Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Thinking about the race plan

We need a plan...And I'm just the person to talk about it (not plan it mind you, just talk and write about it)
First... We've been talking for months about ordering matching shirts for the race and time's running short (have you noticed the counter? We've got about three weeks people.)

I think we should order these Cool-Max T-shirts for the race. They're about $20. Betty and I wore the tank top version for the AFT 1/2 marathon last August. It was unbearably hot that day and the shirt wicked both the sweat and the water I kept dumping over my head at the water stations, AND I was unbelievably comfortable (or as comfortable as one could be when running 13.1 miles in 80 degree August-morning heat).

It comes in both a t-shirt and tank-top style. Betty and I suggest that we get them in LIME GREEN as it will make it REALLY easy for friends and family to spot us in the crowd because we will stand out like 1970's, Wham, Day-glo, lime-green, Popsicles!

It comes in other styles as well (long sleeve for example), but the other styles don't come in FABULOUS LIME GREEN.

We can wear matching headbands as well if you'd like. Really...just to get that 1970's, Wham-look going. It'll be us and ELVIS baby...

Anyway, let me know what you think and I'd be happy to get them ordered (even if you're not running the race, you can chime in your opinion about the shirt selection). I like the lime green, but the NEON YELLOW may also be a good choice. Betty can let us know if there's still time to get something printed on them.

Second... the pre-race meal...what should we eat? I think the plan right now is to have a pot-luck dinner at Mik's.

Betty made some suggestions for the best pre-race meal. She thinks hot wings, two Guinness, some chili fries, and two bowls of ice cream should do the trick. I'm thinking my stomach may not do so well with the chili fries. Maybe we won't let Betty cook for the pre-race meal, but she's welcome to bring the Guinness to the post-race bash at my house.

In all seriousness, what should we eat?

Lastly, I've been thinking about Paul (our coach, who we love and who has made a difference in our lives...and who may have been chastising us last night about our non-stop talking to each other during the warm-up and his announcements, but we were talking, so we couldn't tell for sure), who has reminded us CONSTANTLY that this has been about the journey, not the destination. After dropping Betty off after last night's track workout (6-800's never felt so good!), I was thinking about this journey and how much I've enjoyed all of it and how much I'm going to miss training with all of you (will I miss running more than 14 miles...not so much...).

I will miss running on Saturdays with Betty, and Alberta, and Mik, and BBJ and I will miss Tuesday night track workouts with Elsie and Edith.

Maybe I'm just feeling weepy and sentimental due to the other change in my life*, but I just wanted all of you to know how much I've appreciated running, training, laughing, and eating breakfast with all of you. You are the best.

And to all of you who read the blog (but who don't post). Today is national de-lurking day...please leave a post and let us know what you think of the t-shirt and/or menu plan for the pre-race meal.


*No...it's not THAT change I'm talking about here, but for those of you who don't know, I have accepted a teaching position at Grossmont College next year. It's a HUGE move for me, more than a little scary, and rather bittersweet to be leaving my high school/home of the last 15 years. I'm sure I'll write more about it in future blog posts, but no more about it today, because I don't want to start crying.


  1. I'm in for dayglo green.

    As for food are you guys not going to the pasta dinner? Why not? Its FREE!

    And who says we have to stop running together? SDTC meets every tuesday night all year long. Tall Tim and I discussed last night how we are looking forward to continued Tuesday nights and weekend runs...no reason we can't all do it together! :)


  2. I'm de-lurking. Go Big Green, of course! As for the menu, I would recommend sandwiches and Red Vines, because that is all I've been eating since holding an AP review session at my house (gotta love leftovers). Then again, what can you expect from someone who doesn't even own a stove!
    G O O D L U C K !


    Eating is very very important. Eat a normal meal that is easy to digest. Some pasta and bread/butter..and save the beer for after the race. (remember where this is coming from).

    You should all wear little ity bity jog-a-braws for max exposure. Those that know you will be able to spot you...those that do not know you will spot you also.

  4. I'm in for the 70's green shirt, short sleeves or no sleeves, either is OK. I'm planning on doing Tues. nights with all the people I love who make a difference in my life - gotta get ready for the SF 1/2 marathon. How about pasta & bread with no spices - bland is best!


  5. Does he realize we would never eat chili? I would love the gree tank and pasta is a must. Lotsa Pasta. I love see you guys out running and would love to continue it. It is less contact then soccer.


  6. I like green, I think pasta is good and I'll have all the Guinness you want at the finish line. Way to go guys, you are inspiring!

  7. For starters - Kim and I have permanent scars under our bras from wearing bad ones - so it won't matter what shirt we wear! I'm for the green - it was easy for family and friends to spot us.

    I'm up for getting Paul a nice Helix shirt and card signed by us all (we can even take a pix this weekend).

    We'll be at Kim's for Sat and I think we all bring some carb ideas. I'll forego my traditinal pre-race beers, chili and hotwings - but I'll for sure have the beers on Sunday afternoon! I'm ready to do this thing now! Let's race already!

    Only 19 days till my next soccer game! And btw - I normally like ice cream before race day, but for some ODD reason, I'm doubting I'll be in the mood for it any time soon!

  8. Alice -- thanks for visiting my blog. Neat that we are both in the final stretch before our first marathon. You're so lucky to have a supportive group of friends to run with. As for the lime green shirts -- better than matching teal tafetta bridesmaid dresses, for example.

    Best of luck. I will be checking back.