Saturday, February 22, 2014

I Didn't Mean to PB

My running life has been quite the surprise recently*.

I mean, I thought that once I turned 50, I'd pretty much slow down...and by slow down, I mean that I thought I'd just start running slower, not run less.

But that's not how it's really worked out, not that I'm particularly running more, but I am running faster. I'm not sure why.

Take a look at my last five of the last six races. My PBs are in bold print. I've run all of these since turning 50.

February 2014 - Sue Kren (15K) - 1:35:22 (10:15)
February 2014 - Home of Guiding Hands (5K) - 28:23 (9:08)** and ***
January 2014 - SuperRun (10K) - 57:39 (9:17)
November 2013 - Run for the Hungry 5K - 26:38 (8:34)
August 2013 - End of Summer Fire Run (4 Miles) - 35:12 (8:54)
March 2013 - San Diego 1/2 Marathon -  2:17:43 (10:31)

This morning's PR at the Sue Kren 15K was particularly surprising because I really, really, really hadn't intended to be anywhere near a personal best. First, the 15K distance is difficult. It's a long race. Not a 10K where you can push yourself, but not a half-mary either. Also, for the first time this particular race was a low tide run, on the sand.
Walter and me before the race. We won't make comments about the beautiful weather...but it was.
Sand running has never been my favorite. To be honest, I avoid it like the plague, yet there I was this morning, running my first 15K in three years, on the sand. This morning's run was also the longest training run before the San Diego Half Marathon in two weeks, so my overall goal was to run slow, finish, and not get hurt.

And I honestly felt like I was taking it easy (or as easy as one can run 9.3 miles).

So, I was pretty surprised when I looked at my time this afternoon and realized that I had another personal best this year.
* No more surprising than a blog post by me!

** Disclaimer. The HGH5K was the last three miles of an eight mile run...and I feel pretty good about the close to 9 minute pace having already run 5.

*** Full disclosure, I actually won my age group in this race! Woot!
My first "first place" medal!