Sunday, January 29, 2012

Two Days - Running and Riding

Originally, I thought I'd have a really good adventure story to started with this:
From: Alice
Subject: Crazy Saturday 
To: The Herd
Date: Friday, January 27, 2012, 3:21PM
((I am rolling my eyes at myself as I write this)) 
Here's the plan:
6:22am - pick up whomever is going to ride & run at Betty's house. Walter needs the Pilot this weekend, but I can get one bike in the back of my car and two bikes on the bike rack. I'll bring a lock too.
7:00am - Run from Ponto State Beach (Carlsbad). It's an hour run, but there's a warmup and stretch before running - we should be done running by 8:30.
9:00am - Arrive at Torrey Pines State Beach to meet the rest of you non-runners for a two hour ride. I'm going to park in the lot on the east side of PCH - We'll ride on the 56 to Penasquitos and back - an hour out and an hour back
11:am - return to TPSB
11:37 - Breakfast at The High Dive
Sound good and anything less than crazy? Please feel free to share the plan with any other crazy people you know. 
Yep...that was the original plan for Betty, Mik, Elsie and I - to run with the track club, then for Betty, Mik and I to meet up with Wilma, Clarence, & Anitra for a ride (Elsie went Whale Watching).  I'm not going to lie. I'm really, really glad it ended up NOT working out that way because after yesterday morning's 6 mile SDTC run, my legs were pretty done, a bike ride would have been decidedly NOT fun.

Saturday - SDTC - South Carlsbad Run

Saturday morning's run was PERFECT! Perfect weather, perfect place, perfect pace. Here. Allow me show you how perfect it was.
Mik and I pre-run. Sunny but cold.
Lots o'blue. I mean, would YOU really be thinking about your pace if this is were the view? Yeah. Me neither.
Post run - Mik and Elsie considering the waves. We were just happy that Mik wore the Napa to Sonoma race shirt...really one of the silliest race logos of all time (I mean WHAT is that dude on the back of her shirt DOING with his hand?
Post run smiles
It's easy to run well when there are such visual distractions. We ran a one-hour out and back route - 30 minutes up the coast, 30 minutes back. It was pretty cool when we started running (I was almost sad that I didn't have my gloves), as we ran into a little bit of a head wind, enough to keep it brisk, but when we turned around and were running into the sun with the wind at our backs...well, let's just say it warmed up real quick.

I eeked out 6 miles in a smidgeon over an hour

Avg Pace

GAH! I set my Garmin to not auto lap for distance on Tuesday night at the track club workout and forgot to set it back, so no splits, but I'm thinking they were negative, because I know I was cruising at the end.

Very satisfying...and yes, I was so happy to be driving home at the end of the run, and not to be hurrying to meet up for a bike ride. I dont' know how you Tri-ers do it.

Sunday - Route 56 Ride
After 72 text messages, we decided to meet at the same place we'd planned on meeting on Saturday. To do the Route 56 Ride. The best thing about the Route 56 Ride is that there is a dedicated bike path. Another good thing about this ride is this...
All the climbing (I know you hard-core riders...this isn't that much climbing, but we are novice riders, so bear with us), is in the beginning.
Which pretty much explains this...

Avg Speed

Uh...yeah. That second mile? So not warmed up yet!

Another beautiful day - Although Clarence seemed dubious about whether or not it was going to be worth it.
Clarences text at 6:47am - "R u kidding me?"
The crew before the ride - I don't know what's up with my jaunty-helmet (don't worry. I straightened and tightened it), but check out the skinny chick in the middle. That's Betty who's been doing the WeWa thing, is about 15 lbs down, and looks fabulous!
It did warm up eventually, but the first part of the bike path, which seems amazingly rural for being right next to a freeway, is mostly shaded by trees.

I'm super proud of Clarence (who hasn't ridden with us post-baby in about 2.5 years) and Wilma, both of whom conquered the path.

Uh...yeah, post run breakfast with mimosas were had at The High Dive! Of course!

We've got a couple of potential rides and races coming up. This coming Saturday is the Super Run. It'll be the 5th Anniversary of when Elsie, Betty, Mik and I started running together!


  1. i'm actually really glad you included your bike splits. thats about the speed i was going today (10 miles is all i managed). i always feel like i'm going sooooo slow, but i think i just need my own herd to ride with instead of trying to keep up with my speedy husband :-)

  2. I would have been in the water. Nic pics.

  3. I was getting confused here but ah you split the run and the bike over the weekend. Nice one!
    Just starting this tri thing and it is EXHAUSTING! And logistically complicated.