Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Perfect Monday at Lake BP

Once in awhile, all the stars align, and an impromptu plan for a gathering actually, perfectly, comes together.

Yesterday was one of those days that (as Lisa so aptly said on her blog) makes me "remember why my mortgage is so high." Yesterday afternoon was in the upper 70's*. Spring has sprung here. What a difference a week makes!

Earlier in the day, Betty had sent me a text message wanting needing either a run or workout at the gym at 5:15. Since the gym is an absolute ZOO at 5pm, and since the weather was perfect, I suggested a run at Lake BP.

As I was driving home, I was thinking about how it'd been awhile since Mik, Elsie, Betty and I had run together, so at 4:30, I called them both and luckily neither had plans and both were ready for a run.

By the time we all arrived and parked, it was close to 5:45, but thanks to Daylight Savings Time**, there was still plenty of light. We ran for about 2 miles up the path, and 2 miles back (four miles on a Monday was enough for me). We ran slowly; we complained about our jobs (well...Elsie and I did); we talked about boys (we got the latest on Mik's new BF); we got caught up on family business (Betty's been dealing with her brother who has some health issues the last two weeks); we made jokes about long and hard vs. short and stubby (not related to the new BF talk though); we compared various aches and pains (Betty hadn't run for a couple weeks due to some foot pain and a possible small stress fracture; Elsie had started using some new orthotics, which started causing some PF issues for her.***)

Despite the flies on the back side of the lake (I think I swallowed a few), that seemed to have bred overnight and came out of nowhere, it was a perfect run. I really needed a good, hard, run. Here are my splits. (Check out the negative splits...woot, woot, woot, babee)

Elsie...running it in

Mik, at the finish. I have no idea why the picture is so hazy. My iPhone was in my back pocket (because I never learn) and I think I fogged up the lens...GAH!

Afterward we went back to Mik's house for some wine and food and to get caught up some more.

Just perfect.
* Not to make Keith feel bad, but today was in the 80s.

** I'll admit it...I LOVE Daylight Saving's Time. I LOVE having the extra light at the end of the day. I my perfect world, it is ALWAYS Daylight Saving's Time.

*** I am dubbing 2010 the year of the freakish foot injury. Me, Betty, Elsie, and now Irene. WTF is up with the foot injuries? From here on out, we are taking it easy, building mileage slowly, not trying out new shoes or new shoe inserts! No More Foot Injuries...GAH!


  1. too much fun, don't you just love it when the stars align???

  2. I love Lake BP at that time of day, but it gets crowded once everyone else realizes that it's light out at that time. Nice run and nice splits. I hope to catch up with you in 6 weeks.

    I swear, what's up with these stupid foot injuries?

  3. Sounds like a great run! I can't wait to get outside and take advantage of warmer temps and longer days!

  4. Grrr. Weather. There was a mini-blizzard just 30 K west of here. I'm expecting snow here sometime today.

  5. Sounds like a perfect run. I miss Lake BP, but not those bugs in the early spring. I have swallowed my fair share.

    I like the extra daylight at night, but hate the dark mornings. And I am still having a tough time with my kids' sleep.

  6. Betty says,

    Foot feels great! Lake BP was truly beautiful this time of year! Those gnats (short for gosh damn nats) were a pain but worth it! Thanks for the Guiness Mik!

  7. There's nothing to bring on negative splits like girl talk.

  8. I love Daylight Savings Time, just not in the mornings of the first few weeks. ;) Sounds like a fun run. Where is Lake BP?