Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fire Run - Race Report

A race report on race day...WOOT, WOOT, WOOT!!!

The End of Summer Fire Run used to be known as Moondoggies to Moondoggies. It was named after two beach-type restaurants, one in La Jolla, the other in PB. I think the PB Moondoggies is still at the end of the pier. I suspect the owners were no longer interested in paying Prospect Avenue - La Jolla rents, and thus moved or closed or decided that one restaurant was enough...

In any event, this is the second year we've run this point-to-point 4 mile run which occurs the week after the AFC. It's a nice fun, flat, little race that ends on a slight downhill slope. I LOOOOVE that you can see the finish line for the last 1/2 mile or so.

Mik, Betty, Elsie and yours truly, before the run

Betty, Elise, Edith, Mik and I ran this year. I discovered later that Clarence, and Madge also walked the course... a full heffer field! Afterward, we went over to Mona's for an awesome breakfast feast! (Mona wouldn't run with us...but agreed to feed us complaints here!). Yes, Edith is not in the before race photo (as usual). It's an ongoing game we play...Where's Edith (sorta like Where's Waldo, but without the red and white striped shirt)

My goal was to get a PR. Last year's time was 42:51 (10:42 pace). I thought I could finish in close to 4o minutes.

Some race notes and observations
  • Hard to say who has the most random way of setting her watch and clock in order to ensure an on-time arrival. My car-radio clock runs about 22 minutes ahead, which sorta freaks people out on a regular basis when they get in my car and figure that we're going to be REALLY LATE for something (until I assure them that the clock is 20 minutes ahead). Mik, on the other hand, wears a watch that is set 5 hours and 5 minutes ahead...but since she's the only one who sees her watch, she probably isn't freaking people out with it...
Mik's watch, at about 7:42 this morning. Time is so relative...
  • Although it isn't sunny in La Jolla this morning, unlike last week's AFC, it is still PLENTY by race time, I am already sweating.
  • Edith, who was THIS CLOSE to placing in last week's AFC 5K, leaves us to start at the head of the pack. She wonders why I sometimes forget that she's with us...but that's mostly because she's NEVER with us (Although, we may have to start calling her "THE RABBIT").
  • Nike+ sensor, still not calibrated. I am still at least .10 to .20 miles behind it. Grrrrr. It isn't as off as last week, but it's still not right.
  • I love that people want their children to be interested in running and health and all, but I almost trip over three different ankle-biters who sprint ahead of me (cuz that's what little kids do) THEN STOP, RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, AND TURN AROUND TO SEE WHERE MOM AND DAD ARE...(again, cuz that's what kids do). Teach your kids to pace themselves people...or start at the back of the pack with walkers.
  • Mile 1 split is 10:15! This is despite a pretty slow start due partially to the aforementioned children and also the crowded start on a somewhat narrow street. I'm surprised, to say the least, but since I'm feeling strong, I am hopeful the 40 minute finish is within reach.
  • Mile 2 - where is the eff-ing the mile 2 marker? I have no idea! Gah!!!
  • About 21 minutes in, sweat is dripping off my nose (literally). Since I'm sweating a TON, it's Gu time (I know, I know, it's only a four mile race...I'm addicted to the crap). I'm wondering where the eff-ing, cooling ocean breezes are. I try to take mind off the humidity and begin mantra of "I feel good! I feel strong."
  • Mile 3 - 31 minutes - I'm a little bummed cuz I know I won't break 40 (there's no way on God's green earth I'm gonna run a 9 minute mile), but still feeling good and am passing people right and left.
  • Turn the corner onto Mission Blvd and I can see the finish line, so I pick up my pace...pass a few more people, then realize that I probably started the pick-up too early because I can feel my heart in my ears (is that bad?) but I'm determined to not let any of the people, who I've just passed, get by me.
  • Finish Line - 40:30. Last mile is a 9:30 mile...WOOT, WOOT, WOOT! aannnnnnd I COLLAPSE.... (not really)
  • After the race, I find Edith, who KICKED SOME SERIOUS ASS. She wants to get her picture taken with the firefighters (homage to the end of the Nike Women's Marathon in October...).
Edith with the firefighters...they are behind her on the fire-truck...really, they are!
  • I start getting text messages from Clarence saying "where r u?" I think she's just messing with me. Betty did this once in the airport...she kept sending me text messages which said things like "I'm right over here waving at you" and "keep walking, don't you see me?" even though she was still DRIVING TO THE AIRPORT, so now I trust no-one when they say "I see u" if I cannot do a visual confirmation!
  • Sorry Clarence :-))
  • Race organizers PROMISED better shuttle-bus service back to La Jolla than last year. We wait for a bus for a few minutes...when one of the race volunteers tells us that it'll be about 10 minutes before the next bus arrives (not good). Personally, I don't believe him. We immediately start looking for a cab.
  • We flag Taxi No. 1, who refuses to pack all five of us in the cab. Apparently there's a law about that...who knew?
  • We flag Taxi N0. 2, who agrees to take us back to LJ, but only if we load the cab from around the corner where no-one can see us. We, of course, agree.
  • Nothing is better than a cozy, sweaty, taxi ride with four of us in the back seat. We're small peeps...really! Edith ducks to make it appear that there are only three of us in the back seat. So clever...
  • Driver drops us off a few blocks from our car, mostly because we cannot really remember the name of the street we parked on...but what a difference marathon training makes. We get out of the cab (no muscle pain), and we actually JOG to the car...well...not the whole way, but still, no immediate muscle soreness...a miracle!
  • Along the way, Betty tells me that my breasts are "tinier" which is why I don't get chub-rub from them. Don't know if I like the words "tinier" and "my breasts" in the same sentence, even if it's true.
  • We end the morning with an awesome champagne breakfast at Mona's. More laughs, including some revisitng about the effect of the deadly lemon drops we consumed on Friday at a after school happy hour at my house.
  • Recipe for some kick-ass lemon drops...1 can of frozen lemonaide concentrate, 3 cans of water, 2 cans of vodka...we like the Kirkland/Costco brand that is supposed to be Grey Goose, only less those sound too strong?
  • I wish I had taken some photos of the excellent blueberry pancakes (with chocolate chips...a miracle) and frittata Mona made for us. YUM YUM YUM...thanks so much Mona!
  • Wish I had taken a photo of Mona cooking for heck. I have lots of photos of Mona. Here's one from Friday.
Mona and Theresa...with empty Lemon Drop glasses...hmmmmm.
  • Oh yeah...and the mimosas...LOOOOOVE an after-run mimosa or two.
Fine morning, fine running...which begs the question...why do we run 13 miles when 4 is so much easier (answer, 4 is easy because we run 13...duhhhhh).

