Friday, August 26, 2011

Better....But Not Great...Yet

Yesterday morning I ran the same route that Betty and I ran on Monday afternoon. I wanted to see how much the heat had affected me. Turns out, the effect was significant.

Monday afternoon La Mesa Hill Route Pace & Elevations Charts
Can you see where I walked, slowly, three times. GAH!
Thursday morning
Walked ...maybe even more slowly up the steepest part of one hill, but for a shorter amount of time...and only one twice...both at about the same place). 
Hmmmmm.... Less walking apparently equals a faster overall pace. I still ended up walking one particularly steep hill that's about 2.3 miles into the run. It's one of those hills that goes around a curve, so you can't see the top of the hill until you turn the corner, but it's a good hill for me to work on because the hill in The Precidio in San Francisco that is exactly like that.

Pace stats and split times from Monday afternoon.
The suckfest stats
Thursday morning
I wonder how I gained elevation? Oh yeah...when I was coming up the last hill, the road has quite a cant and I was on the high side this time. Can't believe it's 4 feet higher on the one side. Maybe I had my hands above my head...
I am going to own that GD hill in the next few weeks. I swear it. I guess this is the advantage of living on a hill.

*The difference in the route distance between Monday and Thursday is because a couple of times on Monday, I double backed to catch up with Betty


  1. I live near a lot of great hills and have really learned to love hill training. They do make us stronger runners!

  2. Good training!

    I'll see if we have some days that aren't so busy after 5pm and TRY to get out and run with you. We're open til 7 on Mondays, so it's kind of iffy.

    Yeah, my training also has that particular hill in mind. Bryan amped up the squats, lunges and pylo exercises. Good times.

  3. You are going to ROCK those hills in SF! Keep up the great training, and remember to run on the high side of the road for an extra little hill work!

  4. This is more data than Kevin

  5. You've so got this, girl. You are going to dominate in San Francisco!