Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Duly Noted...It Looks Like a Boy Part

OK, OK...The Lake Murray Route does look like a "boy part." A heffer, who prefers to remain nameless, emailed me to point out this fact...which caused me to wonder why SHE IS SO FOCUSED ON SUCH THINGS? It will certainly give me something to ponder when I run at Lake Boy Part next, probably tomorrow morning.

On Monday, Betty and I ran at Chollas Lake. Betty LOOOOVES running there. It takes her back to wonderful memories of her youth when she and her 47 brothers and sisters and other family members hung out there...or maybe she used to alternate between Chollas Lake and the St. Augustine's Wall on Friday'd have to ask her about it. In any event, about once a year I run there with her since she loves it so and since she runs regularly at Lake Boy Part (I'm renaming Lake Murray by the way) with I owe her.

Unfortunately for me, since I have no fond memories of the place, I get to focus on other things, like the fact that I'm running on an uneven, soft, dirt trail. Now I know that running on trails is supposed to be easier on the legs, but for whatever reason it just KILLS my ankles and calves. Which is what happened on Monday night...but Betty was a rabbit, and just kicked my ASS.

It's about .8 miles around the lake...I managed to get around it 4 times ...which is pretty good for me. In any event, my effort to run at Chollas will hopefully tide Betty over until next June, which is when I'll run there again.

I think we all missed the Tuesday night run with the track club. I was at what turned out to be Walter and Turbo's last little league game of the season. They'd made it to the final week of the District Tournament of Champions, only to lose a heartbreaker last night 4-3...with Turbo standing (well...jumping up and down really) on third base when the last out came. Ah was a really fun ride, that's for sure.

Edith was checking in with her Team in Training group, and you might notice that I've posed a link to her fundraising page...all this effort to run the Nike Women's 1/2 Marathon in October because she doesn't know how to spell my name...but it is a really good cause. We all have family members who have battled or are battling Cancer of one sort or another. On her fundraising page Edith writes that she has always run for herself, but this time is running for a larger, more worthwhile cause (nice try at making us feel guilty) I'm still selfishly running for myself...and the regular post run mimosa or pint...

So, speaking of selfish runs...this weekend is the IronGirl 5K/10K in Del Mar. Betty, Mik, are already race mimosas and pancakes...and only 6 miles...which means I won't be worthless for the rest of the day...

Woot! Looking forward to that!


  1. Running route shaped like a "boy part" (or a "peenie" as my youngest son once called it) -- v. funny! Maybe you and your running group could start an obscene body parts race series?

  2. I'm not sure I can run the "Lake Boy Part" anymore. I think you've ruined it for me! Don't forget - this weekend we're bringing some younger Iron Girls to run. BTW - I missed running with the club last night but MADGE - (yes, I said MADGE) went to the gym with me! I sweat to within an inch of the bottom of the shirt and felt great!

  3. Lake Boy Part...I love it.

    For all you girlies out there reading, here are some helpful hints from TNT for female athletes (yeah, I know, where was this 3 weeks ago) Just think of it as tips for next time!

    http://groups. group/sdtnt_ fall_run_ central/files/ Coach%27s% 20Corner/ Helpful%20Hints% 20for%20Female% 20Endurance% 20Athletes. pdf

  4. Dang. I've been running at Lake Murray for years and never noticed...
    Maybe you should start your run on the other side of the lake, you know, where they rent the boats? Hehehee.
    Boy parts...

  5. "Lake Boy Part"....that is just funny...oh my I will miss having you in a room with me next year. Sometimes when I read your Blog I feel like I should start running again, but then it goes away:-)

  6. It's amazing how people can look at a run! By the way, the track club puts on an evening race during the summer at Chollas Lake. You and your friend might want to check it out.

  7. Wow - love the new LM name, so biologically correct! I took Bolivia Sis beach biking for an hour yesterday from Mission Beach all the way down the Bay side run (which I'm sure is prettier and cooler than Chollas) All I have to say is - biking rocks! So much easier on the old bod, and 1/2 as sweaty. Good luck iron girls - still on the fence on this one!

  8. I have giggles everytime I have read this post.

  9. ha! this is hilarious and probably made someone else's run a bit more interesting.
    the uneven surface of trail running certainly strengthens your ankles and calves, your balance improves too.