The results (yes, I'm posting 'em all...sue me)

Elsie (oops...I mean Edith) - 33:05 (8:16)
Mik - 35:14 (8:48)
Alice - 40:29 (10:07)
Betty - 42:21 (10:35)
Elsie - 45:56 (11:28)

No local races until October-ish, but Betty is all enthusiastic about doing the Urban Dare next month. Anyone ever done this? It's supposed to be like a one-day Amazing Race event.

Also...I will NEVER AGAIN use bean-people clip art from Microsoft since my last post looks like it has a weiner in it. On the other hand...who doesn't want to laugh at a picture that looks like it has a weiner in it?

Also, also...Thanks so much for all your positive comments and encouragement about my new job and for setting me straight about my little rant about my life changing and related concerns. I know I'll find things to write about and the running thing will work out because it's a part of who I am now. Please know that all your positivity is really, really, really appreciated (you like me, you really like me...OK...that WAS lame...)


  1. Way to go girls! This was much better than last year. How did we miss madge and clarence - this race isn't big enough to not see everyone! They were probably in the PB Bar and Grill having the free beers! This race is dedicated to Mona - that was a great breakfast - although I was a little worried when she first said we had to "split" the pancakes???? Hasn't she seen me eat?!!! Let's add... it took forever for Mik and Alice to get OJ and Champagne at the store - I was wating in the car for almost 15 minutes??? What the heck! BTW - Mik - the party for Momma is at 11:56am by your watch!

