Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Getting All Political On Ya...

Yeah...yesterday Betty and I ran more hills...6 loops of a hill run at Balboa Park. 3.62 miles in 43 minutes (not bad) blah, blah, blah...

Then last night, I'm reading all my blogs and getting all caught up on what ya'all are doing and I was thinking about writing about our success in the hill-run workout, or something about the CRAZY HOMELESS GUY in Balboa Park who was speaking in tongues, and who started yelling at and beating on some homeless woman, and how some of the track-club guys beat him off (which I didn't see, but I heard about it later...).

But, I've written enough about hill running for awhile and I'd spare you the boring-er details (although Betty and I did ROCK that hill!)

But without that...what to write about?

I thought, I haven't written much about my summer with Turbo and Drama Girl...but they're busy right now with football and soccer and thus are not so inclined to bicker with each other CONSTANTLY (note to self: keeping kids in sports camps all summer = my sanity).

So, I keep reading blogs looking for inspiration, and I even find a couple new blogs that look interesting and which I've bookmarked for now, and I'll keep lurking around them for awhile before I comment on anything, which is what I do.

But then I get to the only non-running, mommy-political blog I read called Pundit-mom... and I see this...

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

And all I have to say is...


I mean REALLY?

So this is what passes for elevated political discourse this election year? Maybe I'll move to Canada. Lily serves up an awesome lunch, and she does like my margarita recipe...

On the other hand, if Paris gets Jon Stewart on the ticket as her VP, I think I'd have to vote for 'em and stay for the show.


PS...Don't worry. This weekend, I'll be back to posting about running, hills, potty stops, and various other random rants.

I am doing Non-runner Nancy's virtual 8 Mile race this weekend. Here are the rules if you don't already know about it.

Virtual Race Directions -
1. Run 8 miles sometime around the 8th. I'm easy, any time between now and the 10th is fine. I'm also easy in the event that you need to do two-4 milers. Just join us!!
2. Post a race report on your blog.
3. Extra points for olympic-type flair (but absolutely no pressure to do so!) - I brought back some official Olympic stuff from Beijing for prizes!!
4. Notify me when your race report is up
5. Check back here for the full report

Hope the end of your week is fabu, fabu, fabu!


  1. I'll be moving to Canada with you. :)

  2. Hello?! First you tell me how I totally should have joined you wine tasting (which I, remember?!) and now I get NO LOVE for running hills too?! Yeesh. I might get a complex. To make up for it, join us for pizza on Friday.

  3. I CRACKED up at the Paris thing----but in a kind of sad way...


  4. Even political discourse needs a chuckle once in a while! :)

  5. I thought it was funny, and then I wanted to cut Paris (because I really dislike her LOL)

  6. Not a Paris fan but for ONCE she did not sound like a total idiot! Thanks for the laugh and please bring back more running, potty and homeless people stories.

  7. Yeah, Paris, I mean, really?

    I'm with you there....

  8. Frankly, at least with Paris, you know she's insincere and making a goof. With the regular politician, it's hard to differentiate.

  9. um, do you think I can participate with Non-runner Nancy using my 5 mile trail race and my 3 miles at the end of my tri?

    Or is that just cheating.

    And for the record, if Jon Stewart was on any Presidential ticket, I'd vote for him.

    Paris I'd like to ship off to some 3rd world country.

  10. Welcome to Canada!!!

    Paris, for once sounded like she knew what was being written for her! LOL..

  11. Thanks for checking out my blog...I really enjoy yours.

    Have a nice weekend.


  12. LMAO! that is funny stuff....but she sounds likes like she really does have the best idea (sad, very sad).

    I hear British Columbia is beautiful....

  13. Can wait to read your race report! I have been wanting to do one of her virtual races (I am a lurker there. I lurk here. I lurk there, I lurk everywhere...) I think that is the coolest idea EVER! But I had the Dammit Run on the 9th and it was too much for my poor old body!

    Good for you on doing those hills! I was on a roll with hills then I stopped and then I got my ass handed to me by my 65 year old father at the Dammit Run. Sheesh!