Monday, August 29, 2016

10 Year and Still Running!

I guess I should write once every two years or so?

Betty made me promise that I would update the blog - only because we (the running heffers) celebrated an anniversary this past weekend - 10 years of running the "End of Summer" run from La Jolla to PB.

I'm not going to recap the last 10 years of running this event because it appears that I did that two years ago in my last post, and anyone who is TRULY interested can absolutely go back and reread that epic post (not really epic).

The main reason to write this today is mostly to post some photos (even though most of them are already on Facebook - we could write tomes about how FB has destroyed blogging).

Same crew - Betty, Elsie, Mik and Walter before race...some things don't change
Another post-race breakfast at The High Dive
Another stack of breakfast beer glasses (no mimosas this time) 
Some things never change... We even went out on a Sunday night (much easier now that Turbo is about off to college in about 2 weeks, and DramaGirl is already going into her junior year at Boston University!)
A night out with the girls!
and Walter at The Casbah (no there's a place we hadn't been to in ... a long time!)
OK... maybe some things change. My hair is a little whiter, and I'm a little slower (my goal was just to finish the race in less than 40 minutes, which I did, but far off my 4 mile PR!), but the herd is still running and having fun!