  2. Alice...I LOVE your blog. You make me laugh every time I read it.

    Congrats on the sub 10 mile, you should be proud!! Thank you for the Lemon Drop recipe, I may have to make them for my after 1/2 marathon season party.

    If you read my blog let me know if this is your first Nike Womens. I loved that race, both the full and the half. What better way to finish a race than with a man in a tux with a Tiffany box??

  3. Madge and I got to the race with about 10 minutes to spare. This was after confirming with Madge the night before to be at her house @ 6:45 but throwing back the covers @ 7am with a "oh crap i'm late!". Lakeside to La Mesa in 15 minutes.

    We get to the race, find a place to park and try to find Michelle, her mom and Isa. That was when i sent my first text... and yes Alice- it was to screw with you! :) Isa had to potty (being 3y/o and all), and the by the time we crossed the starting line, the starting line was already deflated.:) That is why you never saw us... we brought up the rear. Did you know that the ambulance MUST also bring up the rear? The loud stinky ambulance? Really... they were so close we made friends and had our own entourage by mile 3. In fact, we crossed the finish line with the Mile 3 Marker, the Mile 3 timer and several other race volunteers.

    Sorry we missed you guys. I think by the time we were in the bus, you were on your ways to Mona's.

    I have to ask though- did anyone else notice the Flock of Seagulls volunteer along the route?

  4. My husband and I did this run a few years ago, back when it was still the Moondoggies event. It was so much fun, and let's not forget the post run beer...

    Sounds like you had a great day! Congratulations on yet another great run!!!

  5. I'm such a flake and butthead for not coming down to run this!! I SO wanted to do it-but we had our wrap party for mad men last night and I stayed out WAY too late and didn't get enough sleep-so the thought of getting up at 5am or so and driving 2 hours wasn't at the top of my list!!! But I will get down there to run a race with you guys! because you sound like you have such a blast!!!!! Congrats on a great, fun race!!! Nice lemon drops afterwards!!

  6. This was more fun than last year - and I'm sure Edith doesn't mind me being named as the fastest of the group, and the slowest - isn't that a rip in the time space continuum, as Betty reminded us after the run- Einstein was very weird! Many thanks to Mona - images of mimosas and pancakes kept my feet moving - I'm sure I was faster this year than last - thanks for the encouragement from all the Heffers! Elsie

  7. Too much fun, I want to come and play with you guys...

    you also have some great running clothes! I love all of the bright colours, we only having boring, muted wimpy coloured clothing....

    Sounds like you had a blast, and thanks for the lemon drop recipe!! I'm trying that after the TRI! Wooo Hooo

  8. this sound like a great short run. your group of friends reminds me of these 5 women returning from the ball game yesterday on the bus. i couldn't tell if they were really drunk or just high on sisterhood. they were having fun.

  9. I LOVED having my heffer girls over for brunch! I'll be happy to feed you again after the next race!! :)
    Love, MOna

  10. CONGRATS CHICA!! Look at the good looking bunch o lay-dees ;-)

    You crack me up! I hear you on the ankle biters. They need leashes, I tell you! Not only in races but in everyday life. I can't even tell you how many of them I've knocked over because they bolt in front of me while walking :P

  11. Sounds like it was such a great day!!! You girls are a lot of fun.

    Just got caught up. Congrats on the new job. I think you will have more then enough time to make up for going for runs on Tues night with your weekend starting Thursday morning.

  12. Great job on beating last year's time!

    But, I beg to differ with you- a 4 mile race is much more difficult for me than a half! You have to actually run hard for the entire stinking race! I prefer the long, slow races myself.

  13. Loved your race report. Congrats to all!

  14. I'm soooo far behind on your blog that you've probablyalready decided to do the Urban Dare, and ears ago and had a great time, and posted about it - but I just have to say, if I'm not too late, you should totally do it. I did one with my sister a couple years ago when I was just starting to run. All I would suggest is having a good at-home crew to go along with it!