Thursday, May 22, 2008

I won't write about it, if you don't...

For the past several months, I have been trying to post a something after Tuesday night's track workout. This week, you'll notice, the Tuesday/Wednesday post is a little late. In truth, I haven't been able to figure out what to write, or even if I did know what to write about, I wasn't sure that I had it in me this week to write anything that would be funny or thoughtful or even slightly entertaining due to the elephant in the room–the topic that I won't write about, but has consumed the majority of my thinking this week, and this has made it difficult to write about anything else... But since the majority of my readership of 12 doesn't want to read about that topic anyway, I won't be writing about IT...and for those (if there are any of those) who don't know what I'm talking about and are saying "huh????", I apologize, except to say that we've had a tough time at school this week due to a colleague's really very bad choice and it's been difficult and horrible to see my closest friends be in pain due to that choice, which has made it difficult to write and that's why I haven't.

But that IS all I'll say about that.

So...what to write about...what to write about... Luckily, I've discovered that in the blogosphere, Thursday is known as "Love Thursday," which I'm sure has all sorts of connotations that we could have fun with, but since I was thinking that I needed something to make us happy, I thought I'd post a couple of pictures from these past 6 months of training that I just LOOOOVVVVVE!

First Day of Training...Do you remember the rain-run (as opposed to the Train Run). Do you remember how difficult it was to run 3 miles that morning?

Not a running photo...but I think a bunch of us know why I took this picture on the long ride to the Reno Airport from Momma's cabin (just too late to get the real road-side action!)

More love from before the SuperRun!

This one just makes me smile cuz Walter and Betty are in it

The scene of the crime...and the blogging catalyst

On a last note... about a week ago, another runner/blogger that I've been reading, who lives in Ottawa and is running her 1st marathon this weekend, wrote about how she's been sort of cranky during her tapering week and I'm wondering if any of you have been feeling rather cranky this week...oh wait, maybe we can't attribute our crankiness to the must be something else.




  1. what, what, what... no crazy humor? How about just writing about the biker, gangsta, felon lady with the whip key chain? Or the fact that you had to walk me home on Tuesday night.. from my deck to my bedroom? Or what about Elsie's date with the 38 year old? or what about baby Jake sitting on the potty for the first time? or what about Alberta's first meeting of G.A.'s wife? or what about dr. dougy's "are you there" phone ringer?.... come on... with all types of stress that is bad.. there is always some good stress relievers. This being your blog. Blogs bring normalcy to sometimes un-normal times.

  2. So I'll share...because if any of your days were worse than this, I'm buying....

    Today started much like any other won't get out of bed, carpool kid didn't shower, almost late for school...nothing new. But then I went to work and then to a funeral (this is where it gets fun) then to have a beer w/old friends, then picked my kids up from school (don't tell CPS about the beer was an hour or so later, I swear) then drop my kids off at home and then head to practice, and then go buy afro wigs for a skit, and then buy soda for a science project...yeah, life is just dull around here.

    Well, remember how I did a good deed a few months ago and adopted a lab from the rescue to keep Otis company? And remember how the kids broke a window a few months ago taking a shot from the garage landing and missed? Well, I had never gotten around to fixing that window (my fault) and I really haven't properly trained the new dog (again, my fault) but today, said dog broke through said window blockade and had a party in my house ALL DAY. IN EVERY ROOM. Trash, papers, cereal, legos, goodwill clothes, water bottles, shoes, you name it...strewn in EVERY room of my house. And my cute Guess shoes? Useless unless I lose a leg. I hate that dog...

    So, who had a better day?

  3. My random thoughts:

    The day that you get a call from your neighbor that says your dog jumped onto the stove and lit the kitchen on fire and the fire department is at your house putting the fire out we can talk about dogs. :) By the way I finished my drink at the bar before I came home to the mess.

    I wanted Alice to blog my throw-up from the Tuesday workout but she wouldn't do it. So I am sure my breath was great as I was getting hit on by my new running friend who was a man listening to the Pointer Sisters? Was he confused or should I have handed him a visor?

    I had a student yesterday in the middle of her group demo ask the boy student to demonstrate buttering her muffin.

    Last night at soccer a lady kept pushing me into the wall on purpose and I elbowed her as hard as I could (and liked it)! Maybe I should drink wine at dinner with you guys.

    Lastly, we have 8 days until we run this silly race and I can't wait to see that you ladies are to sexy for your lime green shirts. But most importantly, you make a difference in my life because it is not the destination but the journey and when you are feeling down you can touch my BUMPER anyday!

  4. BTW...we gots lime green shirts! They're in my office today. Betty, will you give Edith's to her this weekend? Kim, I'll bring you yours on Sat (you'll be there, right?)

  5. Alice -- thanks for the link to my blog. Taper week crankiness has given way to pre-race jitters. Just something for you guys to look forward to next week. :-)

    Best of luck and keep blogging.