Saturday, February 16, 2008

Random Running Thoughts

First of all, I’ve got to say, “WAY TO GO Clarence and Elsie!”
Both ran hour & a half this morning w/various aches and pains...and to Betty who did the long run yesterday so that she could go to SF for the weekend and do some active recovery (so long as she could get D1 let D2 spend the night in the dorm room so she and Dave could have the hotel room to themselves).

When she gets, back, we’ll have to ask Betty about her airport experience...I can’t wait to hear about the body search at the airport. Was it fun? Did you leave your ID at home on


Here’s my story for the week that has only a limited relationship to running. Edith was wandering around the campus yesterday. She said she was looking for a nice place to film math teachers (seriously...math teachers? A nice place? On our campus?), with her production assistant (I think that’s what she called him), Rod, who is going to help her film. Anyway, she introduced me as one of the several people that she runs with...a group which includes all of you and which also includes BBJ, who Rod (yes, I’m giggling every time I type his name), had just


The conversation went something something like:

E: There’s a group of us who run together, and it includes, well you know Leslie and also Big Bootie Jim, you just met him. He’s a math teacher.

R: I did?

E: Yeah, he’s really into rap music and hip-hop. You should see him dance

R: (Blank look...he must be thinkin’ “who did I meet who looked like he might be into hip-hop”)

E: You know, Jim C-- ...the guy in the sweater-vest!

R: Seriously? No Way!

To say the least, it took Edith and I awhile to convince Rod (giggle) that BBJ was, in fact, really into rap music, can mix music w/the best of ‘em, and was, indeed the same person as the tall, white, conservatively-dressed, math teacher wearing a sweater-vest, whom he’d just met.

I don’t know if we really convinced him or not.

Other things I learned this week...1) Officer Stoney does not have a vase for HIS nightstick. He suggested that they just do that in Lakeside). 2) None of us know what size shirt we wear.

I have some other random thoughts and comments about running this week and how much I’ve learned about all of the bodily functions and injuries we’ve incurred as a result of running this past month. I thought I’d record some of them here. I’m sure there are more than

I’m about to can fill in the blanks if you so desire. Here is our injury report to date:

Elsie: Knee pain and various digestive issues and this morning she was worried about soreness in her hip.

Clarence: Heel spurs, occasional dizziness and nausea (no, she’s not pregnant).

Betty: Back pain, various chaffing issues (wear a good sports bra for pete’s sake).

Edith: Digestive issues and and an ex w/a bimbo girlfriend w/fake boobs (I think that counts. It is a pain)

Alberta: Digestive issues and a desire to be an American Gladiator

BBJ: Calf strain

Alice: Achilles pain (shin sprints seem to have moved to the back side) and some back pain this week.

I think treadmill running is out for me from now on (unless I’m truly desperate). Seems like whenever I run on the TM, the shin-splints and back pain gets worse.

And finally, for those of you who are really paying attention...yes, many of these photos were taken at the Super Run two weeks ago... These were the last photos taken of us running, and were the only ones which I could download this afternoon from the RnR website when I first uploaded this post. I’ve since added more and I looked for BBJ in last week’s photos from Cardiff, but didn’t see any :-(

Take care of yourselves. I’ll be back to running on Tuesday this week.

Oh yeah, for those who care about mileage, here’s the MapMyRun route :

Here are some fabulous pix from SF, which Elsie sent me (she references them in her post below).




  1. My running thought from this morning (yes- it was just one) started when, at 5:45am , i noticed where we were running today. Freekin' San Diego River Bed. Now, yes- if you look at Elsie's map, it was not ALL the SD river bed, but that's all i could focus on. Why you ask? Well it started with the 3-Day walk in 2006. 3 days of walking... LONG stretches of the SD river bed... the WORST part of EVERY SINGLE DAY. Ask Elena. She know ALL about it.

    So I was not looking forward to this morning... partly b/c my heels were en fuego and partly because i would be RUNNING (not walking) the San Diego river bed.

    Now Elsie kicked running booty today. After following me for the first mile, she took off!!! Left me in her dust! She must have been listening to Madonna.

    Love you all!

  2. OMG - I can barely walk this evening! Who's idea was this whole marathon thing again?? Di and Cindi are truly wonder women and I can't believe we all just kept running for 90 minutes (not counting the just-in-time potty stop), we must be crazy - and where was the mythological BBJ to encourage us on? I'll be running in Nor Cal (at Asilomar) next Tuesday - for sure I'll be doing the 50 crunches and telling everyone around me that (1) they make a difference in my life and/or (2) That I love them. Is that a decent pick-up line? #2 is true for the Heffers.....Is anyone but me thinking that a 1/2 Marathon is plenty?? La Jolla, then done?? I'm sending in a few pics to our clever web mistress from Edith and my trip to SF this last week - Edith (who has a great fear of heights) actually sat by the window at the Top of the Mark - where we had to have martinis and toast all of you!

  3. I'm back from San Fran! In two days I ate 3 pounds of crab, 4 loaves of Sourdough bread, a few drinks, some other really good chicken type of food with vegies - and oh yeah - I saw Sarah.

    We walked way too much and sure did a lot in 2 days.
    Going through the SSSS (whatever that means) security two times was very interesting. In San fran - they put me in an enclosed box and it shot dozens of "poofs" of air at me - then it waited for a minute before letting me out. Of course they swabbed every part of all of my bag, shoes, clothing, etc. I had on good socks - so no worries.

    I still can't find my license! Oh yeah - I tried to sign up fo rhte Chinese New Year 5K run but couldn't - =(. So no running or anything - I'll go out this afternoon.

  4. First - never mind the last comment - this one is a KILLER (literally)!

    Dear Leslie,

    I know when I was telling you that my hip/butt hurt when running was bugging me and I initially thanked you for giving me your Sports Massage person's name. In hindsight, here is what I've learned:

    1. When meeting the new massage lady, remember that her name is Tammi and not Kami. I think my mis-saying her name led to all the rest of these comments.

    2. Tammi, herein and hereafter referred to as "Dear Jesus", is a nice 120 pound lady who Leslie has been going to for some time now. I told her that I thought I had a normal pain tolerance and that I try to be athletic.

    3. I mentioed that my hip and butt hurt, but little did I realize that I had so much tension in my shoulders, back, thighs, calves, arms, neck, stomach, etc.

    4. Tension = Pain

    5. I've never said "Oh God", "Dear Jesus", "Ow", to another woman in a dark room.

    6. I never thought I'd have to use my LaMaze breathing techniques again. I was wrong. I used them about 5 times in 103 minutes!

    7. You know how I normally only pee myself when laughing, apparently acute pain causes the same response. Next time, I'm bringing a kotex pad (one with wings) so I can tape it to my thighs! (sorry Jim - but that was jsut too funny not to write)

    8. I've never had a massage where the masseuse climbs up on the table to "really get the spot". I thought the tears in my eyes indicated that she hit the spot. I guess I was wrong!

    9. I actually paid and tipped "Dear Jesus" for the "massage".

    10. Leslie has clearly been stressed, because on a few times, I simply wanted to let out a serious "What the F%$&" but I didn't want to give the wrong impression of a teacher.

    11. Lastly, I feel pretty good and I think I'll be going back to her. Next time, I'm self-medicating before I go!


  5. Now go back and read Betty's (the new and improved version) and imagine hearing her tell the story as I heard it (as she was leaving the massage therapists office) talking really fast, about two octaves higher than know, PA en fuego...even funnier that way.

    She forgot to mention that the hickey's on her back are "normal."

    Sorry about that BBJ