Saturday, January 5, 2008

Heffer? What’s a heffer?

Really, a heifer is a cow that hasn’t calved...and while that may be true for some heffers, it’s not true for all of us. In fact, two of us have grand-calves!

The true story is that about 15 years ago, Betty, Wilma and I were playing a bar trivia game and needed a team name. We saw the word “livestock” on a wall sign (this was an old Carlos Murphy’s which had all those old-school wall signs). “Livestock” was too many letters, so we settled on “Heffer” (spelled wrong, we know, we know...). Somehow, the name stuck and we started calling ourselves, “The Heffers.”

Over the years, more women have become heffers...there’s a really scary initiation ceremony that involves utters (not really...that’s a joke).

Mostly we laugh...A LOT. We laugh at life, at each other, at the ridiculousness of working with teenagers (we’ve all, at some point, taught high school), and in public education. We are friends; we support each other; we have cow paraphernalia hanging in our offices and classrooms...and once a year we trek to Momma’s cabin at North Lake Tahoe for a weekend of Farkle, Uno, leg wrestling, more laughing, and the annual “Tour de Truckee.”

This year, five of us (and BBJ who is married to Wilma, and Mik who has known Betty since birth...or thereabouts) decided to run the Rock and Roll Marathon this I began this blog in order to chronicle that journey...but I like blogging (it reminds me of writing notes in high school...see how I’ve never left), so you’ll probably find me writing about other things as well. And when I can figure out a way to get paid for it, maybe it will become my full time job! :-)

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