Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Tuesday Post? More from The Night

Yeah, I don't usually post this early in the week, and truth be told, I should be grading papers right now, but I was just procrastinating doing research on the web and I decided to check to see if the Light the Night photographer had posted any pix yet.

And, in what might be the official WORST nighttime race photos EVER, yes, there were.

yeah...it's barely a picture, but I wish you could see what I'm looking at...FlashDance girl in the pink in front of me was NOT, as far as I could tell, in costume.

My official time was 32:15, and I'm not complaining, but here's the thing. Walter's time was 33:19, yet he was through the chutes and had joined the group before me. I'm pretty sure I stood in those freekin' chutes for an extra five minutes (ok. ok. I'll let it go)...

Albera, who ran with a cold, looks pissed that she didn't chick this guy. 

Alberta still finished with a respectable 29:39...and did I mention that she had a pretty bad cold and almost didn't run at all? I laughed before the race when she told me that she was going to walk if she had to (yeah, right, like she'd EVER do THAT!)

Elsie with a stellar finish

Here's the best part! Elsie placed 4th in her division! You go girl! I'm so proud.

That's it. Hope you all are having a good week. I really am going to grade those papers now, or maybe I'll just go to bed. Is it Friday yet?

Even better, some "official" results were posted as well


  1. First? What the farg is that about?

    Didn't you find having the words SuperKidz Photography Copyright floating in front of you the whole race distracting?

    By the way, that joke is (c)2009 GQH Enterprises. And even though posting it here is the equivalent of giving you implied oral consent to reuse it, you must have express written consent to do so legally*.

    But I can see from your reproduction of those pix above that you have ZERO RESPECT for copyright law!1!

    * This second joke I stole from The Simpsons. Needless to say, without express, written consent.

    P.S. My word verification: "marksest" - Did your blog just call me a stinkin' commie, sister?

  2. Great pics!!


    now stop surfing the net and get back to work.

  3. Nice job to everyone! I would have been chapped about being stuck in the chute too.

    I spit my water out about the Flashdance reference.

  4. Skip it...the kids don't care that much about their grade. Only the dorky ones. Hahaha. Yeah, those pictures kinda suck it.

  5. LOL, well done Heffer's!!!

    and no, it isn't Friday yet *sigh*

  6. Hey Missy! I resemble that remark! About the dorky kids that is. I think the last non-PE non-A I got was in the fifth grade. I am also still convinced that those C's I got in PE were sympathy grades.

    So Alice - here's probably what hapened to Walter. When you ran past the finish line, you may have seen people punching a little machine (looks like a court reporter's machine). They were recording finish times by position in the race. Then, you enter the chute. A person collected a tab off the bottom of your bib and placed it on a string. Now they have finish times by position, and in theory, have finish position by bib. Magically, someone matches the finish time recorded by position with the position of the tab on the string to get results. Now, if people were not staying in finish position in the chute, the tabs on the strings are not in the right order and voila! Slowpokes get better times and Speedy Gonzalezes get slower times. All a function of finish line organization (or lack thereof).

    So now you can go and soothe Water's ego. He *did* finish where he thought he did!

  7. I'm gone for 5 days and you have 4 posts that I need to catch up with! What's up with that????

    OK, Way to go on that run! I sort of quit taking non-chipped runs as hard evidence of whatever the actual time was.

    iPhone in the toilet, AGAIN?

    Hope to see you soon. :)

  8. I can never understand some races' methods of timing runners. Shouldn't timing chips have solved all these issues by now?