Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hill Focused

In less than eight weeks, I'll be doing this... Well...I'll be doing half of it anyway...

Which includes some of this ....

Borrowed from this site, which I located via Google Images. I do not claim that the woman in the photo in any way represents me as I am neither young, blond, or have THOSE legs. Nor do I claim that the hills in San Fran in any way the one she is running up.
In fact, I think the hills will look more like this...

Also...not an actual hill that we will be running up, but it will probably look like this... Also, I did not take this photo. It has been borrowed from this site.* 
Therefore, it's really time to get the hill training on, so I convinced Betty to come run with me last night in my 'hood...3.5 lovely miles of rolling SoCal hilly-ness.

It was 5:30. It was HOT. It pretty much sucked. But we did it.

Can I offer some stats about the ugliness of the run? How about this?
Uh...yeah...you could say I walked a bit. The elevations may not look like much...but somehow they FELT LIKE BIG-ASS HILLS...Just ask Betty...
Overall suck-fest numbers?
LORDY...I haven't wogged like that in quite awhile!
I'm ready to blame it on the heat. GAH!

In other running news that is almost completely unrelated to hills and/or hill training, Elsie, Betty and I will be running at The End of Summer Fire Run, which looks like it's now called The Fire Run this Sunday at 8am. The race starts in La Jolla and ends in Pacific Beach...four miles of flat downhillishness.

Whatever they call it, it's been an end of summer tradition for us for the last three years (2007 (no blog then) 2008, 2009, and 2010).
* Not an endorsement of the podiatrist's website where I found this foto, but if you are in the Bay Area and need foot doc, at least here is one who runs....so that's something I guess.

** Also...BIG HUGS, HIGH FIVES, AND CONGRATS to all my friends who ran AFC this past weekend. Irene, Rich...you rocked 6th Avenue!

***Also MEGA SHOUT OUTS to the Nuun Hood to Coast team (who includes my friend Lisa, who I guess will be TOO BUSY to run the Fire Run with us this weekend. I'll be following you anyway. Have fun!


  1. I hate looking at hill work stats, always deflating to see those numbers. But boy they make you stronger! Jealous you are heading to SF for the Nike 1/2, one day I would love to do it!! One day I WILL do it - with you! :) Have a blast this weekend with the 4-mile downhill...just my type of race!

  2. I think I hate the elevation charts on hill runs. You just know that hill was steeper than Garmin or MapMyRun or whatever let on.

  3. Thanks for the props! I was soooo not 100% prepared for AFC, but I finished.

    Oh yeah, there's the Nike HM with hills to train for... It's coming up rather quickly, too! Hills for breakfast, right?

  4. How long will you be here? Time to get drinks??

  5. Alice - we've run some crazy places. In all these years, I've only hung out and had drinks in your 'hood. That run was tough -no wonder you look so hot! I loved how I felt when done and the reality is that we ran in a diverse area. We just need to make sure there is water and cardiac paddles along the route!

  6. Hills are something that SLAY me, running-wise. Probably because we have NONE in FL, so I never get the chance to run them.

  7. Just concentrate on a steady cadence as you power up the hill. Don't worry about pace.

    You will kill Nike!