Thursday, August 21, 2008

My New Life

So, I'm four days into my new teaching position (hee, hee, hee, she said "position.") at the community college. It's going to be QUITE different, in many ways, from teaching high school (other than not seeing the heffers every day), but different in other ways as well.

The biggest different will be my work day. On Mondays and Wednesdays, I'll be teaching three classes. My first class starts at noon and my last class ends at about 9pm, and I'll have a rather large block of time between the end of the noon class (1:45) and the beginning of the first evening class (5:00). That time is filled with things like office hours and having to move my car from a satellite-lot off campus (because faculty can't park on campus during the's a long story involving the building of a new parking structure), to a lot on-campus where I can park in the evenings. Then I'm back on campus the next morning at 8am for my only Tuesday/Thursday class. Including office hours those days, I'll be done teaching/working at noon on Tuesday and 9:30 am on Thursday. I don't have any classes on Fridays.

Yep, you got it right, I'll be done teaching/working at 9:30 on Thursday morning (my high school teacher/administrator friends are NOT weeping for me right now...not even my friend who works at the county office of ed.)

When I taught high school, I was on campus daily from 8am until at least 4pm and often later, with barely time during the day to pee, let alone run...unless I was running to the restroom, but that's another story. Now, I'm hoping I'll have time for the rest of my life, including running, my family, writing (not only this blog, but other education-related stuff like articles and maybe a book, as well)...which is a huge reason why I took the teaching position (hee, hee, hee) at the CC. I loved teaching high school dearly; I just didn't like the lifestyle.

It would seem that this new windfall of time would mean that I'd have time to run on Monday and Wednesday mornings before I teach, but I know me...I won't. I'll wake up, deal with the kids, get them off to school, and then I'll need to get ready for my noon class. I wish I was organized enough to have already planned and prepped for classes well in advance, but I've never been like that (and I've been at it for 17 years). The reality is, especially since this is the first time I'll be teaching these classes, I'll be planning and prepping until class starts. So, while in my perfect world, I'd get a run in on one of the mornings, I wouldn't bet the house on it.

I'd like to continuing working out with the track club on Tuesday nights, but since I'll be away from home on Monday and Wednesday evenings, I'm kinda feeling guilty about being away on Tuesdays too. I could always run earlier in the day on Tuesdays, but then I'd miss running with the track club and with (most importantly) Betty, Edith, Alberta, and occasionally Elsie who show up on Tuesday nights (and wouldn't it be a hoot if BBJ showed up once in a while this fall) Tuesday Track Nights have also given me much blog-fodder. I'm torn.

The good news is that I'll have plenty of time to run on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday...but here's the bad part; most of those times, I'll be running alone...which I really don't enjoy...and also, and here's the other tragedy...Again, I end up with not much to blog about. I'm just not that interesting on my own. (Hence, today's post...)

For example...I haven't run since Sunday's 1/2 marathon. Partially, I needed a rest day (or two) but mostly because as this has been the first week at the new job, and students don't start until next, I have been consumed by meetings, or trying to get stuff ready for class on Monday. I haven't been getting home until 7:oo or so...then there's dinner, homework, showers, bed for DramaGirl and Turbo, then me collapsing, exhausted.

I finally got on the dreadmill today for 30 minutes. I managed to calibrate my Nike+ sensor so that it doesn't think I'm running a 8 minute mile. Then I went to the dentist.


So, I'll try to keep it lively and find other random things to rant, I mean write, about in this new life I'm starting (redundant...would one really start an old life...see, the English instructor in me is already ready and poised with her red pen). Life is so full of randomness, that I'm sure I'll find something.


  1. OK chica, can we first talk abotu the picture on the left. WTF is that? ROFLMAO! All I see is a stick man, a weiner, and some squiggly lines. IS my head in the wrong place?

    I think you'll have TONS to yak about when school starts. College kids. That's laughter in itself HAHAHAA

  2. Very excited for you with the new job! I teach two nights a week at the State University near me (don't be impressed it is flunky graduate student-type teaching) but I really enjoy the college kids.

    I teach high school too (that is the job that pays the bills)but when I finish my masters I hope to get a part time gig teaching at a CC at night. Not totally ready to leave the high schoolers yet (ask me again in October)

    I have no doubt that you will TONS of stuff to talk about in your new life and I for one wish you great success!

    RYC: Love the name 'Zucchini' and I wouldn't recognize a dangling modifier if it ran up and bit me on the ass! LOL

  3. You might be pleasantly surprised at all the ideas that pop into your head while running alone. I used to teach at SDSU and some great lesson plans evolved on my runs. It could end up being a big breakthrough for you, though motivation is tougher.

  4. Im excited for you as well...but methinks I have longings to teach english!



    Id might be too shocking to actually use my degree :)

  5. WOW I think that I am clearly in the wrong job!! You have a chance to mold college kids into humans AND you have a ton of time to work out. I can understand missing Betty, she's your running partner in crime. Where there is a will there is a way for you to meet up with your running club :-)

    I did the Nike Women's twice, once the full marathon and once the half...have you done it before?

  6. do you get gym benefits at your work place? i'm envious of your new career.

  7. With a different view on teaching at the CC, perhaps there will be new stories to tell?

    Can I ask which CC you will be at is that confidential information? Perhaps I should ask, is it near your home?

  8. Ok...first I am glad that you have the same maturity level I do. Football is on and they said "penetration".....I spit water out of my mouth. You are in good company.

    Second....congrats on the new postions (snort)! I am envious of your new hours.

    You are plenty interesting on your own and you are funnier than hell. You will have tons to blog about.

  9. Congrats on the new job, yadda, yadda, yadda.. on to the important stuff.

    How did you get your nike+ sensor to track correctly? I just got my new sportsband in the mail (my original one's readout is starting to eat itself) and I'm hoping it won't think I'm a Kenyan, like the last sportband/sensor combo did.

  10. hahahah, marcy, what a nut.

    Sweet schedule....all sorts of creativity will be happening by mid September...