Friday, February 8, 2008

How does a blind guy know...

Sometimes I wonder who or what I am becoming as a result of this running thing...I mean, I woke up this morning in San Jose at a Crown Plaza Hotel which, by the way, has the BEST beds and rooms.

Why are the rooms the best you may ask? Well first, they have the best beds, lots of pillows, pillowtops and are really comfortable, and also, (in case the pillows and the comfy bed isn’t enough, they provide a really nice sleep CD, which isn’t good for running, but is pretty good for sleeping. Click on the link here to hear some of it

This is what I fell asleep to last night...but that’s not the reason I’m blogging about being in San Jose for two days...this is the REAL purpose:

I woke up at 5am and was on a Freeking Treadmill by 5:30 IN THE MORNING.

I’M JUST SAYING--I’ve never in my ENTIRE LIFE gotten up in the morning to TRAIN for anything. I’m just not like that. Now I know that some of you have athletic pasts and have, at some point, in your past, gotten up early to practice or train for an event or a sport, but let me make this perfectly clear.


But this morning, I woke up early and thought, “Well, I’m awake, I guess I should run.” Because what the heck else would one do at 5am?

So I was on a treadmill by 5:30 IN THE MORNING and I ran for 50 minutes (which is, as you all know is absolute boredom HELL... and did I mention that the only other person in the “fitness center” was a blind guy with a white cane, who I watched tap himself back and forth between the elliptical machine and the weights for 40 minutes, and who, when I was done running asked me if I needed a towel (how does a blind guy know that you need a towel?) commented that I’d been running a pretty long time...

I feel like such an athlete now...

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  1. I thought we were supposed to do active Recovery - so I chose that. I could stay in bed for it!