Saturday, March 22, 2008

Jimmy, Mojo, and Me

You all missed a fabulous Coronado run this morning ( read that right...ALL OF YOU missed it)..except for me. Here’s the course map which shows the route. You may notice that it’s not a perfect loop. I took a wrong turn at after 9 miles, but eventually found the rest of the group. I figure the good thing about running in Coronado is that you can’t get too lost. At some point you’re going to run into either a) the Naval Training Station or b) the bridge. I shared this outlook with the woman who was running with me, but she didn’t look so convinced. (not sure why she followed me anyway. I must have looked like I knew where I was going).

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To be honest, I was a little sad to be running solo this morning. No familiar smiling faces to keep me going...nothing to write about on the Blog (I feared), but I figured I’d be OK because one of the things I did in the car on the ride home was put together a new playlist for running.

Then I looked and noticed, alas, that I had Mike’s Nano with me...not mine.


Now Mike and I have somewhat different tastes in music. I happen to enjoy a variety of tunes, including songs that have been released within the last couple of years. But Mike’s Nano pretty much contains the same music he’s been listening to since his adolescence and young adulthood. Yes, he has some Jimmy Buffet (thank goodness) on his Nano, but mostly its late 70’s and 80’s music from Foreigner, Boston, The Kinks, The Eagles, Joe Jackson...that sort of thing...

Oh yeah, he also has tons of Mojo Nixon. Now if you don’t know who Mojo Nixon is, you really need to check out the link and next time he’s in town, I’ll take you to one of his shows... We NO DOUBT will hear his almost-hit “Elvis is Everywhere” at some point during the race. I was singing along (really) at 10 least I was laughing about how appropriate it was. (Seriously, you should listen to it.)

So, I ran 10 miles with Jimmy this morning and the last two with Mojo.

To be certain, Mojo isn’t everyone’s cup of tea...Some of his other songs include:

“Debbie Gibson is Pregnant (with my two headed love child)”
“I Ain’t Gonna Piss in No Jar”
“Gin Guzzlin’ Frenzy”

and then there’s Mike’s personal favorite (I am not making this up),

“Louisiana Lip-Lock” a song which contains the line: “She had a Louisiana Lip-Lock on my love porkchop.”

Yes, Mike took me to a few Mojo shows when we were dating, one at The Belly Up and another show at some dive bar up in San Bernardino. Yes, I married him anyway.

So, let’s just say that between Buffet and Mojo...I was entertained...although I still missed you all!


PS, If you want a copy of “Elvis is Everywhere” for your iPod, let me know.


  1. hola from Cancun:

    Saturday morning, instead of a lovely Mojo-filled Coronado run, I ran along the Cancun strip for the required 2+ hours. Uneven sidewalks, ultra-fast cars and buses cruising the road, 6-10 drunk people staggering back to their hotels from a spring break drunk-fest, and mucho humidity. Not enough chubb-rub in the right spots left bbj with sweat rashes from sweat-drenched running apparel that is supposed to be dri-fit. even with the bbj ipod tunes flowing, the solo run was not the same.

    Hope all is well with everyone as we enter week 2 of spring break. I will be in Phoenix on Saturday watching NCAA basketball, therefore, someone hopefully will be there to run with Mrs. Harris.



  2. Wow Cindi - you and BBJ get the prize this week for RnR. I thought I was the only one who got lost regularly (well maybe Cheryl too). I'm deep into packing and wondering how the few things that I thought I had have been multiplying in closets, etc. Didn't know Mike had such a quirky music side -- I did like the Elvis song though, would love to get the whole weird thing. 3 Guatemalan framers have been pounding the house all weekend, and here's a picture of what's been going on at my place.

  3. hmmm. Elsie sent this to me to post. Her email to me said:

    "For the blog - some of us are older single women who like younger hot guys....and look, they are discriminating against us!

    In other words, we should be looking for signs

    Sorry about the humid run in Cancun BBJ.
    Sunday, March 23, 2008 - 07:47 PM

  4. BTW, A Mojo song that might make you feel better about that chafing problem is one titled "Postivitely Bodies Parking Lot." For those of us who are older than 40 and who remember Bodies (Mike says it was just east of College and University, but I think it was in the OB/Point Loma area when I was bar cruising in the 80's).

    Also, I think there's a reference to Mike (before me) in this song. I'm so proud. The reference to "Bullethead" is to Mike's best man in our wedding.

    And Iris was worried about my friends....

  5. Hello Rock n Roller people.....
    I wish you all happy miles and miles....train hard, train hard, party harder....but if you can not get up on Sunday 7:30 A.m. to partied to hard.

    Fun Article on your coach Paul Greer...

    Ari Schauder

  6. Ari is not just some random person...he's a friend of mine. I was at his house on Sunday and turns out that he's known Coach Paul since their high school days. He told me a pretty funny story about Coach Paul showing up some USC sprinters in college (They both ran track for SDSU).

    Ari also did a pretty dead-on impression of Coach Paul...which was also amusing.

  7. Yeah, I don't usually do mid-week posts...but had to record this evening's story....

    As Edith and I walk in she walks up to Paul (who makes a difference in our lives and who we love) and says something like "yeah, I read a story about your climb to Kilamanjaro...we have a friend who just climbed it this past week."

    Paul: looking surprised says something like, "really? that was a couple years ago. Where'd you read about that."

    Edith: oh it was on the bl.... (looking at me, deer in the headlights)

    Me: I sent it to you. (then looking at Paul) My friend Ari Schauder, sent it to me.

    Paul: Oh yeah...Are you Cindi Harris? I have an email from Ari about you right here on my take a look.

    And sure enough, there's an email from Ari on Paul's clipboard...I have really no idea what it said cuz I had in my contacts and no reading glasses.

    Anyway, Paul certainly knows who we are now..