Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Signs of Summer???

Is this a sign of the summer to come? Tuesday night track club workout followed by pints of Guinness? I'd BETTER train to run a 1/2 marathon this summer. Do you have any idea how many calories are in a pint of Guinness? (Maybe it's better if I don't tell, know me, I can't help but share VALUABLE INFORMATION.)

If a pint is 16 oz (and I think it is), then according to one of my favorite calorie-counting software applications, EVER, CalorieKing, a pint is 235 calories... I don't even want to calculate the calorie count of the Greek Food...).

But isn't it pretty how the Auld Sod somehow gets the impression of a cloverleaf into the beer-foam? Pretty, pretty, beer.

So, we welcomed Mik to the Heffers last night with pints and food, but felt justified in doing so since we worked out with the track club. Betty, Edith, Mik, and I were in attendance...and we were also joined by Tall Tim! (who now has FOUR mentions in this blog, so, I went back and labeled all those entries so that he now turns up in the Things I Write About log!)... OK TT, you have to leave a comment now. It's a rule I just made up. (I mention you in the blog, you read about it, you write).

Edith would want you to.

She told me so.

Before the pints, we ran on the grass at Balboa Park. I HAAAAATE running on grass or trails. I know in that our first official run after the marathon, we were supposed to take it easy and save our legs and all that, but I felt like my legs were working twice as hard (at least) running on the grass than I ever feel running on pavement or the street. I'm also really happy that after the run, we did some extra strides and some core could use the workout.

It was funny that Paul told us to run at 45 seconds faster than our "real" marathon pace, not our "anticipated" marathon pace...

In other heffer-running and non-running news this week...
  1. You read it here first! Betty told me that listening to Paul made her THINK ABOUT RUNNING ANOTHER MARATHON! (sorry Momma).
  2. The car air-conditioner can also be used as a "spot specific" clothes dryer (useful when going to the Auld Sod for pints after running... and you tend to sweat in unmentionable places... and you are wearing running pants in a color other than black that doesn't hide the wet-spots so well.)
  3. Betty is going to wear all orange to the next race.
  4. I can parallel park PRETTY DARN WELL.
  5. Strides are fun.
  6. Alberta is going to start lifting weights with me...won't that be fun when we find out that Alberta can lift, oh I don't know, about 25 times the weight I can lift.
  7. BBJ added "music" to the list of things men think about (you all know the other three, sports, sex, food), because it helps "develop rhythm."
  8. And because if I don't write about this, someone else (Betty) will...and because I have learned that it is best to write about my own humiliations myself, rather than waiting for someone else to... I learned last week that entering the dugout during a championship Little League Baseball game to see if your son, who was crying over being hit by a baseball, needs some ice is a VERY BAD IDEA and apparently EVERYONE knows this rule, except for the team manager's wife.
The good news is, despite my faux-pax, Walter and Turbo's team won the league championship over the weekend. An event which was a first for our family and was unbelievably cool. I'm so proud of them both.

All the boys got a medal and we get to house for the week a completely ENORMOUS trophy.

The bad news is that we now have two more weeks of baseball in front of us now.

The obvious news is that I'll never enter a baseball dugout again as long as I live (really, I'm scared of them now).



  1. Sorry I missed both the Balboa Pk run and Mik's welcome party - hopefully there will be more this summer! Does Tall Tim have any cute friends? Since one of my marathon goals hasn't been met, I think you know why - I'm ready to change sports to something more social than running 17 plus miles alone ...I think Betty and I were going to propose bowling....another whole genre of folk to mingle with. Hmmmm


  2. Thus...I shall be named. Thanks to all. I feel truely honored as a milk maker especially with the Guinness which is my beer preference above all. The live Irish music was great too. Thank you to Betty and TT for providing the liquid with the pretty head as Alice mentioned.

  3. Hey, thanks for the tag. I've now "discovered" your blog and fully intend to stalk you regularly. lol!

    Yes, I learned that little rule about the dugout quite a while ago. Congrats on the win.

  4. Hey ladies (and BBJ and TT whom i've never met)- i'm curious about these Tuesday track workouts. Now that the marathon training is over, what are Tuesday workouts about? If i wanted to get back to running (slowly and with WAY less miles) would i be able to "do" these workouts? My summer goals are to 1)stretch (via yoga or pilates) and 2) run/jog/wog @ small intervals.

    I'm in for bowling! Or how about surfing? I bet Senorita Pool has some cute single friends for those looking!!

    Welcome to the herd Mik! I LUV that there is another "male" heffer. Moo Moo!

  5. I didn't even get to read your blog. I was too distracted by the Guinness! Way to TORRRRRRRRRRRRTURRRRRRRRRREEE me like that!

  6. Don't fret. You looked up the wrong kind of Guinness on CalorieKing. You drank the 4% one. The Extra Stout is the nasty ass stuff that comes in the dark brown bottle with the tan lable, not the stuff that comes in cans, or in the bottle with the widget (or is on nitro in a bar).

    It is ~10 cal/oz. At least that is what the billboard by the Atlanta Airport has informed me.

    (and yes, I missed the whole point of your blog).

  7. Guinness Slippers:
    D bought them off of, but they are here too.

  8. Cold Guinness is the best way I can think of to nurse a strained calf.

    That's right - first workout after the marathon and I'm already limping. Better after than before.

    Thanks for the invite to post. I figured I'd better adhere to the new rule. After hearing so much about the HefferBlog the last couple of months, it was great to read about "the journey." Highly entertaining!

    How nice of Edith to invite me to join the four of you at Auld Sod and to be welcomed by everyone. It was a great way to close out the evening.

    So now I've posted . . . and the Lakers are down 1-3.

    Tall Tim

  9. Whoa, there are a whole lotta calories in those! I love how they put the cloverleaf on top. Cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog :) and thanks for the nice words. btw, I had no idea about the dugout thing. Who knew?