was thinking about writing about our success in the hill-run workout, or something about the CRAZY HOMELESS GUY in Balboa Park who was speaking in tongues, and who started yelling at and beating on some homeless woman, and how some of the track-club guys beat him off (which I didn't see, but I heard about it later...).

But, I've written enough about hill running for awhile and I'd spare you the boring-er details (although Betty and I did ROCK that hill!)

But without that...what to write about?

I thought, I haven't written much about my summer with Turbo and Drama Girl...but they're busy right now with football and soccer and thus are not so inclined to bicker with each other CONSTANTLY (note to self: keeping kids in sports camps all summer = my sanity).

So, I keep reading blogs looking for inspiration, and I even find a couple new blogs that look interesting and which I've bookmarked for now, and I'll keep lurking around them for awhile before I comment on anything, which is what I do.

But then I get to the only non-running, mommy-political blog I read called Pundit-mom... and I see this...

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

And all I have to say is...


I mean REALLY?

So this is what passes for elevated political discourse this election year? Maybe I'll move to Canada. Lily serves up an awesome lunch, and she does like my margarita recipe...

On the other hand, if Paris gets Jon Stewart on the ticket as her VP, I think I'd have to vote for 'em and stay for the show.


PS...Don't worry. This weekend, I'll be back to posting about running, hills, potty stops, and various other random rants.

I am doing Non-runner Nancy's virtual 8 Mile race this weekend. Here are the rules if you don't already know about it.

Virtual Race Directions -
1. Run 8 miles sometime around the 8th. I'm easy, any time between now and the 10th is fine. I'm also easy in the event that you need to do two-4 milers. Just join us!!
2. Post a race report on your blog.
3. Extra points for olympic-type flair (but absolutely no pressure to do so!) - I brought back some official Olympic stuff from Beijing for prizes!!
4. Notify me when your race report is up
5. Check back here for the full report

Hope the end of your week is fabu, fabu, fabu!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Betty and I woke up REALLY early to start our long run this week at 6:00 am (that's in the MORNING!)

Now I know that lots of runners are really early-morning people...I read all your blogs with your 5:30 running starts, or your 5am gym workouts, and I admire you-all for it...really, I do...but I have to say, I think that's all NUTS... As a confirmed night-owl, this early morning stuff is not only really painful; it's for the birds.

Yet, there we were this morning at 6 am... (well 6:14 really...I ran a little late), doing our warm-up. Betty and I realized at some point on Friday, that unless we ran REALLY EARLY on Sunday, we might not get a good long run in at all...and with less than two weeks before AFC, we can't have that...

Also, we still had 6th Avenue to conquer (the hill at mile 11 of's cruel, just cruel)

Here's the route for this morning's long run...about 10-ish miles. I think I put the start point on a block south from where Betty and I actually started, but I didn't realize it until too late and I didn't want to start mapping all over again. We ran the loop through Balboa Park twice, then headed down to the Harbor and ended by running up 6th.

There are some REALLY SIGNIFICANT things I learned this morning about running at Balboa Park at 6am.
  • There is ample parking on 6th avenue, and everywhere else for that matter.
  • The homeless population is still sleeping.
  • The custodians do not unlock the restrooms until "oh about 7:00 or so" (that's a direct quote from one of the groundskeepers, individuals whom don't seem to have keys to said restrooms).
This was a huge issue for me this morning. As I've written before, I'm a pretty regular person...wake up, morning coffee, take care of clockwork, so any deviation to my morning routine that puts me in a place where I cannot "take care of business" in a timely fashion is a problem for me, as is running close to 2.5 miles while "holding it"...getting hopeful each time I came close to a restroom (there are at least three we passed along the way)...then disappointed as I notice the locked gate/door (WTF is up with THAT?)

Luckily, one set of public restrooms (I know, ewwww) was open. ( was the one next to the Aerospace Museum, across from the Starlight Bowl). So, I had an opportunity to (as Clarence once so eloquently put it) "drop the kids off at the pool." (Yeah? What do you call it? My dad calls it "seeing a man about a horse" I don't really get that though...).

To be honest, I was happy to find the open restrooms as the alternative was going to be the porta-potties that were no doubt left over from the San Diego Track Club 8 mile run (which I chose not to do) the day before. I was THAT desperate and (also luckily), I had a map and we KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!

The rest of the run was relatively uneventful. After my potty break (relief!), I eventually caught up to Betty...we ran DOWN Laurel (a pretty steep downhill at about 6.5 to 7 miles...steeper, I think, than anything we'll run in two weeks), around Harbor, (Betty let me "bite and suck" on her camel pack...thank you very much), through a little bit of downtown before we got to...
6th street...

Aka the HILL...

Ran. The. Whole. Fucking. Thing!