Saturday, February 23, 2008

Reports From the Field

A weekend filled with individual efforts and runs, Lake Murray at 5am (still waiting for that photo of BBJ in Underarmor tights) and Mission Bay at 1pm on Saturday for Betty, yours truly, and Elise (although she didn’t run with us). Where were the rest of you this weekend?

So Betty and I ran this afternoon with my bro-in-law Dave, which is when we all learned that despite “Dear Jesus”’s efforts, Betty still has pain leeway from her fupah!

We ran from the roller coaster, south to South Mission, then back around on the bay side, to crown point, and back. Here’s the run. (Thanks to Clarence who showed me the value of embedding objects in webpages)

My brother in law, Dave (who I gave two minutes to get ready to go with us...but he just had to put his pants on, so it wasn’t a problem), joined us for this run. Lucky him! He got to listen to Betty and I revisit her visit with the aforementioned “Dear Jesus. Then he got to run with us AND then had the pleasure of listening Betty and I sing along to “Cows with Guns” on the way home...not sure he’ll run with us again...

Nice that as we had crossed mission, and were just starting off on Mile 3-ish, here comes Elsie with her “calfs” and “grandcalf” (I think) in tow, RUNNING THE OTHER WAY! I guess she took off without us...ah well.

It was a beautiful afternoon for running...which was nice after the days of rain

So, here are some other highlights from this week’s email exchange as we tried to get together for a run as we were unavailable for the SDTC training run.

I love BBJ’s attempt to get someone to run with him at 5am!

bbj needs to run at 5 am b/c he has an 830 parent meeting. a 6-8 run wouldn't allow him to wash his booty in time for the parent.

5 am on the dreadmill or streets of la mesa in some under armor tights.
Of course I asked for photos, to which BBJ later replied (after his moonlight run):

I think I saw a coroner following me throughout the run, but no photos.
Tragedy about the photos.

We haven’t seen Alberta or Edith for a couple of weeks. I’m not sure where Alberta’s been (maybe she’ll let us know), but Edith has been occupied with visiting family. She promises to have good stories about a visiting four year old, and “hottie,” her mom.

By the way, here’s “Cows with Guns” in case you want to sing along :-)



  1. Hey Herd! I'm hating these solo runs and am looking forward to joining up again this week. I did Lake Murray solo yesterday (but at a normal hour of 3:30pm) and my knee is killing me...not good.

    Mom is still here until tomorrow but some teasers from the week...when your kid's school school calls, is it bad to have them put your kid on the phone and say "you better be sick!"?...or... exactly what force do you need to throw a basketball from the garage 2nd floor landing to break a french door window?...or... how much does it hurt when a surfing monkey hits you full force, square in the face? (my lip looks GREAT from that one) and finally...exactly how much does it cost for a cab ride from Legoland vs AAA coming out to rekey your car in the rain? ($90 vs $360)

    I love my brother, but was very happy to put him, his kids, and his karma back on the plane Thursday night! See y'all soon!
    Sunday, February 24, 2008 - 08:31 AM

  2. I'm going over Edith's to see "Hottie" - but that run yesterday was really tough for me. And Dave can no longer run with us (Cindi's borther in law - Dave). He laughed when I told him that I Wog in stead of Jogging. By mile 7 he realized that he could walk quickly to keep up with my "sprint" - or Wog pace.

    That's painful - as well as when the man with 2 knee braces and a limp passes by you!

    Cindi on the other hand - is looking great! She ran 9.5 miles faster and stronger than we were able to run 8.5! I'm so impressed and proud of her.

    Although cindi thought it was nice to see Leslie on the run - I don't like see friends reach "their" finish line as I'm heading out on my "starting" point. but heather looked happy also.

    The beach run is a good one - so beautiful and full of water stops. I think I'll do it again!

  3. Awww. You wouldn't have been impressed this afternoon...35 minutes (barely) on a treadmill...was the most painful 35 minutes of running I've done in a long while.

    Here's what I learned this weekend...after running 9.5 miles it is REALLY important to eat something within 30 minutes or so. Because of Charlie's birthday party, I had to run some errands, including three stops trying to find for Aztec shirts for the boys (finally ended up at the Aztec store in Fashion Valley), pick up a cake, get sodas. We finished running at about 3:00. I didn't eat or drink anything but water until about 5:00... I've never felt so rotten in my life.

    Needless to say, the beer I had at 5:05 went straight to my head, and was the reasons I wasn't at the Aztec game (sorry Edith). I completely CRASHED.

    Lesson learned