Saturday, March 1, 2008

Where to put the Glide®

I learned so much about the virtues of Nip Guard (make sure you ask BBJ about his bloody nipples and beach-goer’s concerns about personal violence) and the best places to use Glide today! After running 9.3 miles, our list of places to use Glide included:

  1. BulletNipples (of course!)

  2. BulletFeet

  3. BulletUnder arms

  4. BulletInner thigh

  5. Bullet(for lack of a better term) Groin area (trust me on this one)

I wonder if I could purchase a tub of Glide and just dunk my whole body in it so that I don’t have any chafing issues.

We also discussed remarkable effects of Gu.

So, BBJ, Elsie, Alberta, and I showed up for and ran the Sue Kren 15K this morning. I was happy about the overcast morning since we ran part of the race on Fiesta Island. I ran on FI once last summer in the sun and it was brutal. Alberta told me that she found it peaceful...My biggest goal was to get off Fiesta Island before the race walker who was kicking my a$$ did. (I did, but he finished the race ahead of me...grrrr).

I loved how, at the end of the race, BBJ spent a few minutes explaining to me the calculation for figuring out one’s pace in a 9.3 mile race (really BBJ, I was just nodding. I have no idea what you were talking about). We all agreed that seeing the 9 mile sign was just depressing ‘cuz we still had some more runnin to do...

Really, my personal claim to fame today is that I almost beat Alberta to the finish. Of course, she hates me now, and she’ll never, ever allow me to be that close to her in a long run again,

‘cuz she’s so darn competitive...AND in all fairness, she’s had bronchitis for two weeks... but I’ll take whatever I can get. (Sorry Alberta...I just couldn’t help myself). I tried to sprint to the finish to beat her, but to no avail...although I think it’s funny that I call my finish today a sprint. Next time I’ll make sure I have Madonna or Britney to finish to.

Elsie again flirted w/the boys as she ran and finished the race, even though she didn’t think she could do it...just think, we ran more than 1/3 of the marathon today.

What was up with the roses at the end of the race? I didn’t get that.

For those of you who weren’t there...don’t worry about not having a bib that says “Sue Kren 15K.”

Mine says “Jingle Run 5K.” I also saw runners (including Alberta) wearing “San Dieguito 1/2 Marathon” and “End of Summer Fire Run” (I already have one of those). Some random guy walking his dogs asked me why we were all wearing different bibs...I can imagine what all these runners wearing different race bibs must have looked like...”What race is this anyway?” Not a big deal...but funny nonetheless. My response to random dog-guy was “low budget?” (not to be mean...but I thought it was funny...well that and he asked me at about mile 9--that I was able to shout out any answer, let alone one that was more than one syllable, is impressive).

My personal hygiene question this week is: Do any of you use any sort of make-up remover/face cleanser to-go wipe/thingy/product? I’m looking for something to use during the week when I run after work. I don’t like running in makeup, and washing my face w/ really cold water (why can’t we have hot water in the restrooms at Helix) is annoying. Any ideas?

My runner’s protocol question this week is: when sweat is running down your back and then to your butt, is it OK to scratch? When is it not OK? Hmmm, maybe that’s a personal hygiene question too.

Finally, my response to Edith’s email about her decision (after puking for four days w/the stomach flu) to not run this morning is that you athletes crack me up. If I’d been that sick for four days, I wouldn’t even consider the question (should I run today?), I’d just stay in bed...and wait for someone to bring me saltines. Hope you’re feeling better soon. Betty’s coming back from Dallas today. She might want to run with you tomorrow...or you can call my bro-in-law Dave. Then, maybe you’ll have dreams about Dave, Jamison, and you in pink shorts w/bows...can’t wait to hear more about that!


PS..Sorry Elsie, no photos of you (yet) on the RnR website for me to pilfer...


  1. Here's the math:

    take your time for the 15K and multiply by 26.2
    divide by 9.3 = predicted time in minutes for the marathon.
    divide by 60 to have predicted time in hours and decimal minutes
    multiply decimal(hundreths place) to find predicted minutes.

    1 hour 22 minutes, I think, for 15K = 82 minutes
    82 x 26.2 = 2148.4
    2148.4/9.3 = 231.01
    231.01/60 = 3.85 hours
    .85 x 60 = 51 minutes

    marathon prediction: 3 hours 51 minutes

    1 huge assumption though, running the next 17 miles at the same pace. Bring on the Body Lube and GU packs.


    P.S.: I see that polite head-nod of non-math understanding everyday.

  2. Ahhhh...I coulda done the math on was more that you were doing it in your head ...after running...that impressed me!

    At that point, all of my brain function was working on

    1. breathing normally,
    2. not falling over, and
    3. wondering if I should have another orange slice :-))

    Here's how I calculate it
    1hr 42ish min = 102 minutes
    102/9.3 = about 11 minutes per mile (I know it's less than that, but I use estimates and round up figuring I'll never keep the faster pace for 26.2 miles)
    11 x 26.2 = 262 + 26.2 = 288.2 minutes
    288/60 = 4.8 hours
    .8 x 6 = 48
    4 hours 48 minutes

    Actually, if I finish around 5 hours, I'll be thrilled!

    Did I do the math right?

    Again...sorry about the polite math head-nodding. I was really focused on orange slices at that point!

  3. So could I just put the glide on my entire foot? I am not sure if I want to know more about BBJ's nipples. Alice rocked it and when I saw her take off sprinting so did I :) Sorry I couldn't help myself. I think I cussed out loud at the sign that said 9 miles. As for this photo, this was my attempted smile and I even am waving. As for the man behind me, he had a bad leg, was twice as old as me and we kept going back and forth in front of eachother. I was very upset when I finished the race he was already done and wasn't sweating anymore. The race was named after a women that died and was a huge supporter of the San Diego Track Club. She died in some kind of diving situation so they give roses to the women to honor her. My favorite part of the race was when we came through the parking lot (where my car was parked and I almost got in it) and on the ground it said in bright side walk chalk SUCK IT UP WUSSIES!!! At this point I laughed and passed the bald headed, injured, old man that kicked my ass at the end. Good job girls and BBJ, hope you iced the nips!

  4. You guys crack me up (ouch that reminds me, I need to go buy some GLIDE and rub it on all the mentioned places). A big thanks to Alberta who almost didn't get out of bed too (I had some great rationalizations going until guilt set in at 6:00am). She convinced me it was just a "mental game" (kind of like doing math in your head BBJ) and that all it took was a good mental attitude to do 9.3 miles- well that mental bubble lasted at least 3 miles until my GI tract started acting up (which is getting VERY annoying) requiring a pit stop - and then I had to start trying to pass all the people I had previously passed - including an incredibly fast bald waker guy. As Alice mentioned I did get to flirt a little with Gary (who, go figure, hadn't seen me on Tuesdays) which is what happens when you are in the back of the pack. Doing "just" a half is sounding really good right now.