Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Goals...Currently Thwarted by the Littlest Piggy

My goals for the summer were to get as fit as I possibly could get, drop a few pounds (or at least a couple of sizes), rest, relax, go to Italy...

oh yeah, and turn 50. am I doing on these goals? To date, I'm not going to Italy (lots of reasons..."next summer for sure!" she said), and now the fitness/weight loss thing just got a bit more interesting. 

I was on track to follow through on the fitness goals though. Saturday started with a perfect June-Gloom morning, which meant it was perfect for a run through Balboa Park with The Herd, first time we had gotten together, all four of us, for a run for months. I logged a sweet and easy 7 miles.
Elsie, stopping to smell the roses.
Yes, my hat is in Elsie's face. She needs to let me know about these things
We also managed to get a little off-road, trail run much better than running up Upas.
Impressive, over-the-shoulder-action-photo skillz Alice!! Betty, Elsie, and Mik in action! Yes, I know this isn't a trail, but it becomes one, trust me.
Then on Monday, Betty and I did a 43 mile ride on the coast in more typical June-Gloom weather.
Stopping at Buckaneer Beach for coffee and a breakfast sandwich after 20 miles of riding...YUM!
On the Oceanside Pier
As many times as I've run in, to, and around Oceanside, I've never been on the was quite lovely. We saw the starting point of a coast to coast ride.

On Tuesday afternoon, I went to work out with my trainer (can we talk about how incredibly week my left arm is?), then I did a spin class.

The fitness plan was going so well, and I've been so proud of myself. I haven't been injured in a couple of years. I started working with a trainer to get stronger. 

Of course this meant that I was about to do something really stupid, right?

Later Tuesday night, I was walking to the kitchen from the bedroom to get a bed-side glass of water for the evening. I've done this walk about a gagillion times in the dark, only on Tuesday night, I decided to multitask and check my very, very, super, important Twitter updates as I was went and....



I internally screeched as I slammed my little toe onto the cursed chair....It was a dead on hit from what I can gather (it was dark, so I didn't see the chair, the impact, or anything else for that matter). Yeah, we've all hit our toes on random furniture about a bazillion times, only I knew pretty quickly that this particular toe-stub was different because the pain didn't subside....I ended up taking Motrin just to get to sleep and by morning, the area around my little toe had started to turn a subtle shade of greenish.
And this little (greenish) piggy cried "wee, wee, wee" all the way home.
Now it is two days later and I still can't wear a shoe...flip-flops only, which isn't a bad thing in SoCal in the summer, unless of course, one wants to go for a run or a ride, or something that requires shoe-wear of some sort.

I'm hoping it's just a pretty bad bruise and not a fracture or something and that if I'm a very, very, very, good girl, it'll heal. Please send me and my littlest toe all your good-karma-thoughts. We need it. 

But I'm still pissed. If and when I injure myself, I sorta want it to happen because I was actually exercising or doing something interesting, not because I was walking to my own G.D. kitchen...
...Day 2 of "this little piggy" watch. Less green, more purplish, and a new pedicure... I figured, why the heck not?
In case you're wondering, I'm still on track to turn 50 this summer (GAH!).


  1. It is better to turn 50 than to not turn 50.

    I'm a bit surprised that there isn't an under/over on summer mimosas. Will the foot impact that?

    Feel better.

  2. Oh dear, that toe, blech!! Hope it heals up quickly...I'm sure the sparkly toe nail polish will help speed things up! :)

    Nothing wrong with 50, really, it's the best years!! (I am trying to convince myself, since I turn it next year!!)

    Sorry I missed seeing you again a couple weeks ago :(.

  3. I kind of figured you'd still be on track for the 50 thing. No biggie. Hope your toe heals up soon. And you will like the shirt I just got.

  4. Oh man! That little piggie will soon heal and you'll be back at it. Just get back in the saddle when you can - I think your aims are ADMIRABLE! and love the run / bike photos. Shame you're not going to Italy though!

  5. Congratulations your 50th birthday and I hope that you have a great time in Italy .