Saturday, February 2, 2008

It’s all about the TIGHT ASS!

I keep hearing talk about some football game tomorrow?

Nice run ladies (sorry BBJ, you weren’t there with us...hope the slopes were nice). I’m happy with my 1:06:50 (ish) finish. I was even happier with my

mimosa (the mantra for some of us). Thanks to Clarence & Betty for reminding me that we’ve only been training a month!

I love you!

You make a difference in my life!

OK, so I just woke up from a 3 hr nap. Was that the running or the mimosas? Ready for some bloggin’

Nice to know that Leslie’s mantra is “Tight Ass” which she shared with everyone in the Crown Point area at about Mile 3.

The good news is that nobody from WF said anything to me like “did you ever find your phone?”

Here’s my list of other moments from the morning that made me laugh, please add yours.

Sharing morning “digestion” stories w/Cheryl & Jaime

“Dropping the Girls in the Pool”

“I’ll have a Coke”

Pink Shorts

PA & Cheryl in the car (photo above)

The guy who whipped out his penis

The Mile of Men

“I gave him a vase to store his nightstick”

BTW - Here is the final resting place of iPoo (1). I took a picture of the (this time) empty toilet.

Hope you all have a fabulous Super Bowl Sunday. Don’t eat too much bean dip...I know how you all are :-)


PS. Post your running playlists and I’ll put them on the main page...I need some new running songs.

PPS. This new site has a different URL - bookmark this one too :-)

PPPS. Here’s the website for this mornings Super Run if you want to see your results in print.

PPPPS. Here’s a link to the Nike Women’s Marathon in SF in October


  1. "Great job ladies! I enjoyed running with you and I LOVE YOU! My only comments - I feel so special knowing that = so far today - I have received a kiss on the cheek from Cindi. I know the ladies walking towards us might not "be okay with that" but I am! I've also learned that I need to cinch (?) the string on my running pants - but remember to not make a knot in case I have to go potty in a hurry. Did you know that Dianne's husband Jeff has to put his nightstick in a vase and it took her three months to train him on where to put the nightstick.

    Leslie has her music on so loud that she yells when talking to random people and she even yelled the "Tight A$$" comment. Thanks for a great run and breakfast - it was so much fun - I came home and showered and was preparing to take a quick nap.....

    but then....
    I got THE call.....

    my dad reminding me that I would take him to Cost Co.... (so read on if you want to be humored...)
    I pick up "Pop-Pop" and my mom decides to join us - and off we go to Cost Co.
    Arrival at Cost Co and forgot the handicapped permit so we had to park and walk to the entrance. When we got there my mom's hip was acting up so she wanted a motorized cart (only 28 more days until she gets insurance and her hip fixed) but they were all taken so she had to have a wheel chair. Which meant that my dad had to push the cart! I know - Dianne is thinking.. May Day! But it gets better... they fight over what time the SuperBowl game is starting, what street the trolley stop let's them out on, what day a doctor's appointment is going on. By this time, I've opened the bottle of tequila I'm going to purchase and have taken three swigs!

    We get through cost co - but my dad forgot one thing - so he HAS TO go get it himself - so here I am tryng to manuever a crazy lady in a wheel chair and a full cart.. on a Saturday.. at Cost Co! He returns with another cart with a bag of bananas in it and doesn't want to give up the idea of putting the bananas in the full cart - which leads to another argument between them. We check out and start to get in the line where someone pretends to look at your receipt and highlight it - when my mom decides to stop at one of the displays on the way out (normally - there are displays for blinds, new windows, car insurance, tires, etc) but today there was a casket display! Here we are... looking at caskets and finally I just ask if we get a deal for two of them?

    I load up the car - but then they decide it would be nice to go to "JoAnn's Fabrics" and then after that - they want to go to Albertson's because they have a coupon that expires tomorrow (it is so sad to see people on such a fixed income... but) - we go to Albertson's.. yada yada

    and on the way home, mom explains that when she dies she wants to be cremated and her remains added to some new program that mixes the remains with some cement type stuff and forms the cement into a ball and then it can be dropped in the ocean to help form an artificial reef. She says it only costs about $1000. I remind her the caskets at Cost Co were under $100 and I can get some students to dig the ditch as an alternative to Saturday School. I ask her again - is there a deal for 2 cement balls? I finally get them home after 3 trips up to the 10th floor - have another sip of tequilla and go home. Ahhh... it's 5:30ish and I'm ready for a nap. I wish we could run more often - it is much less painful - but I'm not sure it is as amusing!

    Happy Superbowl Sunday!

  2. Take a look at our photos on the RnR website...we are absolutely SHAMELESS!

  3. I still can't believe I ran 6 miles with NO MUSIC... sad bunny. I should have just run along with Leslie and her sing to me! Even when she sprinted ahead of me (go Leslie) i'm sure i could have still heard her! :)

    The next time you see Cindi, ask her what problem her daughter came to her with. And then ask her what her advice was. I'm so glad i'm not 12! :)

    Here are the tunes that are on my "Run Forest Run!" playlist;
    Awful - Hole
    Beautiful Day - U2
    Blowin' Me Up - JC Chasez
    Boys of Summer - The Ataris
    Breathe - Telepopmusik
    Celebrity Skin - Hole
    Everlong - Foo Fighters
    Fat Lip - Sum 41
    Fergalicious - Fergie
    Float On - Modest Mouse
    Glamorous - Fergie
    Hey Ya - Andree 3000
    Hollaback Girl - Swen Stefani
    Jessie's Girl - Rick Springfield
    Jack and Diane - John Cougar Melloncamp
    Walking on Sunshine - Katrina nd the Waves
    Move Along - The All-American Rejects
    Poprocks and Coke - Green Day
    Promiscuous Girl - Nelly Furtado
    We Run This - Missy Elliott
    What's My Age Again? - Blink-182

  4. Oh dear lord...which problem did I tell you about??? She's got so many these days....

    Oh yes, she told me that there were a group of girls who were in one of her classes who turned EVERYTHING she said into a sex joke...gee...I don't know ANYONE who would do that.... POOR THING. I was trying not to laugh as she was telling me this... I didn't tell her about the very long list of words I try not to say in front of the staff at staff meetings...

    Actually, I told her that she should ask Betty for advice, she'd know what to do (thought it was pretty good advice...although now that I think about it, she could ask pretty much any of us for snappy comebacks.)