Sunday, March 9, 2008

“I ALWAYS run My Marathon Pace!”

Betty’s BACK! after a month of missing both the long runs and the Tuesday night track runs, she made it to both this week. Now we’re just waiting for Clarence’s return, which we know is imminent because she got to wear flip-flops last weekend without crying.

The run down the Silver Strand yesterday morning was lovely (you can view the map of the run that Betty and I did by clicking...I decided not to embed the map this time because it sometimes takes too long to load).

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It did get a little warm toward the end there. I’m going to have to consider wearing running shorts (the horror)...Still having chafing issues. Who has an opinion (ladies...although you’re completely welcome to chime in BBJ) about whether or not to wear underwear. I know there are special “runner’s underwear.” Is this something worth considering?

I will say that when Mik tells me that her legs are getting tired at mile 7, I get really worried! I know I ran the last mile on complete faith that I had legs below me that were moving, because I really couldn’t feel them.

So Paul (who we love, and who makes a difference in our lives) was making a big deal out of next weekend’s run. Apparently we are going to run back and forth from hospitality point to some point, about two miles, down the San Diego riverbed for 2 hours at our “Marathon Pace.”

Ya gotta if I have different “marathon pace” than I do for any other time I run...My comment to Mik (and hence this week’s headline) was “I always run my marathon pace...slow.” Is a marathon pace run supposed to be any faster or slower than other runs? I don’t get this... I suspect my “marathon pace” will be decidedly slower than my usual sprint. Your thoughts?

I do love how we all look so happy in this week’s (pilfered) group of photos from the RnR website. These were taken around the last water station (I think). For me, it was at roughly mile 9 of this week’s jaunt. Are we really that nuts to look so happy after running 9 miles?, or is it that we know we are almost finished?, or is it that we’re still vain enough to make sure that we smile for the camera?

I know that I was completely surprised to see the camera and that my facial expression before I saw the camera would have been either 1) deep concentration or 2)sheer agony. I do remember seeing the woman with a camera and thinking “oh shit, there’s the camera. Gosh I hope she hasn’t already taken a picture of me.” So I guess for me, the smile for the camera is complete vanity.

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  1. I'm happy I was able to finish and surprised that I was just 3 miles short of the 1/2 marathon! thanks Cindi and Jaime for helping me along the way - if I would have stopped, I don't think I would have finished! I'm doing that same run on Thursday afternoon - but I'm goign to go all the way to the Coronado Cays entrance! If you want to run with me on thursday afternoon - around 3pm - let me know!

    I have to say that I have to learn to speed up because some people have some conversatons that drive me crazy and when they are running behind you - you just want to turn around and say... "Grow up or shut up!"

    I'll be running around Central Park while in NYC - it's a 6 mile course - I plan to do it at least 2 times!

    See you all on the 22nd!